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TheAnt06 t1_jc7f87o wrote

Binged the first season of Game of Thrones and then read all five books over the next three weeks.

Still waiting for Winds.


[deleted] t1_jc7hkaj wrote



tohon75 t1_jc82b9y wrote

How’s your plan working out for you?


Warden_de_Dios t1_jc8hjgp wrote

I got back into GoT in season 7 when the show switched from being character driven to the show being plot driven. I have friends who watched every episode and I have friends who stopped watching after 2 or 3 seasons because they felt "nothing every happens" on GoT. One week I noticed everyone was getting together to watch GoT and I felt left out. So I hopped back in.


Taylorenokson t1_jc7xrut wrote

That's exactly how I did it. Although I am no longer waiting for Winds. I gave up.


book1245 t1_jc84us9 wrote

I got hooked during season two, read the books before season three, and felt so in-the-know about the upcoming weddings!

And now, ten years later, I'm thinking of just donating my hardcover copies at this point.


Exotic_11031 t1_jcapozl wrote

Same. The only reason I'm sticking around is to see just how bad the show's conclusion is compared to the books.


barriekansai t1_jcaqulk wrote

The heat death of the universe will occur before that book is released. It was supposed to released nine years ago now.


b1gmouth t1_jc7d2jg wrote

The Expanse and Slow Horses


IsawaAwasi OP t1_jc7kkjf wrote

Slow Horses sounds interesting. I'll give it a try if I ever get Apple TV.


ArchDucky t1_jcal4di wrote

You also need to see Ted Lasso, The Afterparty, Shrinking, Schmigadoon! and Black Bird. Oh and "The Greatest Beer Run in History" is a pretty great film.


FapCitus t1_jcbg0ec wrote

If you want to plug Apple+ shows, why don’t you even mention Severance?


IsawaAwasi OP t1_jcbjr2v wrote

That's the one that's tempting me to get it.


FapCitus t1_jcbl66a wrote

Its very much worth it, probably one of the best ongoing tv shows at the moment. Pachinko is also pretty solid. If you get a chance to sub for a month then for sure do it. Adam Scott is a treat!


pinpoint321 t1_jc7i11s wrote

I read all the Slow Horses books pretty much as soon as the first series finished. I’ve struggled to watch the second series to be honest as the books were great and while the series sticks close it’s almost redundant.


b1gmouth t1_jc7iqm9 wrote

I know what you mean lol. Just FYI, the second series deviates more from the books than the first did.


rkd2999 t1_jc7meej wrote

I read The Expanse books, but not because I liked the show. I watched Season 1 and I liked some of the ideas in it, I found the execution to be… not great? I didn’t continue. I know a lot of people enjoyed it but it just wasn’t for me. Anyway, a few years later I finally started reading the first book and ended up reading the whole series.

EDIT: I will consider trying the show again! I haven’t given up on it. 😀


b1gmouth t1_jc7rodd wrote

I personally loved the show but agree the books are even better and worth a read regardless. I think the first few seasons they were a little hamstrung by being on Syfy. Avasarala just isn't the same without her f-bombs!


AjvarAndVodka t1_jc9zybm wrote

I really think you should give the show a chance. I’m at book 4 currently and I agree that the books are awesome.

But so is the show. I started there and now moved on to the books. It’s a great adaptation and I think season 1 just suffers from a slight lack of budget. At least when it compares to the rest of the show. And it’s a slow start. Not a lot of moving parts in plot yet.


rkd2999 t1_jcaiqfa wrote

Sounds good, I’ll try to jump back into it some day. I just want to wait a little because I just read the books fairly recently and I would like to let some time pass before watching the show again. Thanks


kazh t1_jc8tu3j wrote

Season one was my favorite. The sets felt more lived in and it had that kind of real life people vibe from the books. Around the time I think in season two when they dropped the muffled hull sounds for the space action and started using the usual sound in space is where the show began to feel different. It kind of turned into the usual on screen space opera and the sets started to feel more like anything out of Marvel.


mickeyflinn t1_jc7fju2 wrote

Shadow and Bone led me to read Six of Crows, which is the prequel to the books the show is based on.


