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TriscuitCracker t1_jdd62q0 wrote

Oh no!

RIP, his writing for Gargoyles and Batman TAS and Real Ghostbusters among other things was wonderful.


discerningpervert t1_jdddfic wrote

He was a prolific writer. RIP.


TheLostSkellyton t1_jdev0a1 wrote

Wow, this guy was THE writer of my childhood television. And he worked on the 02-03 He-Man too...I really enjoyed that show even though I was in my 20s by then.


Mustardwhale t1_jdf488o wrote

Prolific is an understatement. The amount of books, short stories, and screenplays is insane.


Jeffery_C_Wheaties t1_jddgwhg wrote

I totally forgot about gargoyles! I loved that show as a kid! Is it streaming anywhere?


TriscuitCracker t1_jddl0u7 wrote

Disney +. It holds up wonderfully, far ahead of it's time. Very mature in tone.

Greg Weisman the creator also did Spectacular Spider-Man, arguably the best Spider-Man cartoon, and Young Justice.


GuyOthersome t1_jddls7l wrote

He also took over for W.I.T.C.H. in the second season and the first season of Star Wars Rebels.


VVLynden t1_jdehb3s wrote

Gargoyles was amazing and strangely enough got me more interested in the Arthurian legend.


its_justme t1_jde1evh wrote

If they kept the same tone I’d love more Gargoyles. Back in the day it felt like such a mature cartoon, like Batman the animated series


MulciberTenebras t1_jde9fkl wrote

One of the reasons being it was made by Reaves and other Batman TAS writers.


its_justme t1_jded560 wrote

Well there we go!

I almost dread mentioning a reboot because it will be a monkeys paw wish where we get teen titans go or adventure time style animation and the whole thing goes down the crapper


MulciberTenebras t1_jdedcu6 wrote

And we've also seen what happens to "dark well-written" animated shows on Disney these days... The Owl House


anivex t1_jdgiurz wrote

That is always the sad part of losing a creative mind from your childhood before getting to; I guess you could say, "re-realize" it at an older age with the same creativity in mind.

Your grief mixes with your nostalgia and it sometimes leads to disappointment due to greedy folks.


divineshadow666 t1_jdgeq53 wrote

Greg Weisman is currently writing a Gargoyles comic for Dynamite Comics. Issue #3 just came out a couple weeks ago, so it'll be fairly easy to catch up.


histprofdave t1_jdeegue wrote

With the exception of The Dark Knight, I think Mask of the Phantasm was actually the best Batman film made.


MallKid t1_jdem5pt wrote

Those two are, at best, tied for me. It was awesome seeing Kevin Conroy's Batman and Mark Hamill's Joker in a movie theater.


Jhawk163 t1_jdd6dqk wrote

For a minute there I thought the headline was talking about the youtuber/streamer, because on the one hand, with the shit he builds it was only a matter of time, but on the other hand, this still fucking sucks.


MulciberTenebras t1_jddangw wrote

Reaves, not Reeves


Mountainbranch t1_jddkskr wrote

Filipino tech goblin is immortal!

But yeah one day he is going to get himself killed making a drone that drops cans of mountain dew from high altitude or something.


spinachie1 t1_jdexap5 wrote

Think it’ll be racist Elmo, filled with rage at being born, that does him in.


pwalkz t1_jddvp1m wrote

Yes that is the easily confused difference between the names. Very good.


Jnyflrs t1_jddv04u wrote

Yeah I have no idea how anyone could confuse the two


Stfuego t1_jde8a84 wrote

Definitely a bit of title gore for me as well, I thought Reeves was doing a TV show and a comic series, neat... and then he's dead... and 72?! Oh wait...


TheKingsPride t1_jdfzeni wrote

I was also extremely scared he had killer himself with a robot


Wrenigade t1_jdgikdv wrote

Mini heart attack, thought he finally drove himself off a cliff with the mind controlled car or something. Or gave himself a heart attack with all the TENS machines he messes with. Or with the tazers. Or the electrified floor... He does a lot of legitimately dangerous and reckless things lol, I think if it was another creator, I wouldn't be so quick to believe they died out of the blue


bravetailor t1_jdda0ge wrote

One of the most influential and trailblazing writers in American TV animation history.


MulciberTenebras t1_jddb3x7 wrote

That's putting it mildly.

