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RPDRNick t1_je6na5s wrote

As much as I've enjoyed The Critic, it always annoyed me that the writers could never seem to settle on who the character of Jay was supposed to be.

He was either a smart film critic with integrity trapped in a world too ignorant to appreciate him, or he was a pretentious blowhard who didn't actually know what he was talking about. Which they decided to go with changed from episode to episode dependent solely upon whatever the plot called for him to be.


GHQuinn t1_je6xqmz wrote

I never stopped laughing long enough to even contemplate something like that.


oopsifell t1_je71v1x wrote

That's a good point. I also vastly enjoy season one more than two and I think it's because in S1 it was much more about his relationship with his son and his family and his focus on his career. The love interest angle always felt forced to me in S2. It reminded me when they gave the Perfect Strangers girlfriends and changed the vibe of the show. They were supposed to be undateable morons. Similarly Jay was supposed to be undateable for various other reasons.