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Gloomy_Travel7992 t1_jdxl5a6 wrote

I forgot just how much I love Christmas Ricci as Misty. She’s so funny

Edit: Wait since when did I write Christmas Ricci lmao? Well that’s embarrassing, but I’m not changing it now.


SuspendedInKarmaMama t1_jdxsywg wrote

Good ol' Christmas Ricci.


barbarkbarkov t1_jdy44aa wrote

She’s just Christina Ricci except she’s hammered on eggnog and ruins dinner.


Smodphan t1_je17vx0 wrote

I would pay an ungodly amount for Ricci to show up wasted to- and fuck up my Christmas dinner.


townshiprebellion24 t1_jdxwc20 wrote

This show is great ,but she’s the reason I watch.


zsreport t1_jea8tlf wrote

Back in the early days of Season 1, I recall a quote from somewhere, probably an online article, that was essentially how did it take this long for someone to realize that casting Christina Ricci and Juliette Lewis together would be fucking magic.


truethatson t1_je061hs wrote

I loved that movie she did with Shavuot L. Jackson


tamarzipan t1_je4475x wrote

I decided his Hebrew name is שמואל בן יעקב…


galavion92 t1_jdxj818 wrote

I love those crazy women!! Can't wait to see Elijah Woods character this season with crazy Misty.


camspop t1_jdxogu8 wrote

Yellowjackets alone might save Showtime or at least make sure it has value in a sell.


root_fifth_octave t1_jdyorij wrote

They have some great shows. Would be cool if they could stick around & keep making stuff.


Fokken_Prawns_ t1_jdz5mpz wrote

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is one favorite new shows the last couple of years, it's so good.

Anson Mount is fantastic as the lead.

Also Star Trek Prodigy is very good as well!

It's the cheapest service that I have, but I feel like it punches higher than its price.


DMacNCheez t1_jdzs378 wrote

I thought everything Star Trek was paramount+


Fokken_Prawns_ t1_je071u6 wrote

In Denmark, its the same app, sorry.

Paramount+ got turned into Skyshowtime.

My bad.


DMacNCheez t1_je156r5 wrote

Hey no need at all to be sorry! That’s pretty interesting though, I didn’t realize it was set up differently in other countries, I’d love to have those two services combined.

Live long and prosper!


AlfonsoMcQuack t1_jdzs42c wrote

In the US, those shows are on Paramount+, not Showtime. Part of why these deals and mergers and such feel so complicated to me is that it can vary so greatly between countries where they put their media.


LA_Dynamo t1_je0ci72 wrote

Outside of Star Trek, what does it have?

Edit: got Showtime bc my gf wanted to watch YellowJackets. Will check out George and Tammy as multiple people have recommended it.


root_fifth_octave t1_je0rtw4 wrote

Well, Yellowjackets is really good so far. Weeds and Californication are classics. I loved Happyish, Super Pumped, and Roadies. Waco & George and Tammy were good; Homeland had some good seasons, City on a Hill had some great writing etc., American Gigolo had a vibe, SMILF had its moments.


root_fifth_octave t1_je0ybjn wrote

> George and Tammy

Good to hear people are mentioning it. That show seems pretty under the radar. Yeah, they did a great job with it. Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain are amazing in this.


shehryar46 t1_je3t2ev wrote

The acting is great but it is so by the numbers. The random line somebody says inspiring a song trope is done like 4 times


Llamarama t1_je3d3c9 wrote

More people apparently need to watch The Good Lord Bird.


mlavan t1_je0gjs0 wrote

George and Tammy was a showtime exclusive.


m_garlic87 t1_jdz8z2r wrote

I resubbed last month to rewatch season 1 before season 2 came out and I also watched Your Honor. That’s a pretty good show. There’s a couple others on there that have my interest peaked.


eightdollarbeer t1_jdzlojg wrote

Your Honor is like a really well-made soap opera. It’s worth checking out just for Bryan Cranston and esteemed character actress Margo Martindale


zsreport t1_jea93pc wrote

Considering the impending existence of Paramount+ with Showtime, not sure anyone is looking to sell Showtime, at least not as a stand alone.


karpenterskids t1_je0gfwb wrote

Yellowjackets. Dexter. Billions. Everything else on Showtime is garbage.


