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openew t1_je3lljn wrote

I suspect its the end of "Ted Lasso"

and then they spin off a few characters set in same universe, with Ted popping in to the story occasionally.

Clearly Ted wants to return home, so that is the emotional finale of S3, but enough characters remain to have a spin-off.


barriekansai t1_je69ax9 wrote

Everything has to become a "universe" nowadays. Can't we just have nice things end without squeezing every last drop of enjoyment from them?


ZsaFreigh t1_je39ri4 wrote

I hope this doesn't mean they're gonna spin off the show into some Richmond FC thing without Ted.


PerformerDiligent937 t1_je3k8jz wrote

I would welcome a Richmond FC or a Roy Kent spinoff. If the show ends it clearly will be because Jason Sudekis wants to move on (and because shooting in London away from his family for so much of the year is hard on him), not because of any lack of story ideas or creative reasons. I think the world of Ted Lasso has a lot of stories to be mined and told and I'd welcome if they do it in a spinoff if Jason doesn't wanna do more seasons.


DoomPurveyor t1_je3s47d wrote

I wouldn't mind. Ted is like the least interesting character on the show for me. Although Sudekis obviously does a great job with it.


KiritoJones t1_jea7trl wrote

Completely disagree. Season 1 was great, and season 2 and so far 3 haven't been as good because they decided to focus on all the side characters.


mdavis360 t1_je3o9fx wrote

I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Ted will leave and go home to the US. Maybe a new season with him in a new location. But I think they will have a spin off with Roy as the coach in charge of Richmond FC.


GreyGreenBrownOakova t1_je418pq wrote

Season 4, Ted and Coach Beard goes back to the US. Roy Kent takes up the lead coaching position, but struggles to motivate the team.

Unable to compete with the wealthier Premier League salaries, Rebecca hires some female footballers from the US women's league , firing up the entire team.


Pool_Shark t1_je5a6xp wrote

I think they might do something like that. If they want to properly tell Ted Lassos arc it needs to come to an end this season as originally planned


Samaawan4 t1_je4eh48 wrote

Clearly shows a spinoff vibe!!


RayPingHeaux t1_je3goni wrote

too bad the show is on apple tv. oh well maybe I will see it one day


Venik489 t1_je3qky0 wrote

It’s like $6, get a months and binge it. Apple TV also has some other incredible shows. Severance, Shrinking, For All Mankind, See, Servant (they have a lot of S named shows it seems).


RayPingHeaux t1_je3ryfz wrote

yeah i have a 3 service limit

“only $6” you mean only $6 MORE that Im not paying

now if that $6 is nothing to you then you are welcome to send me the money otherwise im good


Bellinghamster t1_je49ed6 wrote

Apple tv is a bargain because you can watch all their awesome shows in less than a month and pay only $6 for it. You could cancel any 1 of your other memberships for a month and end up saving money.

But you sound stubborn af so you probably won't lol


TemurTron t1_je5anhi wrote

“I created arbitrary restrictions around my media habits that are somehow now other people’s fault” bro what. Use the free trial. If you need more time to watch after that, DM me and I’ll cover you for a month - BUT you have to send me a full write up of your thoughts of the show after you finish it. I don’t care if you like it or not, I just want a report for paying for your sub.


Prax150 t1_je59g8d wrote

Cut Netflix or whatever for a month and you'll actually save money.


Pool_Shark t1_je5abfc wrote

So get a free trial? You only have yourself to blame


inmynothing t1_je3hhc0 wrote

It'll be like when Cobra Kai moved from YouTube to Netflix and blew up in popularity, but unfortunately this time it'll be too late and the show will have ended.