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HalfYeti t1_jef0ern wrote

Cc vs Niles is one of the best comic rivalries I've ever seen.


Billy1121 t1_jefmvqt wrote

I hadn't seen the Niles actor for years, then I saw him reprise his role as Dr Moriarty in Star Trek Picard the other day. He's still got it


Eroe777 t1_jefxech wrote

Daniel Davis is from Arkansas. He does a flawless British accent.

Mr Sheffield’s actor (I’m too lazy to look up his name) is English. Viewers would complain about his ‘fake’ English accent.

Viewers are stupid. They do t realize there are a zillion British accents.


RedditorUser99 t1_jegd41q wrote

Mr Sheffield was played by Charles Shaughnessy. He’s currently on General Hospital, where he plays a villain.


leverandon t1_jeh1std wrote

Wait, Niles/Professor Moriarty isn't British?!


nmyron3983 t1_jefnik8 wrote

This totally blew my mind. Like, I'm utterly floored I never put that together. Niles the Butler == TNG Moriarty. Mind blown...


Billy1121 t1_jegd2yi wrote

He definitely plays Moriarty with a hint of Niles the Butler sass


leverandon t1_jeh1pa8 wrote

Mind also blown since I've been a fan of TNG as a kid and my family watched the Nanny every week. I probably saw him as Moriarty and Niles during the same week and never realized they were the same person. Now I just can't unsee it. TNG Moriarty definitely has Niles energy!


Fire69 t1_jefzjpk wrote

Same here, took me a second to figure out where I knew him from!


Mr_Buscemi t1_jegk0kp wrote

They brought him back!?! Oh man. The two Moriarty episodes were some of my favorite as a kid.


Mr_Buscemi t1_jegr9nu wrote

Shit not even a hour later here I am watching Picard for the first time just to see Moriarty in around 20+ episodes from now lol.


Smellmyhand t1_jefin8x wrote

We need more new shows with witty butlers


redandbluenights t1_jefzkq3 wrote

It's funny, but I feel like shows about people rich enough to have butlers have pretty much gone by the wayside.


Smellmyhand t1_jeg27z1 wrote

This is true too. We went from Fresh Prince, The Nanny, etc to Schitts Creek. I actually like that


Latter_Feeling2656 t1_jeeyh3y wrote

Yes, Drescher had a rare playfulness in the role that was a throwback to screwball comedies. The rest of the cast were good foils, as well, especially extending out into Fran's family.

The show also displayed a high regard for older sitcoms.


ishtar_the_move t1_jegph6j wrote

When she came forward with her rape story it was just devastating. Talk about the dark side of comedy.


CurvyCupcakes t1_jefgzla wrote

Fran Drescher was an absolute knock out when she was on that show. She was sexy, funny, silly and sassy. I loved seeing her strut around in all her glamorous dresses, high heels and little skirts. Such a gorgeous lady. The Nanny was one of the many shows that helped me figure out at a young age that I’m very attracted to women.


Hopefo t1_jegpme6 wrote

I think the shows does a good job of balancing Fran’s sexuality as a lever for comedy and a thing that empowers her. The fashion and costuming has a lot of thought put into it which makes Fran feel so much more like a real person pulling these outfits from her closet. She’s not afraid to dress a bit sexier, while also maintaining a personal professional style. She’s not just some dumb Jersey bimbo, she is witty she’s clever she’s in total control of herself but doesn’t take life too serious, and the writers are able to take jabs when appropriate.

I wish we could see more characters nowadays like this. It feels like any sort of female character like that either has to be brainless bimbo the main character can feel better than, or total give no fucks flawless bad bitch femme fatale.


LymanHo t1_jefr3su wrote

Grandma Yetta an absolute icon


Sphereian t1_jeg75h1 wrote

And like her daughter and granddaughter she has a very soothing voice. People tell them all the time.


Food_Tastes_Good t1_jefln2o wrote

There's a great scene (can't remember which episode) where Fran and Niles are both on their way to ask Maxwell for vacation time off. They can't both do it so they argue and Fran ends up telling Niles he can have it.

