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elister t1_jc7yq1s wrote

Huge fan of Red Dwarf got me to read the books. Lots of big differences, one of which is where they find a derelict ship with Faster than Light and a copy of Better Than Life. So they all decide to enter the game while the FTL takes months to get back to earth, only they get trapped in the game and dont know it. Everyone's BTL fantasy was great, but the Cat was hilarious.

>!The Cat's fantasy has him living in a massive castle, with a moat made of milk. Stationed all through out the castle are half naked valkyrie warriors. In the back yard, he's playing polo, except hes riding on dinosaurs and a dog is the ball. While everyone eventually realizes they're stuck in the game, Cat is the only one that doesn't, he thinks he just deserves all this and asks no questions. !<