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RayPingHeaux t1_je3ryfz wrote

yeah i have a 3 service limit

“only $6” you mean only $6 MORE that Im not paying

now if that $6 is nothing to you then you are welcome to send me the money otherwise im good


Bellinghamster t1_je49ed6 wrote

Apple tv is a bargain because you can watch all their awesome shows in less than a month and pay only $6 for it. You could cancel any 1 of your other memberships for a month and end up saving money.

But you sound stubborn af so you probably won't lol


TemurTron t1_je5anhi wrote

“I created arbitrary restrictions around my media habits that are somehow now other people’s fault” bro what. Use the free trial. If you need more time to watch after that, DM me and I’ll cover you for a month - BUT you have to send me a full write up of your thoughts of the show after you finish it. I don’t care if you like it or not, I just want a report for paying for your sub.


Prax150 t1_je59g8d wrote

Cut Netflix or whatever for a month and you'll actually save money.


Pool_Shark t1_je5abfc wrote

So get a free trial? You only have yourself to blame