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After reading the description, I thought this would definitely be my cup of tea. But I watched the first episode and surprisingly found it slow and boring. It didn’t grip me at all.

Is the show actually worth watching after that?



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blackfeltfedora t1_jdrya2o wrote

If you think slow is boring this isn’t going to be the right show for you


Luv2006 OP t1_jdsf70o wrote

I definitely don’t think slow is boring. I’ve watched many shows in the past which have been slow but ended up being amazing. I just don’t want to watch Mindhunter if the plot isn’t going to get any more interesting.


AmnesiaInnocent t1_jdrr113 wrote

A lot of people like the show...but you're really asking if you will like the show. Can't answer that.


Luv2006 OP t1_jdrrbv0 wrote

Well if people give me their opinions of it and explain why, then it may help me to decide if it is something that I should stick to.


kazh t1_jdtp012 wrote

Asking if a show gets better is a statement masked as a question.


Luv2006 OP t1_jdug2vk wrote

How so?


kazh t1_jdvqgqe wrote

Because you're already saying it's bad if you're saying it needs to get better.


Luv2006 OP t1_jdvu8bw wrote

But I don’t know if it’s “bad” the whole way through. That’s why I’m asking.

Besides, I never said it was bad. I just found it surprisingly boring but I still managed to watch it.


kazh t1_jdvzrhd wrote

Read even this last comment of yours again.


Luv2006 OP t1_jdw0q0l wrote

I literally never call the show bad. If it was bad, I would have stopped watching before the end of the episode.Regardless, it’s not a big deal. I was only asking a question so people can either answer it or not.


jogoso2014 t1_jdrqz5x wrote

It’s not boring to me but it’s not an action oriented show either.


Luv2006 OP t1_jdrre1d wrote

That’s not necessarily a problem as long as it has an interesting plot.


theodr1 t1_jdutnkk wrote

why tf do you get so many downvotes 😭 You didn't say anything offensive


Luv2006 OP t1_jdvl0gu wrote

Thank you! Im honestly just as confused as you are and I wish people would explain what their downvotes mean.


bourj t1_jdrpjp8 wrote

It's amazing. Cameron Britton is unbelievable.


Luv2006 OP t1_jdrqgfj wrote

I have heard good things about him.


theodr1 t1_jdutqnk wrote

again, why so many downvotes :)) this is getting funny


Luv2006 OP t1_jdvl31g wrote

It’s seriously messing with my head.


theodr1 t1_jdvml2g wrote

eh.. it's reddit at the end of the day


theyusedthelamppost t1_jdrr8cm wrote

it peaks with the Ed Kemper scenes


TheBoanne t1_jdrrwln wrote

Found myself holding my breath. Intense much!?


Luv2006 OP t1_jdrrgx7 wrote

So he’s the only interesting part of the series?

Edit: Not sure what the downvotes are for- I was just asking a question, not saying that Ed Kemper is the best part of the series (I wouldn’t even know because I haven’t got that far).


FeastForCows t1_jdtlnul wrote

Are you an adrenalin junkie that can only get high on the most intense parts of any experience?


Luv2006 OP t1_jdufxqp wrote

Definitely not. I can enjoy all aspects of a show as long as it’s interesting.


FeastForCows t1_jduj9xn wrote

You are getting downvoted because someone told you what they think the best part of the show is, and you assume it's the only good/interesting part. You do this several times in here, which is why I asked my question below.


Luv2006 OP t1_jdvkn8c wrote

I just asked a question because the use of the word “peaks” would usually mean that it doesn’t get better after that. Im not saying that’s my actual opinion (as I haven’t watched it) but I just wanted to know if that’s what the commenter meant.


reddig33 t1_jdrzbh9 wrote

If you don’t like it after a few episodes, that’s not going to change. Nothing wrong with that. Personally I think it’s one of the best things I’ve watched. Nothing wrong with that either.


Luv2006 OP t1_jdsfaxp wrote

Did you get into it straight away or did it take a few episodes (and if so, how many)?


anasui1 t1_jdsccfp wrote

show retains the same slow paced style to the end so you will be better watching something else


Es-Dub t1_jdsaks5 wrote

Its such a good show and one of the many that Netflix canceled thus leading to me to cancel their service.


[deleted] t1_jdsru3t wrote

It was one of a few shows that have ended for reasons other than Netflix cancelling them; in its case it was because Fincher moved on to other projects.


jonatton______yeah t1_jds00fg wrote

The pacing and general Fincher vibe don’t really change. If it’s not grabbing you after a few episodes…might not be your thing.


mickeyflinn t1_jduo7o3 wrote

The best part of the show were the Ed Kemper scenes. Everything else is a muddled dull mess.

Mindhunter is almost great.


Luv2006 OP t1_jdvkx4d wrote

This is what I was asking other people but for some reason, I keep being downvoted.

Many people have said that Mindhunter is great because of the Ed Kemper scenes. I wanted to know if that was really the only reason for watching it so thank you for clarifying with an actual response.


boringdude00 t1_jdz9aia wrote

That's pretty much its tone. If anything it gets slower in the second season. It's not an action show. If you were looking for the next Hannibal or such, this is substantially different.


Luv2006 OP t1_jdzzohv wrote

To be honest, I did watch it with the intention of it being similar to Hannibal (as that’s what many people compared it to) but if it’s not similar then it probably won’t be my thing.


lovebooksbooks t1_je1ysbz wrote

First time I tried to watch it. Then I kept hearing about it from friends so tried again a year or two later and was obsessed. So who knows. Sometimes timing depends on whether people like a show or not


Luv2006 OP t1_je1yxfn wrote

Definitely agree with that! There’s been many shows that I’ve put off but gone back to and ended up loving.


rvonbue t1_jdu826h wrote

Probably not you should give up watching it.


Hot-Tie-665 t1_je0fnjg wrote

I guess you were expecting literal minds to be hunted. No biggy, switch it off and move on to the next.


HueForYou2398 t1_jeaz34r wrote

Its great, until it doesnt end cause they pulled the plug early. David Finchers television shows are amazing so it was a shame they didnt want to continue.


Luv2006 OP t1_jebhw8l wrote

Would you say it’s still worth watching even though it doesn’t have a conclusion?


Wonderful-Ocelot-486 t1_jdrug35 wrote

The Bill Tench family plotline was not done well and really dragged down the show. I agree with the person who said Ed Kemper was the highlight of the show. He was genuinely unsettling.


Luv2006 OP t1_jdruwvu wrote

That poses a problem as I obviously don’t want to watch a show that only has one great aspect.