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reddig33 t1_jdow6qc wrote

I couldn’t get through the first episode. Ham-handed and cringy. And that’s from someone who believes in climate change.


theomegawalrus t1_jdqnuur wrote

"I glanced at this work of art and didn't immediately have fun"


reddit_beer_map t1_jdsiqth wrote

no one needs to suffer through eight hours of something they don't enjoy. I made it 30 minutes into the first EP and it's just not good.


theomegawalrus t1_jdsm8zn wrote

It's just hard to take the criticisms of a well-received show of "hamfisted and cringy" seriously from someone who just couldn't be bothered to even finish an episode.


reddit_beer_map t1_jdsoxwt wrote

57 on Metacritic and a 46% on Rotten Tomatoes doesn't scream "well received" to me.


Driew27 t1_jdpv5lg wrote

Luckily each episode is it's own story.