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reasonedof t1_jdweud9 wrote

So is it more regional than race - i.e do cable companies in the US only serve a specific area? In Australia there only is one so there are no regional differences.


Frazzledsoul t1_jdwi2to wrote

The cable company I worked at from 2014-2016 only serviced specific areas in Alabama. They serviced the city of Birmingham (which is just under 70% African-American) and rural Alabama (which is mostly white). A different cable company serviced the suburbs (though they are the same company now).

Almost all of our merch was Starz-focused and revolved around Power. That's what people called in for. That's what they wanted us to pitch.

If anyone was obsessed with a franchise at that point in time, it was The Walking Dead. You didn't call in for that because you had it as part of your cable package. I cannot stress enough how big of a deal that was regionally. Everyone I knew was obsessed with it. It was absolutely a communal experience. This completely fell off over the past few years.


bros402 t1_jdwtjge wrote

> do cable companies in the US only serve a specific area

yeah, most places only allow one company to serve their town