Mattyzooks t1_je0h230 wrote

They have my forever respect for Twin Peaks: The Return.


pp21 t1_je1437e wrote

Ray Donovan, Homeland, and House of Lies are all solid shows


VelvetElvis t1_je2g8yh wrote

Shameless, Homeland, Weeds. They have been slowly going downhill but have always had at least one really solid show airing.


kronicfeld t1_jdxsw8y wrote

Haven’t watched yet but I still cannot get over how good every single casting decision was in season one. Absolute perfection. Lynsky, Ricci, Lewis…just a master class.


LostInStatic t1_jdxu1tv wrote

Natalie is distracting because both actresses do not resemble each other in the slightest and literally seem like entirely different people. They nailed everyone else.


PRIMAWESOME t1_jdy4blm wrote

I think she's supposed to be Natalie after tons of drug use, so that's why she looks so fucked up. So it's technically good casting because people do start off looking fine and then end up like that.


DarklySalted t1_jdy6mgm wrote

Juliette is doing phenomenal mouth acting to really sell being a long time addict. Watch how she talks, you can tell some of the teeth are gone, and she's been cranked long enough to have the jerky motions.


KimberParoo t1_jdy7apo wrote

there was one specific gesture she made with her mouth that, as an at one point crack addict, was way too real 😬 the mush mouth was rampant for a while


DarklySalted t1_jdy7gfb wrote

I was trying to explain that to my wife. Nat isn't just wild and erratic, she is PERFECTLY captured.


KimberParoo t1_jdy7yj6 wrote

Yeah I think it was deliberate to make Juliette look so rough compared to young Natalie, that kind of hard drug use often makes someone unrecognizable!!! My friend I was watching with was distracted by her facial tics and I’m like…that is the point lol when we are tweaky we are not fun or comfortable to witness


Key_Text_169 t1_jdya3ix wrote

I disagree sure they don’t look the same, but seems she had a rough life style. I actually think 90 Forrest Nat sounds like Juliette.


BrockThrowaway t1_je03xk1 wrote

Agreed. Sophie Thatcher is doing an amazing job playing into Juliette Lewis’ energy.


kronicfeld t1_jdy6q0z wrote

I get that but I think the dichotomy is meant to reflect her hard living as compared to the others.


thatPOLTERSmyGEIST t1_jdzz328 wrote

It’s in the voice. She weirdly sounds exactly like young Juliette. Maybe that was what sold her? Idk


bool_idiot_is_true t1_jdyz94n wrote

There's a photo of all the adult actresses as kids. I can't find it with a quick google but they're actually pretty similar.


AshleyBanksHitSingle t1_jdzhbv2 wrote

I mean, we’ve all seen Juliette at that age. She’s literally that age in Christmas Vacation.


-GregTheGreat- t1_jdxlp8a wrote

I cant wait to see what our deranged forest cannibals get up to next. Even with me actively anticipating them going crazy, they still made me cringe with that ending scene in the premiere. And its only going to get worse from there.


bigtimesauce t1_jdxuhea wrote

Did they introduce a bunch of characters that weren’t around last season?


-GregTheGreat- t1_jdxv3mh wrote

There were a few unnamed Yellowjackets from their JV squad that were hanging around in the background last season. They decided to actually ‘introduce’ them as characters now, probably redshirt fodder to get murdered and eaten. From what I heard, one was actually always around as an extra beforehand, while the other two are brand new.

It was definitely a little clunky they way they introduced them though


PSN-Colinp42 t1_jdy4i75 wrote

My husband said “who are these Tailies?”


OneReportersOpinion t1_jdy2hyv wrote

The one girl who likes showtunes is definitely a red shirt.


OperationBreaktheGME t1_jdydlq2 wrote

😂😂😂 even I was like “kill her. Kill her now. Immediately.” The actress nailed the super annoying new cast member part.


LostInStatic t1_jdxw0j9 wrote

Yup, that scene with those three girls sitting at the table by the fire. It felt very cheap for such a smart show to pull a move like this. They 100% wanted to give themselves an out from that flashforward in the pilot.


Dye_Harder t1_jdyczaz wrote

what are you talking about, there were always extra people in the crash and they had no story last time, but they were there, and shit happened to them too

waiting to have them be brought into focus was great, and it was already too many people to memorize season 1, even more was pushing it


Bill_Sandwich t1_je01aci wrote

Yeah, I was listening to a recent interview with the showrunners and they acknowledged there's no way they could have introduced the core group the way they did while still giving time to the background survivors. With some of the season one stars frozen or exploded, they have more space for others.


