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bigtimesauce t1_jdxuhea wrote

Did they introduce a bunch of characters that weren’t around last season?


-GregTheGreat- t1_jdxv3mh wrote

There were a few unnamed Yellowjackets from their JV squad that were hanging around in the background last season. They decided to actually ‘introduce’ them as characters now, probably redshirt fodder to get murdered and eaten. From what I heard, one was actually always around as an extra beforehand, while the other two are brand new.

It was definitely a little clunky they way they introduced them though


PSN-Colinp42 t1_jdy4i75 wrote

My husband said “who are these Tailies?”


OneReportersOpinion t1_jdy2hyv wrote

The one girl who likes showtunes is definitely a red shirt.


OperationBreaktheGME t1_jdydlq2 wrote

😂😂😂 even I was like “kill her. Kill her now. Immediately.” The actress nailed the super annoying new cast member part.


LostInStatic t1_jdxw0j9 wrote

Yup, that scene with those three girls sitting at the table by the fire. It felt very cheap for such a smart show to pull a move like this. They 100% wanted to give themselves an out from that flashforward in the pilot.


Dye_Harder t1_jdyczaz wrote

what are you talking about, there were always extra people in the crash and they had no story last time, but they were there, and shit happened to them too

waiting to have them be brought into focus was great, and it was already too many people to memorize season 1, even more was pushing it


Bill_Sandwich t1_je01aci wrote

Yeah, I was listening to a recent interview with the showrunners and they acknowledged there's no way they could have introduced the core group the way they did while still giving time to the background survivors. With some of the season one stars frozen or exploded, they have more space for others.


LostInStatic t1_jdz4v4u wrote

The tension is kind of lost when they don't define how many survivors there actually are and if most of the narrative engine driving the flashbacks is "Who will die?" it loses meaning if we can just pull new people out of thin air.


APDLS t1_jdzbic8 wrote

We do have numbers though, 15 on the team of which 13 are currently accounted for.


preppytarg t1_jdzxfcz wrote

Season 1 was shot during the height of Covid restrictions. That, plus budgetary issues, I think led them to doing a LOST trick where they just focused on the principal cast, and occasionally had background extras moping around.

I remember there were scenes where it was supposed to be the entire group, and you only saw principals with no background actors at all. That was definitely a Covid thing.


Prestigious_Stage699 t1_jdyhgf9 wrote

While the show is a lot of fun... Smart is probably the last word I'd use to describe it.


BoatsnGoals1 t1_je23iz4 wrote

Yes and they each had to check a box off for different nationalities. Because its the rules of every single tv show now.