She starts walking up the stairs and Niles RUNS to Maxwell's office at full speed and when he gets there Fran is sitting on his desk smiling cuz she already beat him to it.

It cracks me up every time.


xander6981 t1_jegkc87 wrote

I just watched that episode! Season 5, Episode 10, "From Flushing with Love."


hello_ground_ t1_jeg32n9 wrote

One of my favorite moments was when she ate wasabi and talked normal for a moment.


krectus t1_jefcoqy wrote

It gets lost in the pile of other 90s sitcoms because well…there were a lot of funny campy 90s sitcoms. You can go back and find another dozen or so like it and fall in love with some great funny shows and characters.


terrierr3x t1_jefh54u wrote

Recently rewatched it start to end and couldn’t agree more! The show and Fran are at their peak in the “will they, won’t they” seasons 1-4.


thecastingforecast t1_jef45cx wrote

A fashion icon, a brilliant creator, and hilarious to boot. Fran is truly timeless.


tshef15 t1_jefbky7 wrote

The show had incredible guest stars.


leverandon t1_jeh29mv wrote

I'm pretty sure Bill Clinton's sketchy brother played himself as a recurring guest star. Super meta.


AmaLucela t1_jefnedb wrote

Wasn't the Trumpster on there as well?


ChewieBearStare t1_jegnbsl wrote

I've been watching some old stuff, and I never noticed it then, but he was EVERYWHERE in the 90s. Home Alone 2, The Nanny, etc.


ObsrveEvrythng t1_jeh42b7 wrote

apparently that was a condition of them filming in any trump related business/property. It was written into the contract that he got on camera.


Smellmyhand t1_jefirlz wrote

Doesn’t get talked about enough and still holds up incredibly well


valdezlopez t1_jeg635n wrote

It was a tv staple in the 90s.

Sort of "comfort" tv.

A few months ago I surprised myself watching a few episodes on youtube, and nostalgia kicked in hard.

And as you say, it still holds.


Stillatin t1_jefssvs wrote

Fran drescher is a Dimepiece


moonlight2310 t1_jefx967 wrote

One of my all time favorite shows. I think i watched every episode like 50times. And even i know every joke, i still laugh out loud every time!


homogenic- t1_jegnydg wrote

Fran is a fashion icon, I’ve always wanted to dress like her.


Panikkrazy t1_jefz90t wrote

Honestly the catfights are the draw of this shows. It still pisses me off that they made them a couple.


Yarsian t1_jegcy0q wrote

I totally agree. It’s one of my comfort shows and it can still get laughs out of me. Ever since it hit HBOMAX I’ve rewatched it about once a year. Great comedy and hilarious musical references.


realblush t1_jeg8nyg wrote

The Nanny will forever be my favourite sitcom. Aged insanely well and is just as funny now as it was when I was a child


bad_apiarist t1_jefqu1x wrote

and props to Weird Al Yankovic for helping launch her career by casting her in UHF.


CapnEarth t1_jegoo68 wrote

I played the pilot just to hear the opening music, but I found myself watching the next couple of episodes. I thought the same thing.


__System__ t1_jeguggz wrote

Used to watch this late night like a guilty pleasure waiting for that first entrance to see what Fran would be wearing. Never dissappointed and funny as shit. What a bombshell.


ComfortableAd6389 t1_jegayej wrote

I love The Nanny! I have watched the entire series over and over again!! 😁


erbazzone t1_jegdpqq wrote

Fun fuct, in Italy Fran Fine was Francesca Cacace and italian (since most of the jew jokes were otherwise not understables to italians)


hiptones t1_jegoa6n wrote

The other day, a clip popped up in my youtube feed. It's Fran and CC at the sushi restaurant where Fran loads up her first bite with a ton of wasabi. Her reactions after eating it and the fact that CC continues the conversation as if nothing is wrong is a pure Lucille Ball bit. It is done so well. Fantastic timing and the audience reaction. Then when she starts using her natural voice as the punchline? Classic.


thatagent34 t1_jefqiwt wrote

The will they won't they went on for way too long. Still very enjoyable though! Loved yetta and frans whole family.


momto2grownmen t1_jegfl6v wrote

It's such a cute show where the comedy still holds up for me.


darkpaladin t1_jeg6o0c wrote

My partner and I have been watching old episodes of Night Court and she did a bit part on it while she was still working out her voice. It's so strange to see her speak without the nasalness.


