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testingtor t1_je7rbzc wrote

Yes. The plot really isnt the most important thing, honestly some of the business plot might even be total nonsense as far as I can tell.


FoxOntheRun99 t1_je7trz8 wrote

Its the characters and interactions that will get you into it. The plot points you know won't ruin your enjoyment. The sharp writing and the cringe jokes/situations will give you the double whammy of drama and comedy. Tom and Greg will certainly get you into it, if thats not the case, the expensive locations/apartments/mansions will at least give you disgusting property porn.


jonatton______yeah t1_je7s8su wrote

Yes because it’s very funny and the plot is mostly irrelevant when it comes to humor.


zlubars t1_je7rlhy wrote

Listen to the most recent episode of the Watch podcast, they point out that the lines are so expertly crafted and reward repeat viewing


OnwardTowardTheNorth t1_je7y0gd wrote

This show is all about the characters and their chemistry—IMO.

You could know every detail about the plot but miss out on the interactions—which is the real gem.


TootieSummers t1_je7sslv wrote

We’re getting so close to the post “I’ve seen 99 of 100 episodes of X show, is it worth finishing?”


[deleted] OP t1_je7rje1 wrote

Its an amazing show


IMovedYourCheese t1_je7snk3 wrote

The show has a single plot that repeats on a loop every 4-5 episodes. It is still absolutely worth watching for the characters, locations, dialog, acting, humor and really everything else.


Jondev1 t1_je7sqwt wrote

I there any genuinely good show where the answer to this kind of question is no?

Also the one spoiler you did list is not even close to a big one.


Sven_88 t1_je7t9if wrote

I’m rewatching it now before I start the new season. I know what happened but it’s worth the watch.


jogoso2014 t1_je7xf0n wrote

I don’t watch shows just for the main plot points, so I say yes.


[deleted] OP t1_je82jax wrote

Yea the plot is the worst part of the show tbh as it’s basically super repetitive. Characters and writing are top notch and make the show.