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Stargate SG1’s was fantastic, with Col. O’Neill (“with two L’s”) and Teal’c trapped in the time loop. It’s probably my favorite.

Supernatural’s was hilarious, and the one in the Librarians. Buffy also had one, and Star Trek: TNG.

What time-loop episodes (of any show) is your favorite and why did you like it? Are there any that you hated that you thought could’ve been done better?



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DUNG_INSPECTOR t1_jcus0qy wrote

Agents of SHIELD had a good one in the last season.


highdefrex t1_jcwchvi wrote

God, that episode... Solid all the way through, and then that absolute gut punch of an ending:

> "I am acutely aware that in my thousands of years observing humans, I never used to feel lonely. I have been alone many times. To be candid, I preferred it. But it wasn't until I met this particular team of SHIELD agents that being alone meant... feeling lonely. And I don't care for it. So... I am feeling, as you might expect, some anxiety now."


BlueTeamRuless t1_jcwswj2 wrote

> “Daisy and I will stay with you to the end.”

> “That’s very kind of you, but… it’s that last part, isn’t it? You can stay with me to the end, but you can’t come with me at the end. I will have to leave you. And I will have to do that alone. And I can’t help wondering - when that happens… will I feel lonely?”

<3 Enoch


poyahoga t1_jcvuq5j wrote

Episode’s title is ‘As I Have Always Been’.

Great episode, that’s my pick also.


FloatingPencil t1_jcur35s wrote

I only saw the title and immediately said "Stargate". I think it's the only one I've actually liked.


Perpete t1_jcut7d2 wrote

Stargate is the clear winner on that one.

"In the middle of my backswing !!"


Faithless195 t1_jcv3d88 wrote

"It is not only you, O'Niell, who must begin these loops in a great deal of discomfort."

instant cut to Teal'c starting the loop getting smashed in the face by a door


ImperialCreed t1_jcvothn wrote

This may be my all time favourite joke in the entire series.


abx99 t1_jcuyi6q wrote

That look on their faces when Daniel suggests they could do anything, and Jack and Teal'c realize that he's right


ClasslessFirstClass t1_jcva83u wrote

Same. I honestly can't think of anything that comes close.

"On the other hand, its kind of an opportunity."

"How's that?"

"Well think about it. If you know in advance that everything was always going to go back to the way it was, could do anything. For as long as you want, without having to worry about consequences."

"...excuse me."


jokerzwilde t1_jcuw4w3 wrote

That is the correct answer. "Window of Opportunity" was the best by far. The second would be from the same writers in the series Dark Matter "All the Time in the World"


ryantendo t1_jd0alet wrote

...l'une des flux antimatière transducteur a été compromise par une défecience dans l'un des accélérateurs de particules.


jokerzwilde t1_jd0tg0v wrote

> ...l'une des flux antimatière transducteur a été compromise par une défecience dans l'un des accélérateurs de particules.

what did you say? ;)


Mattimus_Rex t1_jcvn6to wrote

I’m telling you, Teal’c, if we don’t find a way out of this soon I’m gonna lose it. Lose it. It means go crazy. Nuts. Insane. Bonzo. No longer in possession of one’s faculties. Three fries short of a happy meal. WACKO.


roshowclassic t1_jcus4nb wrote

Doctor Who (series 9, Heaven Sent). 12 Monkeys. Also the new Quantum Leap just did an great time loop episode.

Edit: kept messing up the DW episode title, sigh


LastKnownWhereabouts t1_jcvg18f wrote

Doctor Who's Heaven Sent is one of the best episodes of the show, a great watch especially for people who have been following the Doctor's arc for a while. >!It's unfortunate that selling it as "the time loop episode" gives away a bit of the ending!< , but it's still great even when going in with that knowledge.


