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Valiantheart t1_jdd9ajc wrote

I wonder if they will keep up their average of 0.5 rapes per episode this season too.


BurningHuman t1_jddg0z6 wrote

How else will they clearly establish who the villain is for that season?


BistitchualBeekeeper t1_jderagt wrote

My mom and stepdad used to listen to the audiobooks for this series every day, even while I trapped in the car with them. I was an elementary schooler and it was the 90’s, so I didn’t have my own music to block it out either. I’m pretty sure I’ve still got some emotional damage hanging around from all the rapes in these stories.


O_Nikolakis t1_jddkcjt wrote

Is there somewhere I can bet on how many rapes per episode I think there will be?


Valiantheart t1_jddnee7 wrote

I bet Vegas has good odds. Sometimes its Rapes Per Episode (RPE) or sometimes they save it all up for the end of the season and it becomes Rapes Per Season (RPS).


Naugrin27 t1_jddxazj wrote

Man, that feels like they've been slacking in the later seasons.


Andrassy t1_jdeut09 wrote

Wasn't there a big gang rape recently? Does that count as a single rape? I think it was Season 5. And god knows how many rapes there were in season 6.