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HutchyRJS t1_jeb43eu wrote

I’m enjoying it

The second season was always going to be hard to top after all the cameos, big moments etc but this season has been fine for me


anasui1 t1_jeban8d wrote

I don’t see that much of a difference, some say it's lacking direction and purpose, but where were those in s1 and 2, exactly?


007meow t1_jebq4p5 wrote

Like all of Season 1 was meandering through side quests - not sure where all of the complaints of "directionless" are coming now.

Season 2 was "find Grogu's people" and he did.

Now it's back to just vibin with the cult.


MrDabollBlueSteppers t1_jeb74zz wrote

I'm still enjoying it but it feels directionless. Seasons 1-2 had a heavy adventure of the week vibe but the entire thing was still held together by the overarching quest to find Grogu a home.

Ever since Mando returned him to Luke it seems like they had no idea what to do next and now it's just random things happening


Prax150 t1_jebd9h9 wrote

After he got Grogu back his goal was to get back in with the cult. During that journey he and Bo Katan discovered things about Mandalor and now the goal is to reunite all Mandalorians and take back the planet. All the while they're sowing seeds for the rise of the First Order.

The characters themselves may have not known this is where they were going but the show seems pretty direct in what they've been trying to accomplish this season to me.


cadtek t1_jebfegg wrote

Yeah, the show uses Mando as container to touch other tangential plot points, and fill in gaps between RotJ and tFA, and lingering questions from the other animated shows, so in season 2 they touched on Ahsoka, that show will fill in from Rebels. Season 3/4 of Mando will be about more of the First Order origins and Moff Gideon.


username7558 t1_jebqbfg wrote

It feels Ike every other episode is a back door pilot for other show ideas they want to make to see if there is interest.


MulciberTenebras t1_jec4w1d wrote

They're also basically picking up the storylines that would've gone to "Rangers of the New Republic"... but that series got cancelled after Cara Dune decided to be a dumbass


JustAnotherJay t1_jeb6b1b wrote

Glad I'm not alone in thinking the plot is all over the place - feels very disjointed with very minor threads holding everything together. Am sure it's building up to something... just hope they get to it sooner rather than later.


flipperkip97 t1_jeby6ev wrote

Seems about the same as the previous seasons to me. Not the greatest thing ever, but enjoyable enough. Also definitely doesn't feel as cheap as Kenobi and Boba Fett shows.


CressKitchen969 t1_jebyc4y wrote

How they’re handling the Resistance/Republic conspiracy is what’s most interesting


DougieHockey t1_jebfc8u wrote

It’s wild, it’s like the entire series lost its structure when Boba fett came out.

Such a wasted opportunity of something that could have been so great. Also, the high quality writing of Andor probably gave people a new perspective of what “could have been”.


AndruchaCS t1_jeb48od wrote

Maybe Favreau is losing hand.
I think is still funny, but is the least good season for sure.