Paperfoldingfractal t1_jcvu6aq wrote

"Heaven Sent" is interesting in that it is the exact opposite of a time loop! >!In that, time doesn't loop, and it's the Doctor himself that's reset between each 'loop'!<

This tripped me up on first watch, because I thought it was a time loop episode, but realised that that would create some plot holes >!If it was a time loop episode, then everything would reset, and thus the whole point of bashing the diamond wouldn't make sense!<

But it's explicitly not a time loop, and therefore certain observations change between each loop >!(gradually over time, the stars change postions)!< which is how he realises each time he's looping.


roshowclassic t1_jcvug4g wrote

You’re correct but I thought it counted enough as one in spirit to throw it on the list!


bluebirdgm t1_jcvbqoq wrote

Quantum Leap’s time loop episode put an interesting new quirk in the premise. It also brought in Robert Picardo (from Star Trek: Voyager and Stargate: Atlantis) playing a character named Woolsey, which was also the name of his Stargate character.


batman42a t1_jcuymqu wrote

The TNG one (cause and effect) is my personal favorite, and probably a top episode of the entire show for me.


grimmglow t1_jcv6jtf wrote

Yes! Great episode. The end always makes me question why Frasiers crew never developed Deja vu like the Enterprise crew.


MandoFett117 t1_jcvjlof wrote

I feel like they did, they just didn't have Data there. Without Data, nothing was able to be fully realized, so it just got brushed off.


imsorryisuck t1_jcxyinq wrote

yeah! it was so eerie! it played almost like a horror movie.


shf500 t1_jcyi6bf wrote

This came out before the movie Groundhog Day and was my first introduction to the "time repeating" plot.


dbcanuck t1_jczv4pb wrote

One of the greatest Star Trek episodes of all time.


_Face t1_jcvsioz wrote

Hey! Feel free to join a new Trek sub, r/Star_Trek_! It was a great episode. Kelsey Grammer guest starred as Captain Morgan Bateson.


Stillwater215 t1_jcw0v1v wrote

That was a great guest character who should have been given a follow up episode. Or really any follow up from a whole crew finding themselves flung into the future.


_Face t1_jcw2gky wrote

Yes. It would have been excellent had he been given more screen time. Or a follow up role. Problem becomes crediting the original writes of the episode who created the character.

I just looked and it appears Brannon Braga wrote it. Should have been no problem to have him use his own character in a follow up episode.

I’ve read 2 Star Trek books one was Ship of the Line, and it follows Captain Bateson after he returned to “current” time. I thought it was great.


lontrinium t1_jcuzzxb wrote

Shows that had something similar but you wouldn't expect it:

Community -

Person of Interest -

Blindspot (don't @ me) - Everlasting


D_B_4986 t1_jcurbsv wrote

I love the Buffy one and the supernatural one as well


Chlodio t1_jcvzuxw wrote

Wasn't the Supernatural one where they play "Heat of the Moment" every time the loop repeated?


SomeDose t1_jcuxehm wrote

There’s two incredible episodes of Fringe that had me crying. One was called “white tulip” And another called “and those we left behind”


Funmachine t1_jcv9ony wrote

Is White Tulip the one with Peter Weller (RoboCop)? That's one of the best of the show.


SomeDose t1_jcval39 wrote

That’s the one!! Made me cry like a motherfucker


mexta t1_jcuy3xk wrote

I loved White Tulip. Fringe is probably in my top ten shows of all time.


SomeDose t1_jcv7sur wrote

Rewatching it for the first time in 10 years right now with my girlfriend who’s never seen it. My god is it utterly incredible. She loves it too. My favourite thing about it is for such a futuristic forward thinking show with huge ideas - I love seeing what they thought futuristic technology should look like in 2011 and it’s so dated haha.


Rodriguez79 t1_jcvaxrv wrote

I just rewatched some S1 Futurama for the first time in a while and the disc based tech is mad. Funny how no-one saw the move away from physical media until it happened.

Also, had the same experience showing Fringe to my wife. All time great show


bshaddo t1_jcvdk9d wrote

My favorite Peter Weller performance and my favorite Stephen Root performance, respectively.


JimTheSaint t1_jcvll56 wrote

White tulip was amazing. One of the best episodes of an amazing show


AKAkorm t1_jcwte8i wrote

"White Tulip" would definitely be my pick - phenomenal performances by Weller and Noble.


Yellow-Eyed-Demon t1_jcuxz27 wrote

Supernatural, 3x11, 'Mystery Spot'.

"It was the heat of the moment

Telling me what my heart meant"


Wadep00l t1_jcvz3ac wrote

Honestly. Love it to pieces. Trickster episodes are such a treat.


