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firebendingspiderman t1_jda1ghz wrote

hot take, but due to the nature of the show, every season finale so far could have been a series finale. im sure this season ending is the same way; could have been a season finale teasing a future, but this time it is the end


FerBaide t1_jdadxbn wrote

Succession is a very repetitive show. It’s a great show that deserves all the acclaim, but the plot is pretty simple and it kinda goes around in circles.


bluerose297 t1_jdbedkg wrote

I never really got this honestly. People keep saying “oh it’s just an endless cycle of the kids rebelling against Logan and losing” but Shiv doesn’t even try to cross Logan until the season 3 finale, and Roman also spends most of the show firmly on Logan’s side. Kendall’s the only one in a cycle, but his character’s still clearly progressing in a forward direction. His breakthrough in the season 3 finale felt like a major game-changer too, unlike anything we’d seen yet.