SirIan628 t1_jc7iic5 wrote

The new Interview with the Vampire, and it has been extremely helpful to do so. I think it provides a lot of needed context for how they are setting up the story and there are a lot of little details and moments of characterization that make extra sense with knowledge of the novels. I think S1 might even come across very differently to someone with no knowledge of the novels at all.


SuperZapper_Recharge t1_jc7n23j wrote

IWTV was utterly fantastic. They took quite a risk and really stuck the landing.

That Witches thing though ~shiver~ that was awful.


mexta t1_jc7vnsz wrote

I haven't read it yet but I will be reading Station Eleven. I know the book and the show are different but if I like the book even half as much as I loved the miniseries then I'm in for a treat.


JayRedEye t1_jc80e18 wrote

You are! I read the book in December and then watched the show right after. I loved them both. I am currently reading another book by the author, Glass Hotel.


bitterbuffaloheart t1_jc8e1kw wrote

You should read her other books too: The Glass Hotel and the Sea of Tranquility. All 3 tie together


throwsawayforsnfw t1_jc7nv5n wrote

The Sandman show finally made me bite the bullet and buy the comics. It's been on my to-read list as a Neil Gaiman fan but I have putting it on hold due as I found it intimidating due to the number of issues involved. Buying the comics was the right decision. I am now excited for season 2 and hope they find a way to include the many short stories aside from the main plot.


jonathanlink t1_jc7xpaq wrote

The Dresden Files and Bosch. I guess I’m a sucker for noir.


10HP t1_jc9iqog wrote

They need to remake The Dresden Files.


Phreakdoubt t1_jc7fvid wrote

I watched the first 2 episodes of The Expanse assuming it was standard, low budget off-brand Canadian produced sci-fi a-la Andromeda, Killjoys, Orphan Black, etc.

Realized I was wrong, and did some research on the property. Stopped watching after those 2 and consumed the available entries in the book series before going back to the show. Definitely in my top 5 sci-fi shows of all time and the books expand and elaborate on the world and the characters beautifully.


VampireHunterAlex t1_jc7j65k wrote

I was going to say Lockwood and Co. too! I’ve never been big on YA fiction, but how the show was presented, and considering it’s a finished series with a reasonable amount of books, I’ve had the boxset sitting in my cart ever since the first episode ended.


IsawaAwasi OP t1_jc7ku33 wrote

Yeah, it's definitely YA but it's the best YA I've encountered in recent memory.


Petrichor02 t1_jc7m2h6 wrote

I read 11/22/63, A Game of Thrones, Turn of the Screw (The Haunting of Bly Manor), and Daisy Jones & the Six when I learned they were going to be turned into shows, but I read the books before the shows premiered.

I think the only book I've read after watching the TV adaptation is The Haunting of Hill House.

All other adaptations I've watched I had already read the books before I knew they were being turned into a TV show or I haven't read the books at all.


u2sunnyday t1_jc7qerl wrote

The Terror. The book is pretty good. One change the tv series made from the book that I really liked.

It isn't out yet, but Three Body Problem trilogy. Read it due to the upcoming Netflix series.

If you like science fiction it lives up to the hype. That said, I was tepid on the ending.


Axolotl_amphibian t1_jc94ttm wrote

The Chinese version is already out and legally available on YouTube (Tencent) with English subs.


elister t1_jc7yq1s wrote

Huge fan of Red Dwarf got me to read the books. Lots of big differences, one of which is where they find a derelict ship with Faster than Light and a copy of Better Than Life. So they all decide to enter the game while the FTL takes months to get back to earth, only they get trapped in the game and dont know it. Everyone's BTL fantasy was great, but the Cat was hilarious.