A resume that includes episodes of: Transformers, TMNT, He-Man (both the original and the 2002 remake), The Smurfs, Jem and the Holograms, Dungeons & Dragons, Ewoks, The Real Ghostbusters, Peter Pan and the Pirates, Batman: The Animated Series, Gargoyles, Tiny Toons, Godzilla: TAS, The Centurions, Max Steel, Spider-Man: Unlimited, My Little Pony, Bobby's World, Challenge of the Go-Bots

On top of all that he wrote one of the greatest Batman films ever made, Mask of the Phantasm


Onyxprimal t1_jddhnvp wrote

The guy basically entertained me all my life. Damn. RIP good, sir.


Rusty_Shakalford t1_jdeh4za wrote

> Dungeons & Dragons

Specifically he was one of the writers on “The Dragons Graveyard”.

For those who haven’t seen it, it’s an episode where the kids finally conclude that they will never get home so long as Venger (the main villain) keeps stopping them. So they decide to kill him.

The staff had to fight for the network to let them air it. The idea at the time in kids shows was that characters could react to violence, but never initiate it. Nowadays this kind of plot is pretty common, but back in the day this was breaking bold new ground.


stimpakish t1_jdelpd7 wrote

While the animation is not always gorgeously smooth, that series holds up soooo well in every other way. Fun and full of sparks for imagination. Just enough consistent characterization and character growth balanced with the action. And lots of hilarious Frank Welker unicorn voice. Myeehh!!


Rusty_Shakalford t1_jdfk7gk wrote

It was definitely pushing the envelope further than most 80’s cartoons. Lot of rough spots, but it’s one of the few D&D properties that feels like D&D to me. Half the show is taking the fantasy world seriously, the other half is modern teens making fun of it. All while being pointed in the right direction by a Dungeon Master*. If anyone is wondering; this show was cancelled before I was born so this isn’t just nostalgia taking.

*one element that intrigued me was the slow reveal of Dungeon Master’s backstory. The show isn’t serialized, at least not in the modern sense, but the way the breadcrumbs slowly built up makes me wonder what a modern crew could do with the idea. >!Over the course of the show it’s revealed that the kids are not the first group he brought into the realm, and that both of the two groups mentioned met a nasty end. The last episode of the show implies a group of teens brought over sometime around the turn of the 19th century, who then tried to fight the big bad of their time, but failed. All but one of them was imprisoned in a pocket universe, and Dungeon Master abandoned the surviving girl, Martha, to wander the realm until the kids meet her as an old woman!<


RedSweaterSrsly t1_jdhigac wrote

IDW is releasing a new Dungeons & Dragons comic book based on the 80’s animated show next week! It’s under their Saturday Morning Adventures line.


Rusty_Shakalford t1_jdhsyx0 wrote

Very neat. Thanks for the heads up.

They’ve also some tie ins with the upcoming D&D movie. The group has a brief cameo in the film, and I saw some toys and a book from the series in stores. Wasn’t a specialty nerd store either, that book was on display in a supermarket.

Weird but neat to see the property getting a bit of life to it again.


TheG-What t1_jdfhgog wrote

You mean the greatest Batman film ever made.


RickyFlicky13 t1_jddu2h3 wrote

Can't tell if you meant to say mildly or I'm so behind the times with the kids now that 'mid' is used as midly now


Netwinn t1_jddhd0v wrote

80s-00s kids lost a legendary part of their childhood today. RIP


nothingfood t1_jdh2w7f wrote

No I really didn't. But it sounds like you did, and I'm sorry.


bronymtndew t1_jddspax wrote

I feel so bad for



Actual-Translator-34 t1_jddt79u wrote

I got this reference :/


dexter30 t1_jdeu0x2 wrote

I know who lilypichu but i dont get the reference 🤕

Edit: nevermind i just got it... FUCKING LIBERALS


moonstrous t1_jddfkwp wrote

Man, I loved his Star Wars novels as a kid. Michael Reaves was so inventive and genre savvy... the MedStar duology was M.A.S.H. set during the Clone Wars, and it was awesome.

Coruscant Nights was a great series weaving in and out of the criminal underworld, focusing on relatively "street-level" characters and their personal stories.

That's something Star Wars could do with a lot more of, when you contrast Andor's success with... whatever the hell the Mando Cinematic Universe has become.

Here's hoping some of Reaves' material gets a proper adaptation. RIP, and thank you for all of the wonderful stories.


sasquatch727 t1_jdeyb7d wrote

My copy of "Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter" has been read so many times the pages fell off the spine. This dude was my hero at 12-13 years old. Very sad to hear he's gone.


sethlovesyou t1_jdgnj6s wrote

The Coruscant Nights books were some of the best EU at the time! I never saw them talked about much but they were really legitimately good


brettmgreene t1_jdeo1nd wrote

The Mandalorian season three opener was so bad. The show has zero depth and I can't explain why it's become such a phenomenon.


initialbc t1_jde2cte wrote

Holy shit I though Michael Reeves died in his 20s. Still sad though. RIP


waitingtoleave t1_jddjjm7 wrote

Wow, RIP. Reading through his bio and accomplishments made me sad and happy -- practically at the same time.

