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DUNG_INSPECTOR t1_jcus0qy wrote

Agents of SHIELD had a good one in the last season.


highdefrex t1_jcwchvi wrote

God, that episode... Solid all the way through, and then that absolute gut punch of an ending:

> "I am acutely aware that in my thousands of years observing humans, I never used to feel lonely. I have been alone many times. To be candid, I preferred it. But it wasn't until I met this particular team of SHIELD agents that being alone meant... feeling lonely. And I don't care for it. So... I am feeling, as you might expect, some anxiety now."


BlueTeamRuless t1_jcwswj2 wrote

> “Daisy and I will stay with you to the end.”

> “That’s very kind of you, but… it’s that last part, isn’t it? You can stay with me to the end, but you can’t come with me at the end. I will have to leave you. And I will have to do that alone. And I can’t help wondering - when that happens… will I feel lonely?”

<3 Enoch


poyahoga t1_jcvuq5j wrote

Episode’s title is ‘As I Have Always Been’.

Great episode, that’s my pick also.