>!The Cat's fantasy has him living in a massive castle, with a moat made of milk. Stationed all through out the castle are half naked valkyrie warriors. In the back yard, he's playing polo, except hes riding on dinosaurs and a dog is the ball. While everyone eventually realizes they're stuck in the game, Cat is the only one that doesn't, he thinks he just deserves all this and asks no questions. !<


viscosity-breakdown t1_jc8bhw9 wrote

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Some day I'll get around to Smiley's People.


anasui1 t1_jc8qxpq wrote

Smiley's People is so, so, so good. Requires your full attention because it's got a trillion characters old and new and an incredibly intricate plot, but LeCarre has never been better


TheSwissArmy t1_jc8i5l6 wrote

People should read The Magicians. After the first season the books and show diverge a lot. I love both though.


thekellwithit t1_jc8jiby wrote

This is on my list. The first book was not easy to get through, because Q is somehow even less likable in the book, but I love them more as they go on, and I think the ending is gorgeous. I also love the show and think they interpreted the author’s intention with his series e find with the controversial S4 finale.


s3rila t1_jc8ogk7 wrote

the expanses


thekellwithit t1_jc8ndve wrote

I enjoyed Lockwood and Co so much. I actually recently recommended it to someone. I had no idea it was based on book, but of course it is.

I didn’t know Queen’s Gambit was a book either. But again, so obvious. Will get that too!

I finally read Watchmen after the Lindelof series. And Handmaid’s Tale. Appreciated both especially since I found them unappealing before the shows.

My favorites are The Magicians series. True Blood way back in the day was fluffy ludicrous fun, at least the first few.


Eugene_Henderson t1_jc9bsmn wrote

Justified got me to read a ton of Elmore Leonard.

The Clooney Catch-22 and the Tennant Around the World in 80 days convinced me to finally read those classics.

They’re not the source material, but I liked Fargo, Legion, and The Unusuals enough to read all of Noah Hawley’s novels.

Also, since I’m not talking source material, I will admit to having read every book with a Quantum Leap title and far too many Star Trek books. Many of them were glorified fanfic with an ISBN number, but there were high points.


mickeyflinn t1_jc7g1qe wrote

The Winds of War mini series got me to read The Winds of War and War and Remembrance.


OK_Soda t1_jc7ih3w wrote

Netflix Daredevil inspired me to start reading some of the important Daredevil comics, which inspired me to start reading comics in general.


IsawaAwasi OP t1_jc7lcwl wrote

Btw, despite the Iron Fist show being terrible, I highly recommend the Immortal Iron Fist by Ed Brubaker. Danny Rand will always be one of my favourite Marvel characters thanks to that run of comics.


SuperZapper_Recharge t1_jc7mva0 wrote

Seriously thinking of picking up the book 'the consultant' is based on.


youreapie t1_jc836h7 wrote

If you are a fan of horror and don't mind seriously messed up things then Bentley Little is superb. However the book and TV show are extremely different like almost am adaptation in name only. Also feel like I should give a brief content warning - a dog gets harmed in the book


Morcas t1_jc8705x wrote

Not out yet but the Silo trailer hooked me. Just started book 1.


menevets t1_jc8a7jz wrote

My Brilliant Friend - Neapolitan Quartet (My Brilliant Friend, Story of a New Name, etc...)


True Blood - Dead Until Dark

The Expanse

Tales of the City


QuinnsWife t1_jc8u80s wrote

True Blood. The books are way better and ended up ruining the show for me.


mihaieminescu t1_jc9dchc wrote

Bosch and recently started reading the Lincoln Lawyer novels. I enjoyed them greatly.


AjvarAndVodka t1_jca0093 wrote

The Expanse. Loved the show. Probably my favorite scifi series.

Now reading the books, currently at #4 and I love them just as much.