TechnicalInternet515 t1_jegi7ip wrote

I enjoyed the show sometimes. The voice and laugh she really turned it up for that show (she does sound and laugh like that too sometimes but she really turned it up for the TV show.) The show also really dealt with issues like bullying and stuff like that, it was a bit ahead of it's time.


anasui1 t1_jegwbzp wrote

CC Babcock was all kinds of molten hot, way more than Fran


adairks t1_jegyyxe wrote

The Nanny and Everybody Loves Raymond never ceases to crack me up no matter what episode is one.


MacbookPrime t1_jeg21o2 wrote

The use of “was” by OP made my heart drop for a second.


Bad-Yeti t1_jeg9weg wrote

I thought this was r/The10thDentist for a minute.


mxrgxnx_x t1_jeh3vf4 wrote

Wow, I've actually started watching this lately. I'll have to agree so far, even though I'm not very far in.


thelizardcouncil t1_jegj569 wrote

Can’t watch this show without thinking about the stalker incident.


deignguy1989 t1_jeetrfo wrote

I absolutely cannot listen to her voice on this show. But yes, I’ve seen a few hilarious snippets.


QuintoBlanco t1_jefinam wrote

I think it could work now, but as a single camera show without a laugh track and with shorter seasons. Derry Girls would be a good inspiration.


Dyanpanda t1_jeft1kh wrote

That laugh haunts me to this day. Not again.


Twicenightly00 t1_jefil3q wrote

Uhhh, I think you meant to post this in r/unpopularopinion lol.


ZaxonsBlade t1_jef4qjg wrote

I could never get past her voice and that nightmare fuel of a laugh.


Stop-Drop-and-69 t1_jefedli wrote

My mom is from Flushing and the show made her irrationally angry as neither she nor anyone she grew up with sounds like that.


Username-dumb75 t1_jefaf1q wrote

Agree. The show may be good but?? Reminds me of MTV’s Ridiculousness. I liked the clips but couldn’t get past that woman’s cackle.


Donald_J_Putin t1_jef34kv wrote

Too bad Fran Dresher is now kinda a stooge.


contaygious t1_jefb7wf wrote

It never was funny. U exactly right.


PissDistefano t1_jeetn3i wrote

Jim Carrey was wrong about the most annoying sound in the world. That would have been Gilbert Gottfried fuckin' Fran Drescher.


Lisieu_Lustre OP t1_jeetwcb wrote

But the voice is part of her charm.


PissDistefano t1_jeetytf wrote

My penis disagrees.


[deleted] t1_jeezefo wrote



PissDistefano t1_jef2g1p wrote

More like "I'll send her an email. The response will be automated."


[deleted] t1_jef470m wrote



PissDistefano t1_jef4t7t wrote

"I should just keep scrolling but I feel it's very important for this random guy on Reddit to know just how much I don't care!" LOL


[deleted] t1_jefabre wrote



PissDistefano t1_jefbeqb wrote

Say that without quotation marks and you're right on the money. I wouldn't expect a fan of this show to realize that, though.


redpandasuit t1_jeevjby wrote

Drescher was the victim of a pretty heinous sexual assault at gun point. Maybe if you were aware of this fact you wouldn't continue to objectify her in low effort jokes like a hack?


PissDistefano t1_jeewxjj wrote

"Don't joke about any person unless you know their full history!"

If the joke was about being fucked at gunpoint, you might have a point.


grocho t1_jeex9l8 wrote

You seem classy


PissDistefano t1_jeexh5l wrote

Yeah I laugh at mean spirited things while listening to Puttin' On The Ritz.