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Luv2006 OP t1_jdug2vk wrote

Reply to comment by kazh in Does Mindhunter get better? by Luv2006

How so?


kazh t1_jdvqgqe wrote

Because you're already saying it's bad if you're saying it needs to get better.


Luv2006 OP t1_jdvu8bw wrote

But I don’t know if it’s “bad” the whole way through. That’s why I’m asking.

Besides, I never said it was bad. I just found it surprisingly boring but I still managed to watch it.


kazh t1_jdvzrhd wrote

Read even this last comment of yours again.


Luv2006 OP t1_jdw0q0l wrote

I literally never call the show bad. If it was bad, I would have stopped watching before the end of the episode.Regardless, it’s not a big deal. I was only asking a question so people can either answer it or not.