ArchDucky t1_jcaksja wrote

The trailer for the Tom Cruise 'Jack Reacher' film got me to read the novels. I still can't believe how well it was adapted for Amazon, that first season is very close to the book. Even some of the stuff they added was from a different book.


Xano74 t1_jc7d2hq wrote

Not show, but the movie Ready Player One got me to read the book and the sequel and they are now some of my favorite books.

Finished watching His Dark Materials recently and plan on reading them.


thekellwithit t1_jc8iz82 wrote

Ready player one is such a wonderful book and such an unfortunate movie.


Musth t1_jc95b4b wrote

I actually liked the movie more, but that may be because I read both books back to back and I wasn’t a fan of the second one.


thekellwithit t1_jca8v0w wrote

Possibly. I heard not to read the second one, so I didn’t. Same with the His Dark Materials series. I only read The Golden Compass (aka Northern Lights in the UK).


1800TurdFerguson t1_jc7i69s wrote



avatarofbelle t1_jc7vzid wrote

Would you recommend the books? I am on season 3 of the TV show but haven't felt the urge to read the novels.


1800TurdFerguson t1_jc7wvkp wrote

The books are great, but they are very different. I enjoyed them immensely.


phrynerules t1_jc8kpuc wrote

I actually like the books better. And if you like audiobooks, then give them a try. The narrator is AMAZING.


avatarofbelle t1_jc8pimx wrote

I like the audio book idea for my roadtrips! Great suggestion!


LightThatIgnitesAll t1_jc7k9jg wrote

House of the Dragon

Fire and Blood is better and cutting out Aegon I - Jeaherys I story makes me sad.


dracarys_112 t1_jc7wkmi wrote

GRRM actually wanted the show to begin with Jeaherys story. Also after Dance of the Dragon finishes, the show will start a new Story relating to Targaryens, which could be Aegons


LightThatIgnitesAll t1_jc7wu96 wrote

I know and when you read it you see that it is quite important. The issue is Maegor's story is needed for Jaehery's to have weight and Aegon's is needed for Maegor's.


Krinks1 t1_jc83uws wrote

Of Mice and Men. I saw the Gary Sinease/John Malkovich movie and it blew me away. I read the book shortly afterward.

Game of Thrones. I read the first 2 books. Loved the show, but the books were dull, IMO. I got VERY bored with the lengthy descriptions of food and armies marching by, getting a play-by-play of every banner held by the men and hedge-knights. Gave up on it.

Dances With Wolves. Incredible movie, and it was VERY close to the book. I liked the movie ending a little better though.

Jurassic Park. Movie blew me a way. Then I read the book and it blew me away all over again.


mike10dude t1_jc84mep wrote

arrow using lots of batman villians kind of got me to go and read a ton of batman and some other dc comics


44035 t1_jc87c7y wrote

Killing Eve

The Terror

My Brilliant Friend


thatsong t1_jc8a9xg wrote

There were rave reviews of Station Eleven the TV series, so I read the book first before watching.

They were weirdly both disappointing in different ways, and the book and TV series don't really sync up either. The TV series deviates a lot from the book, with some confusing decisions like >!changing and/or basically omitting lead characters, letting one character live and become a villain, and completely changing the ending!<


Hopeann t1_jc8c0ff wrote

Does Playboy after Dark count????


res30stupid t1_jc8totb wrote

Agatha Christie's Poirot by ITV. I started checking out the books after watching the show, starting with an audiobook of Murder On The Orient Express, narrated by Kenneth Branagh.