LostInStatic t1_jdz4v4u wrote

The tension is kind of lost when they don't define how many survivors there actually are and if most of the narrative engine driving the flashbacks is "Who will die?" it loses meaning if we can just pull new people out of thin air.


APDLS t1_jdzbic8 wrote

We do have numbers though, 15 on the team of which 13 are currently accounted for.


preppytarg t1_jdzxfcz wrote

Season 1 was shot during the height of Covid restrictions. That, plus budgetary issues, I think led them to doing a LOST trick where they just focused on the principal cast, and occasionally had background extras moping around.

I remember there were scenes where it was supposed to be the entire group, and you only saw principals with no background actors at all. That was definitely a Covid thing.


Prestigious_Stage699 t1_jdyhgf9 wrote

While the show is a lot of fun... Smart is probably the last word I'd use to describe it.


BoatsnGoals1 t1_je23iz4 wrote

Yes and they each had to check a box off for different nationalities. Because its the rules of every single tv show now.


KimberParoo t1_jdy7gm8 wrote

melanie lynskey has just been killing it recently


tekko001 t1_je0if0i wrote

If you see her imdb profile its crazy all the movies she has been in, she has been acting consistently in multiple productions since the mid 90's, its great to see her having success after so many years


NAINOA- t1_je0q141 wrote

She was amazing and only 16 in Heavenly Creatures.


QuintoBlanco t1_je70irl wrote

To be fair, she opted out of being a regular on Two and a Half Men.

She could have made a ton of money, but wanted to do projects she felt passionate about.


Mentoman72 t1_jdxylcj wrote

Yessss! There's nothing like this on TV rn, I fucking love it. I'm worried about the five season plan but for now it's fun as fuck and totally gross. So good.


QueSupresa t1_jdzj96m wrote

FIVE?? No. I see that ending poorly.


Zorkel567 t1_jdzuq3o wrote

>"The original plan was about five seasons, and we feel like we're still on track for that," co-creator Ashley Lyle tells EW in our latest cover story. Although Lyle says "there's always room for things," she clarifies that "we don't really see this as being more than a five-season show. I think that there are shows that can go forever, but I think that when you're telling such a deeply serialized story and it's about these characters' lives, you want to reach a satisfying conclusion and not just drag things out forever. This isn't really one of those setup shows where it can go anywhere. So far, we've been really on track. Season 2 is largely what we always planned, but you do make a lot of discoveries along the way and so it's always a little bit surprising."


bsziggy t1_je0gzkt wrote

Check out 'From', I like it far better


thrilling_me_softly t1_je0qa9i wrote

And it has been renewed for season 3 even before season 2 comes out!


OperationBreaktheGME t1_jdye6zq wrote

Desperate Housewives and Lost had a baby. They named that baby YellowJackets.


RupanIII t1_je0mycw wrote

Well based on that description I’m going to have to check it out


MarvelsGrantMan136 OP t1_jdxl1tg wrote

Dexter: New Blood had the previous streaming record for Showtime.

It was up 110% from the series premiere and up 40% from the S1 finale.


forkandspoon2011 t1_jdz2270 wrote

Imagine if this show was on Netflix.... the audience would be huge.


meatball77 t1_jdz8fda wrote

Or even Paramount Plus.

I watched the first season all at once when there was a sale on showtime. It was the only thing on the network.

Are this many people paying $8-11 a month for Showtime?


preppytarg t1_jdzyaxu wrote

I signed up for Showtime last week just for season 2, and will cancel as soon as it's over. There's probably a lot of people doing that.


CricketNo3253 t1_je0b0h9 wrote

Showtime is merged into Paramount Plus. It costs 11.99$ to have the combination of the two streaming services which you watch strictly through paramount.


Husker_Kyle t1_jdyolod wrote

The episode was crazy good and the ending was WTF


polkemans t1_jdycaty wrote

Of all people, my mom convinced me to watch this. I binged it all over this last weekend. What a wild ride.


IguanaBob26 t1_jdxsh6t wrote

That's great! Glad its a healthy show


aerojovi83 t1_je0f1gq wrote

So as a near 40 y/o male...should I give this a try? It seems interesting but I've heard very little.


workaccount1013 t1_je0hmmn wrote

Yes. I am also a 40 y/o male and this show is amazing. It's like Lord of the Flies meets Heathers with tons of 90s nostalgia. So much nostalgia. The latest episode had the husband of a main character (who's a bit of a himbo) rock out to "Last Resort" in his car in his garage as a bit of cathartic release.

