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anasui1 t1_jdok3fg wrote

not every goddamn tale needs a gritty remake


OneGoodRib t1_jdpsvyj wrote

Yeah why would someone want to make a story that's half about an escaped convict and a crazy woman living in a decaying house full of rotting food gritty.


quettil t1_jdr10zs wrote

The irony is that Dickens was always supposed to be gritty, it was about the awful conditions of the early 19th century.


GipsyDangerV1 t1_jdqgqd3 wrote

Remake is not the right word to use there my guy. You're looking for Adaptation. This is a new and gritty adaptation, it's not a remake of anything


cabose7 t1_jdp9tru wrote

Steven Knight has never met a Dickens story he wouldn't make grimdark


FortunateCrawdad t1_jdpeinl wrote

I'm down for interesting adaptations of books I read as a child, but the thought of making Great Expectations gritty is so fucking dumb. I'd rather watch a Moby Dick musical.


[deleted] t1_jdpfui9 wrote



orochi_crimson t1_jdrdwb1 wrote

Another day, another dime, another rhyme, another dollar.

Another stuffed shirt with another white collar.


mirror_number t1_jdqt8x4 wrote

Well you're in luck because a Moby Dick musical exists and it's by one of the most promising composers of musicals working today.


MrmmphMrmmph t1_jdplg9u wrote

Gritty as Mrs Haversham I might watch.


MulciberTenebras t1_jdpm4vz wrote

Most of the reviews say Haversham is the only good thing in this adapt


Janie_Mac t1_jdr9dst wrote

The only reason I'm considering watching it is because Olivia Coleman is in it so fair enough.


MrX16 t1_jdrf4rv wrote

It's a grim book, gritty fits the bill


Aevum1 t1_jdulr04 wrote

actually... Great expectations dosnt need a gritty remake, Its pretty gritty on its own.

Its about a poor boy that is hired to entertain a girl thats been brainwashed by her left at the altar aunt to hate men and torture them. (which is as much as i can say without spoiling)


drupoxy t1_jdpheme wrote

What was this a "remake" of?


Xalimata t1_jdpiknf wrote

The book?


MulciberTenebras t1_jdpkbfy wrote

But with more sex and gratuitous violence added


Xalimata t1_jdpkl3m wrote

The only violence I remember in the book is when Pip punched that kid got thrashed by that kid and the fire at the end. Dickens does not have a lot of violence* in his books.

EDIT: Granted its been a century since I read the book so

*You could argue all the injustice and economic fuckery is violence but that is a different sort of violence. Also I never read Tale of Two Cities so yeah.


MulciberTenebras t1_jdpl8sm wrote

Well this version has more shooting and stabbing and all around violent acts (like trying to imitate Peaky Blinders)

Also, Miss Haversham is apparently into BDSM in this version


Xalimata t1_jdplg6x wrote

> Also, Miss Haversham is apparently into BDSM in this version

What? The rotten cake lady? The lady who was stood up at the alter and just sort of...stopped living? How does that make sense?


MulciberTenebras t1_jdplrbd wrote

She wants revenge on men, but apparently they decided it needed to be... kinkier.


MessiahOfMetal t1_jdq0j8y wrote

> (like trying to imitate Peaky Blinders)

And both shows were written by the same guy (he did both for the BBC, too, along with his version of A Christmas Carol starring Guy Pearce).


TheTrueHappy t1_je97deb wrote

There's only been 2 episodes so far, and no scene of Havisham being into bdsm. Unless you are missing her up with Pip's sister, who does have a scene whipping a guy.


aLilBlindKid t1_jdr55rh wrote

Not a remake. An adaptation. Also, you clearly didn’t read the source material as it wasn’t some happy-go-lucky rainbow romp.


MessiahOfMetal t1_jdq0l5j wrote

Starts tonight at 9pm on BBC One, for any Brits interested.


Donald_J_Putin t1_jdrdm3e wrote

4pm for the east coast for those on the high seas.

Edit: it’s up already


[deleted] t1_jdrjr3g wrote

Don't steal content. That was paid for by British citizens through the licence fee.
Why the hell do you have the right to it?


Donald_J_Putin t1_jdrkd22 wrote

I have Britbox, so they get my money. Information is a non rival resource, so I am not depriving anyone access to it.


[deleted] t1_jdrl54i wrote

Britbox is not owned by the same company that produces this show.

Britbox is owned by BBC Worldwide (or whatever they call themselves now) who then buy the content from BBC.

Actually, come to think of it, Britbox may just be owned by ITV now.

Either way; DON'T PIRATE. It impacts content creators.


Donald_J_Putin t1_jds00x3 wrote

Brit box is how we get these shows. So it’s just a chain of rights. BBC gets money from them for licensing.

Having said that, it really has zero impact on content creators that I choose to download it rather than waiting however many months for it to arrive here on other streaming services. Fuck those corporations and their pointlessly entangled rights.

I can also find shows that just aren’t available to stream anywhere.


el_t0p0 t1_jdqqo0a wrote

Isn’t this the same team that made that awful 3edgy5me version of A Christmas Carol a few years ago? Not surprised they fumbled this.


TheNerevar89 t1_jdqsdsu wrote

There's an edgy Christmas Carol?


el_t0p0 t1_jdqsqpx wrote

Yeah it was on FX. Guy Pearce played Scrooge and it featured such joyous scenes as Mrs. Crachitt offering to prostitute herself out to Scrooge, Tiny Tim with dwarfism and a traumatic birth scene, and Scrooge saying “fuck”.


G_Liddell t1_jdyyho3 wrote

Ha, I liked it. The atmosphere and costumes, the whole setting was really well done.


theodo t1_je478ri wrote

Also made Peaky Blinders and Taboo though.


grat_is_not_nice t1_jdoveei wrote

Particularly one that was remade about a decade ago with Gillian Anderson as Miss Havisham.


Yummie23 t1_jdr7j45 wrote

I have high hopes for the series! I loved the movie version with Helena Bonham Carter!


Rex-Apium t1_jdvo9u2 wrote

This show is fucking excellent.


mogambo22 t1_jef7gc1 wrote

A Christmas Carol was awful, worst adaptation ever, no wonder this one sucks too, same writer.