Starbuck522 t1_jcutvcg wrote

Travelers. Season 2 episode 7. 17 Minutes


bicmedic t1_jcvq2um wrote

Came here looking for this, love that show.


lospollosakhis t1_jcxuwqu wrote

This show any good? Looked at IMDB and the concept sounds very interesting.


screaminginfidels t1_jd1wpu7 wrote

At times the writing is subpar and at times it gets super corny. That being said it was overall pretty interesting and I really liked a few of the characters. I'd say it's worth a shot


mikechr2k7 t1_jcurjkq wrote

X files had a fun one, I remember enjoying the outer limits episode with a time loop too. Just weird to see Kevin Nealon in a non comedy role


Rubberfootman t1_jcy86sm wrote

That X-Files episode (Drive) was apparently the first time Vince Gilligan worked with Bryan Cranston.


mikechr2k7 t1_jcy8gub wrote

Different episode but both were great!


Rubberfootman t1_jcy8t5x wrote

Ah yes, thank you, it was Monday. I miss the time when all those episodes were free on Prime.


flyingjesuit t1_jcuzo4f wrote

Misfits had a good one of these its first season


lurebat t1_jcuymmg wrote

Here's an obscure one: Cloak and Dagger's episode was probably the best one in the show


Stenthal t1_jd2plhi wrote

I got to this post late, but I clicked on it just to make sure that someone mentioned Cloak and Dagger. That was a criminally underrated show in general, and episode 1x07 was my top time loop in a TV show.


shepbestshep t1_jcuu7qn wrote

12 Monkeys Season 2 episode 8 "Lullaby"


Imzadi76 t1_jcv170r wrote

This. I usually hate groundhog days episodes. But that was really good. And for movies a Edge of Tomorrow m


funkhero t1_jcytkzv wrote

Absolutely my favorite episode of the entire show. There is just so much power behind that twist. Adds depth to the story so far, is a fucking awesome reveal, and makes me tear up every time.


OldKermudgeon t1_jcv91b5 wrote

Not a "time-loop" episode in the strictest sense, but...

Person of Interest, If-Then-Else.


IsawaAwasi t1_jcvd48t wrote

Lots of great ones have already been mentioned. I'd say the best one that hasn't been is the one from Legends of Tomorrow.


Noglues t1_jcxmsev wrote

The scene where she realizes that Amaya and Nate are not only sleeping together but actively using their powers while they do it has to be a top 5 arrowverse moment.


donutdong t1_jcvgaxs wrote

Been there, done that, episode of Xena the Warrior Princess.


monsieurxander t1_jcvplct wrote

Xena killing Joxer and going back to sleep was dark comedy gold.


rebkos t1_jcvkl3x wrote


Had to scroll way too far for this. Such a good episode.


PloppyTheSpaceship t1_jcv10qn wrote

The Agents Of SHIELD one was absolutely fantastic, and pretty funny. It knows its audience, knows the audience knows these episodes, and does things a bit differently or amusingly.

But I quite like Red Dwarf's riff on them in Future Echoes. Only the second episode ever, it takes the concept - seeing the future - and makes it immediate. Rather than experiencing the future all as one before returning to the start, the episode says "here's a quick bit of the future, now here you are again experiencing it from the start - and nothing you do will change the outcome".

This is best illustrated by Lister finding the Cat with a broken tooth in a "future echo'". He doesn't know what caused it, but decides he can change the future by preventing the Cat from breaking his tooth. Realising the Cat is about to try eating his robot goldfish and breaking his tooth on that, Lister wrestles the robot goldfish away from the Cat, and in the struggle breaks the Cat's tooth.


mgon00 t1_jcv9bwd wrote

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.- S7.E9: As I Have Always Been.

12 Monkeys - S2.E8: Lullaby.

Dark Matter - S3.E4: All the Time in the World.