Honestly I cannot do this show justice.


stilesmcbd t1_je0oj1y wrote

The way this show has made me a ride or die for Jeff is astounding, he’s so good.


workaccount1013 t1_je0p06f wrote

Same. And I HATED him at first. Then he finds out his wife is having an affair and suddenly he's one of the best characters on the show.


TheZardoz t1_je2pwag wrote

I literally turned to my wife during the Papa Roach thing and was like “this is one of my favorite characters in a long time on a show.”


jugglers_despair t1_jdyqd3o wrote

Loved season one but I’m praying they don’t drag this show out past it’s best before date like they do with literally every other hit they’ve ever had. Please for the love of god just end on a high not for once showtime!!!!


mailordermonster t1_je0b3x9 wrote

Season 1 already dragged on too much IMO. Too much of the boring current day stuff, not enough of the forest. Should've been half a season to get to where they did by the end of S1.


CorporateSympathizer t1_jdyz6ra wrote

Premiere was absolutely great and the previews I've seen for episode 2 look crazy.

Also I've heard of Christina Ricci throughout the years but never had a chance to watch any show she was in until now. She stands out among an already excellent cast and she's even better season 2. Def one of my fave characters on the show.


Satrialesbadabing t1_jdypv3u wrote

I watch just for Christina Ricci my forever crush


The7Reaper t1_je1kykh wrote

I ain't even gonna lie, she is fine as hell in this show, if this was her exact look and personality in real life I'd still be like a bull and charge head first into that red flag


Happy_Cupcake_52 t1_je0jbeh wrote

Theater Girl. You’re about to be stew if you don’t stop with your bullshit.


sexyloser1128 t1_je26otg wrote

Pretty good season 1, here's hoping season 2 is just as good or better.


brianstormIRL t1_je2dein wrote

I just seriously hope they dont take another 2 years to release the next season. Theres no reason a show of this type takes as long as a season of Game of Thrones to make.

The first season was incredible but if it takes them 2 years to do a season, and they plan to do 5 seasons, I can see that not going well.


DoolFandoms t1_je2kd58 wrote

I'm pretty sure one of the reasons season 2 took 15 months was that since most of the past timeline takes place in the winter this season, they had to wait until the next winter for it to start snowing before they could start filming. The 90's timeline only finished filming for this season a month ago. Season 3 should be a lot quicker as it was already renewed 3 months ago and likely will take place in the spring/summer, which would be a lot easier to shoot in BC.


crudedrawer t1_je2kz8g wrote

Best theme song to a TV show in ages.


[deleted] t1_je0848w wrote



RusevReigns t1_je0jg87 wrote

What show has 13 letters and is gonna last 9 seasons?


margidamt t1_je0ka1f wrote

Haven’t watch it, but hope it’s as good as the first season


SnooDingos316 t1_je0wu40 wrote

Now that it become so popular, I would really hate it if they stretch out the mystery too damn long !


McG0788 t1_je10gd7 wrote

Next week's headlines will be how they're renewing them for 7 seasons so we can all get hooked and slowly lose interest as the show gets more and more absurd.


EricHD97 t1_jdyenii wrote

They’re two wildly different shows, so it seems silly to compare them. So I’ll do it anyway.

But this show should be getting the same, if not more, critical attention that fellow Sunday night drama series Succession gets imo.


Artistic-Toe-8803 t1_jdz2bo1 wrote

Succession could be an all time great show if they stick the landing this season, so not really an apt comparison tbh


EricHD97 t1_je1afzk wrote

I know I’m fully in the minority, but I just don’t agree about Succession. There’s so much great tv on now, so why are all the awards going to the boring show about boring rich white people doing boring business things, when there’s countless other shows that are doing more innovative and interesting things?


Artistic-Toe-8803 t1_je1hipv wrote

I mean how much of Succession have you seen? I was in the same boat as you when I started it but it just gets so good as it goes on. It's not boring at all and is paced pretty quick compared to the average HBO show. I've seen it literally compared to Game of Thrones by some. Succession gets the awards bc of how great its writing is.

What other shows do you think deserve more acclaim? Better Call Saul's over now, so Succession's taken its rightful throne, no? Severance is amazing so far but it's only in its first season


EricHD97 t1_je1odle wrote

I’ve seen all of it except the season 4 premiere from this week. I watched it over the last couple months to get involved in the last season, but it’s so tiresome and just goes in circles over and over. I think if Logan had actually died in season 1, then I’d be a lot more interested in the drama of who’s going to take over. But as it is, one of the kids try to take him down, he one ups them, and then they’re suckling off his teat again. Rinse wash and repeat.

