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theyusedthelamppost t1_jdrr8cm wrote

it peaks with the Ed Kemper scenes


TheBoanne t1_jdrrwln wrote

Found myself holding my breath. Intense much!?


Luv2006 OP t1_jdrrgx7 wrote

So he’s the only interesting part of the series?

Edit: Not sure what the downvotes are for- I was just asking a question, not saying that Ed Kemper is the best part of the series (I wouldn’t even know because I haven’t got that far).


FeastForCows t1_jdtlnul wrote

Are you an adrenalin junkie that can only get high on the most intense parts of any experience?


Luv2006 OP t1_jdufxqp wrote

Definitely not. I can enjoy all aspects of a show as long as it’s interesting.


FeastForCows t1_jduj9xn wrote

You are getting downvoted because someone told you what they think the best part of the show is, and you assume it's the only good/interesting part. You do this several times in here, which is why I asked my question below.


Luv2006 OP t1_jdvkn8c wrote

I just asked a question because the use of the word “peaks” would usually mean that it doesn’t get better after that. Im not saying that’s my actual opinion (as I haven’t watched it) but I just wanted to know if that’s what the commenter meant.