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Sadly polls aren't allowed here, and r/willow instantly downvotes anything even suggesting the show is pretty much done.

But Kasadan has form for claiming things have sequels planned that font materialise (Solo).

I also think he's trying desperately to resurrect this as he was removed as writer from new Indiana Jones movie (pays to be Lawerence Kasadans son, eh) so he doesn't want 3 strikes (Solo flopping, Willow getting canned after 1 season, being removed from Indiana Jones).

Given his spurious reasoning for the show being not currently renewed (slow down in streaming, industrial action) which makes zero sense when Lucasfilm + Disney recently renewed Andor for S2, I think the show is effectively cancelled.

Maybe I'm wrong, but unless it does incredible rewatch numbers, does anyone think its likely it gets a S2 (outside r/willow lol)?



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Archamasse t1_jdb1wwj wrote

I think it's monumentally unlikely... but not quite impossible.

Edit - I think Disney could genuinely be keeping its options open, because we're at such a weird fork in the road for streaming etc


VitaLonga t1_jdb8os2 wrote

It’s got a snowball’s chance in hell.


anasui1 t1_jdcxwwt wrote

all depends upon viewership figures. How were Willow's?


Confident_Basil_2213 OP t1_jddhmz5 wrote

No one knows, Disney has said nothing. There's some spurious stuff out there but really only Disney knows.

All we know for sure is viewing figures were not high enough to get renewal.


MaxVerstappenTheGOAT t1_jdez1vc wrote

I think we'll see more of the Willow IP on Disney+, but as for a S2 who knows.


G_Liddell t1_jdc37jm wrote

It actually got decent critical reviews - 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, and was the 3rd most streamed TV series across all platforms in the US. I wouldn't be surprised if they made a second season, but I wouldn't hold my breath. My guess is Disney cares more about views than critical success, and it was pretty widely watched.


Confident_Basil_2213 OP t1_jdc7463 wrote

It's 68% at Metacritic, though. And reading through the relatively small number of critic reviews, it's more along the lines of "Show is uneven and struggles but it can be overall entertaining enough".

So, it's overall positive, but barely for most of the reviews. It's not like GoT or Breaking Bad "This is an incredible show" type reviews.


Cyyyyk t1_jdd9aqq wrote

I have no idea if it will be renewed but the show was a lot of fun and I particularly enjoyed the second half so I hope it does.


TerranPhil t1_jdb5ile wrote

It's done. Get over it.