My biggest complaint though is that I don’t think it does nearly enough to lampoon the type of people that these are. Sure there’s little moments here and there, but as a whole, I don’t think it throws anywhere near the amount of punches it needs to. These people actually exist, they’re ruining our planet, so why do I want to watch a show about them doing just that when I can read or watch it happen in real life.

Take shows like The Boys or The White Lotus, which similarly deal with the rich and powerful, but does so with vastly more interesting and deep characters, themes, and creativity. They show similar types of characters and archetypes, but they also take the time to explore why they’re terrible, the endemic real-world problems preventing the change, and so on. In Succession, it’s just endless sequences of posturing with very little actually happening with caricatures that aren’t given nearly as much depth as the show wants you to believe they have.

This went on longer than I meant it to. But basically, I’m just tired of prestige drama for prestige drama’s sake. Succession feels like an artificial, lab-grown drama that was made to win awards, and I’m just personally way more interested in the work that shows like Yellowjackets, White Lotus, The Boys, and others are doing. (Hence my original comment).


Artistic-Toe-8803 t1_je24zkc wrote

>My biggest complaint though is that I don’t think it does nearly enough to lampoon the type of people that these are. Sure there’s little moments here and there, but as a whole, I don’t think it throws anywhere near the amount of punches it needs to. These people actually exist, they’re ruining our planet, so why do I want to watch a show about them doing just that when I can read or watch it happen in real life.

Just about every episode shits on them. You see just how petty and cringe they are, how self-important and arrogant. Pretty much everyone in the show makes a mockery of themselves repeatedly. It doesn't need to be stated explicitly when you look at these guys and laugh or cringe every episode, practically every other scene. And we do see them state many times that they do view Logan as extraordinarily evil anyhow.

>Take shows like The Boys or The White Lotus, which similarly deal with the rich and powerful, but does so with vastly more interesting and deep characters, themes, and creativity

I don't see how the White Lotus is so much deeper tbh. Yes, it also critiques the rich, but in different ways. That's all it is. The White Lotus shows how their lives are cyclical and menial, how nothing they do affects them in a meaningful way. Even at the end of season 2 when the kid got scammed for 50k it was likely not even much of a dent in his family's wealth so they could go on without noticing it much. In both shoes, much is left unsaid. Succession shows what their money and status do to their self image and ambitions. They treat money extremely frivolously, their continous thirst for power causes them to bang their heads on the ceiling over and over. They entertain shameless sycophants whoo massage their egos, they live as if they have nothing to lose, because there really isn't anywhere for them to fall.

The Boys isn't really that strong of a social commentary tbh. And after how that fourth season went, I def wouodnt put it in the convo with Succession or even The White Lotus anymore tbh. Hopefully season 5's gonna be good though.

Succession is just as much of a comedy as a drama, I definitely wouldnt say it's artificial or anything of that nature, it needs the prestige treatment in combination with the chaotic, parody documentary style camerawork to work the way it's meant to. I haven't seen Yellowjackets but apart from Severance (assuming it continues to be as good as it was in season 1), I'm not sure what other show can match Succession. Even the White Lotus, as good as it is, just isn't quite on that level yet imo. I also wasn't personally a huge fan of season 1 tbh, apart from Armond most of the characters weren't very interesting to me and neither was the plot


simplefilmreviews t1_jdzj6wb wrote

What were Dexter New Blood, numbers compared to this?


armchairwarrior69 t1_je0ca92 wrote

This show has a good premise but I'm almost certain I stop caring for the drawn out, nothing plot by the end if this season.

Hope I'm wrong but season 1 gave me "LOST, but not as good" vibes.


Erettan t1_je0dnli wrote

When your mostly TrustUs™ PR boast is just 2 million, you might want to keep it quiet instead.


Pretty_Garbage8380 t1_je0it71 wrote

Struggling to figure out why this number is being celebrated. There are YouTubers who get 2 million views in a day.

Now, if Showtime only has 10 Million subscribers then I guess that number is a big deal.

But, I am preparing myself for the people who are puzzled when this show is eventually canceled, and the mental gymnastics they will use to show support for a "popular" tv show.


ForgivenessIsNice t1_jdy1q18 wrote

I thought the first episode was mid, but maybe it's because I watched it right after watching Succession.