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LayneInVane t1_jd7omy5 wrote

Wow, that's kind of a shock. I would have thought the script would have been kinda shouting finality, like wouldn't it have been obvious to the actors? Anyway, I'm so freaking excited for this. I hope it goes out with a bang!


reb0014 t1_jd7pgkb wrote

Well if no one could figure out it was the end I’m guessing there is no bang


D3monFight3 t1_jd7vpvi wrote

I don't think that's the case, Brittel does not know about the ending because he is sorta watching along scoring every episode 1 by 1 and is only halfway done.


[deleted] t1_jd88wp5 wrote



D3monFight3 t1_jd8h5ib wrote

“I still as of this moment don’t know the end of the series. I’m midway through scoring it, and I purposefully keep myself in the mystery of it because I like getting surprised and having that audience reaction myself,” Britell, who recently scored “Andor,” “She Said,” and “Succession” producer Adam McKay’s “Don’t Look Up,” said.

From the article.


Codewill t1_jd90zj8 wrote

It’s not the kind of show to go out with a bang considering how much it undercuts itself and what you expect to happen


Chilis1 t1_jdbcxqa wrote

People can explain it however they want but it sounds like something really weird is going on with this season and the way it’s finishing.


nedzissou1 t1_jd7pp0c wrote

Sarah Snook said she didn't know until the table read.


Tarquin11 t1_jdcd24g wrote

Yea but that would be the same a saying

'i didn't know until I read the script" which means they knew early.


Nethaniell t1_jd7xkou wrote

Maybe that was the idea. Everyone knows that whatever the ending is for these characters, it'll be with their downfall. It feels like everyone involved that wasn't a writer or producer is feeling like the rug was pulled from under them, which may be what the finale to this whole story might be for these characters.


MrZeral t1_jde5g9e wrote

I'm starting to think the series just got cancelled


Spooky_Cron t1_jd7sxd9 wrote

What even is the end of this show? The end could be Logan choosing a successor and them sitting in the big chair. They could get hit by a car the next episode and it all starts again.


ozzzymandiass t1_jd8ewm1 wrote

I think the safest bet would be financial murder-suicide. If one group doesnt get control they will not let the other party get it either. Basically the kids and logan both lose control.

If they want to go full wild in the end they give all control to Greg.


blondechinesehair t1_jd9ks3b wrote

I think Logan had to die at some point. He was supposed to die in season 1 but they decided against it after he was cast. Otherwise we just end up with another finale where Logan is still in charge and one of the kids is his favourite and the rest aren’t.


bluerose297 t1_jdbdvpo wrote

I like the idea of Logan being permanently incapacitated in some way, to the point where he can’t yell or be physically imposing. Once you took that away, I think the kids would be able to finally outmaneuver him.


Now_Wait-4-Last_Year t1_jdbynu4 wrote

Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead had Christopher Walken as The Man With a Plan who was a crime boss confined to a wheelchair and he was still terrifying!


CountVertigo t1_jd91l1a wrote

Most likely inspired by Murdoch selling off the lion's share of Fox and just keeping the shitty news company.

I'd guess that Logan is successful in cutting the kids out, sells everything except ATN which he takes personal control of, and it's up in the air whether the kids even get a golden parachute. I'd guess Greg and Tom will have a moral choice over whether or not to take roles at ATN under Logan, it's open to them if they want it.

Logan pretty clearly seems to have ruled out each of the kids for the top job, and like Hyman Roth in Godfather pt2, he's planning as if he's going to live virtually forever. He appears to already be baking a new batch of Roys.


AsSubtleAsABrick t1_jd89bj4 wrote

Logan dies and chooses skarsgaard instead of his kids? Somewhat predictable but logan will never transfer power while he is alive.


Saar13 t1_jd8lxk3 wrote

People are being super naive with this ending of Succession. It wasn't as planned as they want to make it out to be.


huntimir151 t1_jd8urq1 wrote

I bet it still rocks tbh. Like there is nothing to suggest it wont be good, but we'll see.


StarVeTL t1_jd9ze0x wrote

Why though? The showrunner has basically said from the beginning they weren't going to stretch it past four seasons, maaaybe five and that they might even end it at three.

Sure, maybe they could have done one more instead of ending it now, but the way it's going now seems pretty true to everything else i've heard from the creators.


DisturbedNocturne t1_jda62eh wrote

I suppose both things can be true. Just because you don't plan for a show to go beyond a certain number of seasons doesn't mean the network agree (I believe Supernatural is an example of this). Since, I believe, he's said 4-5 seasons, perhaps he was under the impression they were getting the fifth season, then found out they weren't due to the WBD shakeup.

