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adamsandleryabish t1_jd8cdn4 wrote

> USA Network aired the made-for-TV movie “Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss” in 2004, with Jamie-Lynn Sigler starring as Fleiss.

an extremely 2004 sentence


jerkpickles t1_jd9p8xg wrote

Hopefully Molly Lambert is writing for it. Her podcast last year about Heidi was fantastic


Razzler1973 t1_jdbxj20 wrote

With stuff like this, I'd usually more prefer to watch a documentary.

I had watched Staircase documentaries already but the show was still pretty good so I'd watch this, no problem


anasui1 t1_jd9fd02 wrote

really scraping for concepts huh?


[deleted] t1_jd8oj0g wrote

So is this the third show on the staircase?


Reasonable-HB678 t1_jd8raai wrote

If you aren't old enough to remember, Charlie Sheen was one of Heidi's clients.