RemnantEvil t1_jcwiy6e wrote

Glad someone else remembers Dark Matter - the fucking hilarious scene where he figures that he should learn another language and use that to convince everyone else, then they end up singing on one of the much later loops.


mgon00 t1_jcxdg5b wrote

It`s still sad that Dark Matter was canceled :(


MrPotatoButt t1_jczvj69 wrote

I think its better with more context, longer version

And to the handful that still remember the show, "How many time loops would you guess Three had to go through before he could learn what he learned?"


everyman50 t1_jcvd43k wrote

Not exactly a timeloop, but Community's Remedial Chaos Theory resets each timeline. Fantastic episode.


iorilondon t1_jcvyo24 wrote

Every episode of season 1 of Russian Doll.


DigiQuip t1_jcuwk79 wrote

The Librarians has a really good episode where the team is stuck in video game and only Ezekiel Jones remembers each time they respawn.


AgentElman t1_jcweypo wrote

It was fantastic. A great showcase of Ezekiel Jones.


blisscreate t1_jcvmpux wrote

I like the one from the Magicians


IsawaAwasi t1_jcvq375 wrote

If anything, that's under selling it quite a bit, considering that >!they reveal that the entire show up to that point was one pass through a time loop!< and >!they later contact people from earlier loops and get stuck in an earlier loop for a while.!< They go deeper into the concept than I can remember seeing anywhere else.


angelus97 t1_jcuq3ns wrote

I agree with Stargate. Such a great episode I’ve watched a million times.

The other that comes to mind is TNG’s Cause and Effect.


LyingCaterpillar t1_jcvvcow wrote

American Dad

Their Christmas episodes are always fire.


EmmBee27 t1_jcwl19s wrote

Came here to mention this one, I can't remember the name but it was one of the more recent Christmas episodes. It's impressive how fresh new episodes of that show can still be.


explosivo85 t1_jd0hyao wrote

Yule. Tide. Repeat


sironicon t1_jd0x9jh wrote

Yes, this is one of my favorite Christmas episodes on a show with a LOT of great Christmas episodes.


bros402 t1_jcvbfly wrote

Does Person of Interest's If-Then-Else count? If so, that.

If not, my #2 would be Fringe's White Tulip.


anasui1 t1_jcv71yn wrote

A Year of Hell from ST Voyager


Horknut1 t1_jcv8wqe wrote

The only problem I had with Year of Hell is that Janeway sent all her people out into the quadrant with the specs for temporal shielding. So all those shuttlecraft, escape pods, etc, wouldn’t have been subject to the final destruction of the time ship, and the shockwave righting everything wouldn’t have effected them.

So there would be duplicates of half the crew out there.


anasui1 t1_jcvbct7 wrote

yep, it's something that has been bothering me ever since. Still a fantastic, mind bending episode


bluebirdgm t1_jcvc9ub wrote

My gripe with “Year of Hell” is my general gripe with the series, even though one may chalk it up to it being a product of the times.

The “Year of Hell” should have taken about 26 episodes, not two.


stealthsjw t1_jcvhsup wrote

You must enjoy the newer trek shows then?


bluebirdgm t1_jcvj1az wrote

I recognize that some have their flaws, but generally, yes. I like that storylines can be drawn out through multiple episodes and balanced with single-episode stories. Being less episodic is not a source of newer Trek’s problems.


stealthsjw t1_jcvjrwl wrote

Interesting. For me the only newer trek I enjoy is SNW, but I think just I find constant cliffhangers too stressful. Each to their own!


Delicious-Tachyons t1_jcyve8m wrote

no no the problem with that is when the premise is stretched too thin it becomes unbearable because every episode ends on a cliffhanger because there's no resolution so it's a 'blue balls' situation.

Then you never go back and rewatch it because you can't just pick out one favourite episode - you have to watch the full season to get the payoff.


ricketyladder t1_jcvhpzp wrote

The mentioned “cause and effect” episode from TNG is probably the best. I can’t believe I’m about to recommend something from Star Trek Discovery but “Magic to Make the Sanest Man go Mad” is actually a really good spin on a similar concept.


CharlieGnarlyFace t1_jcvij3i wrote

There's an episode in the new Twilight Zone series where a woman finds out that a dude who seemingly knows everything about her is trapped in a time loop. She proceeds to beat his ass up after not taking no for an answer. There's more to it but I don't wanna give everything away. A very decent twist on the old concept.


QuarkToro t1_jcw9fqr wrote

Was going to bring this up. I think it's a very unique take on the "same day" genre as the perspective mostly comes second hand.


