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roshowclassic t1_jcus4nb wrote

Doctor Who (series 9, Heaven Sent). 12 Monkeys. Also the new Quantum Leap just did an great time loop episode.

Edit: kept messing up the DW episode title, sigh


LastKnownWhereabouts t1_jcvg18f wrote

Doctor Who's Heaven Sent is one of the best episodes of the show, a great watch especially for people who have been following the Doctor's arc for a while. >!It's unfortunate that selling it as "the time loop episode" gives away a bit of the ending!< , but it's still great even when going in with that knowledge.


Paperfoldingfractal t1_jcvu6aq wrote

"Heaven Sent" is interesting in that it is the exact opposite of a time loop! >!In that, time doesn't loop, and it's the Doctor himself that's reset between each 'loop'!<

This tripped me up on first watch, because I thought it was a time loop episode, but realised that that would create some plot holes >!If it was a time loop episode, then everything would reset, and thus the whole point of bashing the diamond wouldn't make sense!<

But it's explicitly not a time loop, and therefore certain observations change between each loop >!(gradually over time, the stars change postions)!< which is how he realises each time he's looping.


roshowclassic t1_jcvug4g wrote

You’re correct but I thought it counted enough as one in spirit to throw it on the list!


bluebirdgm t1_jcvbqoq wrote

Quantum Leap’s time loop episode put an interesting new quirk in the premise. It also brought in Robert Picardo (from Star Trek: Voyager and Stargate: Atlantis) playing a character named Woolsey, which was also the name of his Stargate character.