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Cantora t1_jdsql32 wrote

Watched episode 1. Many continuity issues and logical inconsistencies - pretty much right from the very start...

I'm going to watch ep 2, hoping it was just the pilot. I liked the concept and I'm keen to give it a go, but not if ep2 has the same problems as ep1


DC4MVP t1_jdue996 wrote

The final episode has a big one lol

Spoilers below....

>!There's a bomb in a small Pelican Case at the retreat. Maybe 3 pounds max. She finds it with 3+ minutes left before detonation. All she had to do is pick up the brief case and chuck it deep into the woods and walk away.!<


GhenghisK t1_jdv8v5m wrote

I was thinking that also, but maybe there was some kind of anti 'tampering' rig.. And yes I know she turned it over etc.. lol who knows..


AussieAlexSummers t1_jecogjq wrote

that is what I thought she was going to do, take it and chuck it. But then, i just went along with whatever her plan was.


NorthShorePOI t1_jebez1t wrote

Also could have been activated sooner if they knew it was being brought elsewhere


Ellecram t1_jdtbiwa wrote

I watched the entire series. I did notice that the characters seemed inconsistent in a lot of ways. Acting seemed forced. Script was weak in places.