DaveSilver t1_jcvpm2v wrote

The Stargate Universe time loop episode was fantastic as well


Stenthal t1_jd2rxk3 wrote

I forgot about Stargate Universe. They do something unique and unsettling, which I haven't seen in any other time loop story: >!They come up with a plan to fix everything, but the plan fails, and then the episode ends. Everything is back to normal for the next episode, so they must have figured it out eventually, but we never see them succeed.!<


Erorus t1_jcvzaxl wrote

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: "Endless Eight" episodes.

Eight of the 28 episodes of the series are each mostly the same as the other seven, with slight differences, until the time loop is broken in the eighth episode. Thankfully, the repetitive episodes came in the second season.

They aired one after the other, in their regular weekly timeslot, so I can only imagine how frustrated viewers were as it first aired, wondering why this episode is pretty much the same as the last, and the one before that...


FeastForCows t1_jcwpgm8 wrote

That sounds like a giant waste of time for the viewer.


Wurzelrenner t1_jcxl5kq wrote

It is, but it is insane that they actually made it like that. Think about if something similar would come out today. Imagine watching it weekly, most people would stop watching after 3 episodes. The rage on the internet, it would be hilarious.


Upstairs_Limit t1_jcvdjky wrote

If-Then-Else from Person of Interest. Perfect hour of TV.


JQ37 t1_jcvcn4t wrote

I still remember the "Point of Salvation" -------> >!"Oh, like a save point!"!< aha moment when I watched that episode of The Librarians and got to the twist.


Cat-soul t1_jcv2uj2 wrote

I really enjoyed Lost Girl's version of this.


dantemanjones t1_jcvpxah wrote

Stargate is the best one. Legends of Tomorrow and ST:TNG were great. Russian Doll season 1 was very good. The Flash just did one and it was mediocre.


Takseen t1_jcvw06c wrote

Discovery season 1 had a good one, with the villain in control of the loop. Also my favorite Discovery episode


wholelottabed t1_jcwgoh2 wrote

Not a show but love how Palm Springs did it


Muffinshire t1_jcv0eww wrote

Technically a movie of a TV show (of a manga), but Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer. I love how the uneasy sense of broken logic slowly creeps in as the characters gradually realise they’re trapped in a time loop.


Pippin1505 t1_jcvrxbe wrote

I had completely forgotten about that one! Mamoru Oshii is great


RunninOnMT t1_jcv3bjn wrote

Future man.


screaminginfidels t1_jd1wu6z wrote

Never finished the show but "I'm fucking you with your own dick!" is one of the greatest lines ever.


Lawndirk t1_jcvcayd wrote

Tales from the Walking Dead had one. I liked it because it replayed several different examples from Day 1 of the outbreak.

I get it people are sick of zombie apocalypse shows, but we have very little that spend time in the initial craziness.


MousseAncient7251 t1_jcvu6hn wrote

Charmed has an outstanding Groundhog Day episode called "Deja Vu All Over Again". Season 1 episode 22. So well done.

Surprised at the Buffy mentions on here. It was only a couple minutes of Groundhog-ness...That's the power of Buffy though. Endlessly iconic.


WrongKindaGrowth t1_jcxwhvf wrote


They go all the way,

it's the same over and over.

There are real consequences.

It's funny.

They do the intro credits more than once


DoktorViktorVonNess t1_jcv9p7l wrote

Heaven Sent from Dr Who is best example of this. It is also one of the best stories from the franchise overall.


VrinTheTerrible t1_jcwcb9p wrote

It’s not exactly Groundhog Day style but Remember Me - Star Trek: TNG

There’s an intro which shows Dr. Crusher get caught up in a warp bubble but the first time I watched it, I missed that part. All I saw was people disappearing off the Enterprise over and over with no one but Crusher remembering they even existed. It was such a “what-the-hell-is-going-on” moment for me!


chucky3456 t1_jcwh8ng wrote

Not TV, but the film Run Lola Run is a fantastic time loop film


Xaveb t1_jcwoi8p wrote

I enjoyed the one in DC's Legends of Tomorrow. RIP


RayInRed t1_jcxacep wrote

Person Of Interest Episode If Else Then


edithaze t1_jcxh3bq wrote

The series Daybreak was great


ThrowingChicken t1_jdgczq9 wrote

So good. Lost fans boycotted it because they didn’t know what a midseason break was.


boersc t1_jcxim47 wrote

33 minutes from Battlestar Galactica.

