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Frazzledsoul t1_jdw2k5z wrote

This was the case when I worked the cable company 6-8 years ago. Our customers didn't care about HBO (I have literally never met anyone in Alabama who watched GoT other than me) and liked Showtime occasionally, but Starz was very, very popular because of Power. We got tons and tons of Starz merch. I've still got a bunch of that crap in my car.


reasonedof t1_jdweud9 wrote

So is it more regional than race - i.e do cable companies in the US only serve a specific area? In Australia there only is one so there are no regional differences.


Frazzledsoul t1_jdwi2to wrote

The cable company I worked at from 2014-2016 only serviced specific areas in Alabama. They serviced the city of Birmingham (which is just under 70% African-American) and rural Alabama (which is mostly white). A different cable company serviced the suburbs (though they are the same company now).

Almost all of our merch was Starz-focused and revolved around Power. That's what people called in for. That's what they wanted us to pitch.

If anyone was obsessed with a franchise at that point in time, it was The Walking Dead. You didn't call in for that because you had it as part of your cable package. I cannot stress enough how big of a deal that was regionally. Everyone I knew was obsessed with it. It was absolutely a communal experience. This completely fell off over the past few years.


bros402 t1_jdwtjge wrote

> do cable companies in the US only serve a specific area

yeah, most places only allow one company to serve their town


reasonedof t1_jdwelnm wrote

So is it more regional than race?


Frazzledsoul t1_jdwghup wrote

Well, most of our customers were African-American so not necessarily. However, if a lot of Starz's customer base is just there for Power, I don't think they're going to be interested in watching Party Down.