Not exactly related to television, but you can tell that Branagh incorporated a lot more of the book into the movie than is immediately apparent, which I have to give the man credit for. Hearing his reading the book sounds almost like an early concept sketch for the entire film, from how he does a deep and gravelly voice for Ratchett to how near-identically he sounds to Josh Gad's MacQueen. They even manage to sneak in a reference to how Poirot managed to get onto the train as well and made it into an extra reference to Poirot loving Charles Dickens (if you didn't catch it, he >!caught onto the existence of a fake extra passenger because Hector MacQueen unknowingly referenced a Charles Dickens story; in the story he references, Mrs Harris isn't a real person but someone constantly referenced by another person so they can tell tall tales!<).


ehsteve23 t1_jc9ow2o wrote

The Magicians

It's very different after like the first half of book 1. I prefer the TV show but both are great


iLikeSaints t1_jc9tgvp wrote

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Smiley's People.


schrodingerscatcat t1_jccb1hi wrote

The slow horses. Both the TV show and the books are fantastic. Also recommend the audiobook


menevets t1_jccmkpi wrote

Jonathan Norrell & Mr Strange

Pride & Prejudice (reread)


novus_ludy t1_jc7poqo wrote

Dublin murders (Season is a mix of two crime novels written by Tana French)


earhere t1_jc7u2wj wrote

Dopesick led me to read the book. The book is a lot different than the show. Both are good though.


preppytarg t1_jc7vwfd wrote

Daisy Jones & The Six

ETA: I picked up the book 2 weeks ago after watching the first 3 episodes. I finished it last night. TBH I don't know if the book was all that great. It's good beach read I guess. I'm more in love with show.


jnemesh t1_jc86ami wrote

Anime...Ascendance of a Bookworm.

Got hooked on the first 2 seasons, and now am on book 23 and eagerly awaiting the next one!


f0gax t1_jc87yk0 wrote

Game of Thrones.


ivanpkaramazov t1_jc8k80w wrote

American Gods and discovered Neil Gaiman. What a man! Enjoyed Anansi Boys and Neverwhere


eggsistoast t1_jc8pbax wrote

After I saw Dorohedoro on Netflix I stayed up until like 3am for a whole week reading the manga!


SantaClaws1972 t1_jc8s5dt wrote

The Terror, Game of Thrones, Justified, Lonesome Dove, and the Sandman. The only books I thought were truly fantastic was Lonesome Dove and GoT. The rest were decent though.


shinyquartersquirrel t1_jc8sm25 wrote

Outlander and most recently Daisy Jones and the Six (although it's just one book.)


redbent_20 t1_jc8sxu2 wrote

The Magicians - the books were so good I gave up on the show.


BohoPhoenix t1_jc8x2o5 wrote

  • GoT - Only the first book in the series
  • True Blood - Only the first book in the series
  • Altered Carbon - Loved this one. Read the whole trilogy, but the first was by and far my favorite.

WilliamEmmerson t1_jc8y2ym wrote

I started reading A Song of Ice and Fire after season 2 of Game of Thrones. By the time season 3 aired, I had read all of the released books.


Unusual_Grocery_Food t1_jc9pk7d wrote

For me it's most often anime that gets me to read the manga. Most recently I watched the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen and immediately went to read the manga after. Likewise for Chainsawman, Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer and also comics like Invincible


nightsky04 t1_jc9ttr7 wrote

The Expanse , Game of Thrones, Shadow and Bone, The Terror, Altered Carbon .

Planning to read Slow Horses.


timbgray t1_jc9wrav wrote

Spy among Friends.


browncharliebrown t1_jcaj4tj wrote

The boys. I have very conflicted feelings on the comic where I don’t think it’s particularly amazing but also is way over hated.


DWCourtasan2 t1_jcdvxbc wrote




The Boys


jsabs16 t1_jc7woce wrote

Watched Game of Thrones 1-6 and then went and read the books. The save the Expanse Reddit campaign didn’t get me to watch the show but it did get me to read the books and it might be my favourite book series ever now.


McCabbe t1_jc7f1qk wrote

GoT, quite simply. Still prefer the series, though.


Fuzzikopf t1_jc7iaw1 wrote

> Still prefer the series, though.

...what? Do you simply dislike books, or why would you prefer the show?

IMO the books are so much better, it's not even close.


McCabbe t1_jc7n24v wrote

IYO, indeed. And no, I quite like books.