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Infamous-Lab-8136 t1_jdt54h0 wrote

I think they overestimate how successful the cast is. I mean most have had steady work but Adam Scott and Lizzy Kaplan are the big names and one didn't come back. And Scott has gained more notice from Severance than years of solid comedy work. Severance fans are not necessarily going to line up for this style of comedy. I do, but I doubt I'm the majority. Most of the others have just had really good side roles in something since


BjornBeetleBorg t1_jdtkpc1 wrote

Big little lies gave him a nice boost


Infamous-Lab-8136 t1_jdtm8xy wrote

I think Scott has easily had the best career of anyone coming back since the original ended, but I just don't see him as a "I'm going to subscribe to Starz to see a show I didn't used to watch with him in it before now" star.

To me it was just a fun show to see a lot of actors I've gone on to like in other shows.


Pigs_in_the_Porridge t1_jdtidd4 wrote

Adam Scott is the lead in season 3, which is awesome.


Infamous-Lab-8136 t1_jdtkj2q wrote

Yeah I'm enjoying it, and I like him a lot. I first saw him in Parks and Rec which was a great run for him.

I really like the cast, Martin Starr was a favorite from Freaks and Geeks and Silicon Valley more recently. As Parks fan Megan Mullaly is always fun. I love Jennifer Garner in general. I'd love to see more episodes, but I didn't hold out high hopes for them.


BruceChameleon t1_jdw4vt7 wrote

Idk man, Ken Marino is a heavy hitter in the critical-darling cult-classic sitcom space ;-)


oldar4 t1_jdugqji wrote

I watched party down back in the day. Was funny but wasn't blown away For some reason didn't hit with me... I do love severance. Prob my favorite show of the past 5 years