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VapeApe- t1_jdvvuly wrote

Apple really wants all of their show names to be confusing: Severance, Servant, The Savant. WHICH ONE ARE YOU WATCHING?


Saar13 t1_jdvwumf wrote

Until the premiere they change the title to just Savant. They love a name with an S: See, Servant, Swagger, Suspicion, Severance, Slow Horses, Shining Girls, Surface, Shrinking, Silo, Sugar, Sunny, Strange Planet...

Tim Cook must wish he'd been called Sim Cook.


thrillhouse83 t1_jdvzj6m wrote

Don’t forget the movies: Swan Song, Sharper, Spirited


Saar13 t1_jdw1gl8 wrote

Spellbound, Still... Whenever you see a new show or movie with an S in Production Weekly, it's possibly for Apple. Or SApple.


aridcool t1_jdzlkq0 wrote

Should lean into the mythology. They are a company called Apple so why not make a show called Snake?


analbumcover69420 t1_je0ic9l wrote

Well at least every studio stopped making shows with “ish” at the end of their title


katykazi t1_jdw5mk0 wrote

I actually read it as Servant and got excited that they’re making a spin-off. Now I’m disappointed.