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badger81987 t1_jb1ihln wrote

Honestly; age issues aside, probably not. She's such a broken singleminded person by then, I don't think she's capable of that kind of intimacy. She's enormously traumatuzed, no one in her life since her mother died has shown her any sort of physical affection, even something as simple as a hug; and her training as a Faceless Assassin is designed to completely dehumanize her.


Sharks2431 t1_jb1kmoi wrote

Yeah, broken people never have sex. This feels like a weird take.


badger81987 t1_jb1kx19 wrote

It's almost like that was only one of many contributory factors.


twbrn t1_jb1p5gq wrote

It's the desperate need by the GOT haters to oppose everything about the show.


jogoso2014 t1_jb1ligb wrote

Arya is the most level headed Stark.

She hasn’t had a story that focused on intimacy before and Gendry was a connection strong enough for people discussing them throughout the entire run of the series.

People tend to say the same thing about Sansa and it comes across that people equate trauma with asexuality when plenty of people who have faced trauma also have sexual desire after the trauma.