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Xalimata t1_jdpkl3m wrote

The only violence I remember in the book is when Pip punched that kid got thrashed by that kid and the fire at the end. Dickens does not have a lot of violence* in his books.

EDIT: Granted its been a century since I read the book so

*You could argue all the injustice and economic fuckery is violence but that is a different sort of violence. Also I never read Tale of Two Cities so yeah.


MulciberTenebras t1_jdpl8sm wrote

Well this version has more shooting and stabbing and all around violent acts (like trying to imitate Peaky Blinders)

Also, Miss Haversham is apparently into BDSM in this version


Xalimata t1_jdplg6x wrote

> Also, Miss Haversham is apparently into BDSM in this version

What? The rotten cake lady? The lady who was stood up at the alter and just sort of...stopped living? How does that make sense?


MulciberTenebras t1_jdplrbd wrote

She wants revenge on men, but apparently they decided it needed to be... kinkier.


MessiahOfMetal t1_jdq0j8y wrote

> (like trying to imitate Peaky Blinders)

And both shows were written by the same guy (he did both for the BBC, too, along with his version of A Christmas Carol starring Guy Pearce).


TheTrueHappy t1_je97deb wrote

There's only been 2 episodes so far, and no scene of Havisham being into bdsm. Unless you are missing her up with Pip's sister, who does have a scene whipping a guy.