Michael had a hand in so many things! To start off as a boy who struggled in school and a young man with his stories rejected, and then become such a successful creative force... That's wonderful. I'm sure he waged a valiant war against his illness, and I hope he is in a much better place.

Seeing all the shows he helped make and recognizing quite a few of them from my past.. I'm quite proud of Michael. Rest easy!


x4740N t1_jde6p6i wrote

Oh my fucking god I thought this said "Micheal Reeves" for a second and thought he died

Nearly had a heart attack

This death still sucks though


piratecheese13 t1_jdeayg8 wrote

Between this, and Kevin Conroy, Batman, the animated series has been losing alumni


best-for-you t1_jddjbil wrote

I really liked his Batman artwork, had a book like this as a kid


[deleted] t1_jddo6fi wrote

he wrote one of my favourite starwars books coruscant nights.

I remember being livid during the clone wars when an important character in said book died in the clone wars meaning said book could never happen


Lewa358 t1_jddogob wrote

While his TV work is nothing short of fantastic, his novel Interworld (with Neil Gaiman) had a profound influence on me as a kid--it was the first book I read that really touched on Multiverse stuff, in ways I didn't see again until Everything Everywhere All At Once.


MallKid t1_jdelqky wrote

Mask of the Phantasm was possibly the best movie from a TV show ever. And I uad no idea he was involved in so much stuff. Awesome work, glad we had him for as long as we did.


Earwax82 t1_jddom6z wrote

The Shattered World was one of my favorite books when I was in middle school. Thirty years later I still think of ripping it off every time I start a new DnD campaign.


ShiftAlpha t1_jdfslxd wrote

I am absolutely prepping a campaign in his world right now. The only books I have ever owned are his Shattered world series and Street Magic. I am pained to see they weren't mentioned in this article. In early 2000 I sent him an email asking permission to make a video game in his world. He responded declining due to dealing with some serious marital and life issues. I was expecting him to just blow me off due to my age, but he was totally cool about it and I feel like had I followed up a few years later he would have been up for it . This guys incredible imagery in his writing formed the basis of my imagination. I hope he was able to sort out his life, he had such a great impact on many peoples childhoods.


Professional-Gas4901 t1_jdf24p1 wrote

Wow. His writing brought Poison Ivy to life. Before that the character wasn’t really hashed out in any media. RIP


DoAsIDontSay t1_jddxx61 wrote

He worked on so many of my favorite shows. Rest in peace to a true talent.


Paralta t1_jddyqtv wrote

All the people who helped mould my childhood are dying. Its sad but im grateful for what they gave us.


jgilkinson t1_jde0za4 wrote

He and Flint Dille wrote my childhood. Rest in peace


wookiewin t1_jdf8vzm wrote

Such a great writer. Always loved his Star Wars work.


RC_Cola2005 t1_jde03mk wrote

He was the writer of the Tambelon arc in MLP n Friends, my most favorite arc in the series.

May he Rest In Peace.


SlipparySnake t1_jddlo7y wrote

Rest in peace my friend, you will be remembered fondly. 🕊️


edharma13 t1_jde2aya wrote

Heard this from Steve Perry via other social media this week. Sad news. Mike’s was a name I knew well from the 80’s-90’s from both books and TV.


smokeandfog t1_jde4w8a wrote

Thanks for shaping my childhood. RIP


Stevespam t1_jdg2dul wrote

What a shame. Back in the late 90's, he was very active on the AOL Gargoyles chatroom, and regularly responded to me and many others. I'm very saddened to hear about his passing.


CowPunkRockStar t1_jdgsion wrote

Dungeons and Dragons Saturday morning television! You will be missed Michael Reaves. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to tell you that I was a big fan.


Werd2jaH t1_jdh0cuw wrote

I thought this was the YouTuber until I read the age!


at98weallrotate t1_jdh2saw wrote

Had no idea that I loved so much of his work.


Ecksearoh t1_jdigaw4 wrote

He was prolific and amazing.


ChrisCinema t1_jdl5bsb wrote

Rest in peace to a true talent. I started watching Gargoyles over a month ago on Disney+ and learned he was behind the series, Batman: The Animated Series, and countless other ones.


Shiromi55 t1_jdf0ad0 wrote

The crack head?