I suppose we'll find out in a few weeks, but even if this is true, it wouldn't surprise me if they were still able to cobble together a satisfactory ending even without the season initially being planned to be the end.


Chilis1 t1_jdbdrsu wrote

Really sounds like it was canceled in a really quiet roundabout way


DisturbedNocturne t1_jdbfde4 wrote

It wouldn't be the first show to unexpectedly announce the upcoming season as the final season right before it releases, claim they wrapped things up, and then have all evidence point to that being highly misleading, at the very least.

I'm really hoping that's not the case with Succession as it'd be a huge shame to have a fantastic show end like that. As others have mentioned, Jesse Armstrong has previously said this wasn't a show he wanted to go on for more than four or possibly five seasons, so it is plausible this is where he just decided to end things. I'd be lying if the whole WBD merger and the myriad of cancellations it's resulted in doesn't concern me, however.

I'll still watch it all the same and just keep my fingers crossed that we get a fantastic finale to close out the show.


Dianagorgon t1_jdb8j2i wrote

Why would they cancel a show that gets so many award nominations? I don't know how popular it actually is (many people don't find Murdoch that interesting so aren't that drawn to a show inspired by his family) but HBO executives love the prestige of their shows getting nominated.


saul2015 t1_jd9sjs7 wrote

it's for the best s3 was spinning it's gears, knowing s4 is the end makes it way more exciting, if I knew there was a s5 I would be dreading it


BrockThrowaway t1_jdazijt wrote

Seems strange. It’s critically successful and does damage at the Emmy’s.

I suppose HBO has a lot on its plate though, with The Last of Us, House of the Dragon, The White Lotus, and even Euphoria all bringing in way bigger viewerships and still getting awards…


bluerose297 t1_jdbe2kd wrote

Apparently Breaking Bad wasn’t planned out that much either


lightsongtheold t1_jd8wgzl wrote

Definitely sounds like the Zas pulled the plug towards the end of production similar to what happened on Carnival Row over on Amazon.


MrBoliNica t1_jd7p68a wrote

On 1 hand this gives me pause about the ending, on the other, it’s not like this show has some sort of big ending it needs to hit

We could easily get a resolution on Logan’s succession plans, and it’s a show that could easily get a new season years down the line with a revival.


firebendingspiderman t1_jda1ghz wrote

hot take, but due to the nature of the show, every season finale so far could have been a series finale. im sure this season ending is the same way; could have been a season finale teasing a future, but this time it is the end


FerBaide t1_jdadxbn wrote

Succession is a very repetitive show. It’s a great show that deserves all the acclaim, but the plot is pretty simple and it kinda goes around in circles.


bluerose297 t1_jdbedkg wrote

I never really got this honestly. People keep saying “oh it’s just an endless cycle of the kids rebelling against Logan and losing” but Shiv doesn’t even try to cross Logan until the season 3 finale, and Roman also spends most of the show firmly on Logan’s side. Kendall’s the only one in a cycle, but his character’s still clearly progressing in a forward direction. His breakthrough in the season 3 finale felt like a major game-changer too, unlike anything we’d seen yet.


arcenceil89 t1_jd897p1 wrote

For the actors atleast they were told in the table read for final episodes


blissfullybleak t1_jd9ybkv wrote

This discourse is so tedious when we all know the finale will be killer and all these concerns will be forgotten.


kirby2000 t1_jdc4hc8 wrote

So the Rolling Stone article seems to think it's immediately clear that this is the final season and all the pieces are being moved into place. The creators say they planned this in advance but the cast and crew seem to have no idea it was ending. I am so confused.


anasui1 t1_jd9g3z3 wrote

so they filmed the finale without knowing it was a finale?


daninlionzden t1_jd9ili6 wrote

Yeah this concerns me - this means the series finale doesn’t feel very final does it..


hashtagbutter t1_jda8oqn wrote

That’s usually not a great sign if no one working on the show could figure out if it’s the last season or not…


Modal1 t1_jdbd1z2 wrote

I really hope this isn’t a Game of Thrones scenario where the show runners just wanted to end it and do other projects and it feels wrong


blandytest t1_jdizrea wrote

Succession isn't my favorite!


bookersbooks t1_jdcjc15 wrote

I have no idea what succession is or what it’s about. I also have no clue who any of these actors are

But from what I can tell it’s a show about old boomers who love being praised by other old boomers.


cheapnfrozensushi t1_jddh8jy wrote

millennials actually


bookersbooks t1_jddhpdo wrote

That’s millennials in the photo?!?


cheapnfrozensushi t1_jddi1ml wrote

milennials on Twitter love Succession, they do fancams to pop music and TikTok skits and everything. and 3 out of the 5 in the photo are milennials, yes