I know it doesn't really count, as it isn't a timeloop perse, but it was such a great (re)introduction to the concept of a fleet of refugees being hunted by calculating relentless robots.


boersc t1_jcxipxs wrote

Oh, and basically the entire series of Westworld. The timeloop is an essential part of the series on multiple levels.


Smeg87 t1_jcycnbb wrote

Eureka season 3 episode 4 I Do Over

its one of my favourite time loop episodes and has such a sad ending


PooPartySoraka t1_jcv8who wrote

higurashi was fkn sick


JordyPie t1_jcw1qiw wrote

was just about to comment the same - higurashi when they cry(2006 version) is a fantastic and top tier horror/mystery anime


stevembk t1_jcvdnd1 wrote

Not a TV show but “The Causality of the Sabzeruz Festival” Genshin Impact.


Mech-Waldo t1_jcvud4w wrote

Well you basically already listed most of my favorites, except for the first episode of Bravest Warriors, a web show by Pendleton Ward. I love it because at the beginning of the episode they find themselves from the previous time loop dead on the floor, so they try prevent that from happening, >!but at the end of the episode they die anyway in the same way next to their other dead selves, time loops back and when the next version of them sees two other versions already dead they say nope and just leave without fixing the time loop. Because even when knowing they were gonna die they couldn't stop it, so obviously they couldn't do it, better to just give up and dip.!<


Major-Yogurtcloset52 t1_jcy9sp0 wrote

“Mystery Spot” , Supernatural. Dark humour at its absolute best. The writers were on their A game for that episode!


Smeg87 t1_jcycp1d wrote

Eureka season 3 episode 4 I Do Over

its one of my favourite time loop episodes and has such a sad ending


Alexthegreatbelgian t1_jcz07lc wrote

Does "My butterfly" from Scrubs count?

Basically the same day plays out differently because a butterfly landed on a different random person's chest. You see how each effect impacted the diagnosis of the same patient (on where lots goes wrong, one where lots goes right) but in the end the patient dies in both stories either way. Showing that even if you can do everything right, things can still go bad.


DoubleTFan t1_jczsndz wrote

The Endles Eight for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.


3thirtysix6 t1_jd0r4e1 wrote

Russian Doll's first season.


SRASinister t1_jd19nlb wrote

I enjoyed the Supernatural one to the point I had Heat of the Moment as my morning alarm on my phone for years.

One I didn't see mentioned is Eureka with the episode in season 3. That one had some pretty big consequences in the long run.


McFeely_Smackup t1_jd1nmfb wrote

Tales of the Walking Dead episode “Blair, Gina,” 

It put a fresh and thoughtful look at the 'groundhog day' premise. I felt like I was watching the idea for the first time, and it seamlessly meshed into established Walking Dead canon.

And that's all bullshit. It was a "hey let's do groundhog day" with no concern for making sense, explaining why, no concern for the utter rejection of established universe, nope... It was basically a "very special episode of Blossom" where Blossom gets pregnant, had an abortion, and it's just never mentioned again.


Bellinghamster t1_jd29fu6 wrote

Dark Matter is probably my favorite one, but I really want to check out Supernatural, there's just SO many episodes.

For any gamers in here you must play Outer Wilds.


twbrn t1_jd4z4s8 wrote

I'd say the two best I know are Star Trek Discovery's "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad" and Agents of SHIELD's "As I Have Always Been."

Unlike so many other shows doing this trope, neither of them wastes the viewer's time walking you through the same events slowly getting you into the idea. They know the viewer isn't stupid, and they trust that you're going to follow along, allowing them to dive right into the plot. They also take great advantage of NOT showing every single loop, allowing them to move the plot forward faster and make the most out of the episode's length.


carnivoross t1_jcwm8b7 wrote

Community - Remedial Chaos Theory (S03E04) has to be up there


adflet t1_jcvo4ef wrote

Rick & Morty - A Rickle in Time