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jogoso2014 t1_jdvou42 wrote

They do?

I didn’t get that impression although I did get the impression that they are as close as they’ve ever been since childhood.


Helpful-Substance685 t1_jdvdv1d wrote

They're united in destroying their shared tormentor. That would make me happy too.


Chataboutgames t1_jdvrqxa wrote

I think they seemed happy at the start because they were going in a different direction and building their own thing. Getting back to headbutting with Logan is just going to make them miserable again.


IMovedYourCheese t1_jdw5z9d wrote

By episode 3 Kendall will have self destructed, Roman will be emotionally manipulated and flipped by his dad, Shiv will try some big power play thinking she's the shit but it will blow up in her face.


Amsheel t1_jdxwvs3 wrote

I feel bad for Roman. Seems like he was the only one who was serious about the new business and wanted to move on from Logan but the other sibs couldn't let go of the opportunity to fuck over their dad.


Sea_Attitude1147 t1_je0vb51 wrote

Don’t worry Logan’s gonna stamp that out real quick.