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Since I’ve been watching it recently, I would probably want to live in the Cobra Kai universe since it’s basically a guarantee that I would have to learn karate. And like all of the kids in the show, it would take me about a month to be as good as those who have been training for years. What show universe would you want to be a part of?



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ringoron9 t1_jefhdrd wrote

Star Trek


AsSubtleAsABrick t1_jeg4dz5 wrote

Only if I get to be like a normal dude, fuck starfleet. Overachievers. Replicate me some beer and let me do fuck all.


peon47 t1_jeg6ccl wrote

Just let me settle back into my socialist utopia and write holonovels, thank you very much.


JohnCavil01 t1_jefw83d wrote

Well…not really anymore.

If nothing else I sometimes like to turn lights on.


randomnighmare t1_jegzowh wrote

Yeah, it would be sweet life in the Star Trek universe. As long as I can live within the Federation and not in the Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire, the Dominion, etc...


chickenslacksguy t1_jeg4hxv wrote

Definitely preferable to Star Wars, Foundation, or The Expanse.


stubbywoods t1_jegy6vt wrote

There's definitely some points in time and places in Star Wars that would be fine but Star Trek is much nicer overall.

Fuck living in The Expanse.


AvatarJack t1_jefpeqf wrote

Pokémon. It’s like a global solar punk utopia. Tons of green technology, basically everyone (except for all the organized crime groups I suppose) loves animals and most people don’t really seem to have a job, they just wander around with their buddies and pets.


JohnCavil01 t1_jefwg49 wrote

I mean they do keep those animals locked up in little computerized balls only freeing them periodically to beat the shit out of each other for sport as a core part of their culture.


AvatarJack t1_jefx0j7 wrote

Yeah but the animals are all hyper intelligent and seem to be both able to understand human language but also are capable of expressing themselves to humans. They also seem to be on board with battling in most scenarios. But if any of mine weren’t up to it, I’d just let them hang out while my Charizard rained fire from above.


whythehellknot t1_jefzqy6 wrote

I'd keep my pets safe but have my meanest ones murder all others. I love animals.


Possible-Extent-3842 t1_jefrw61 wrote

Any sitcom that takes place in NYC. Clearly the economy is in fantastic shape, judging on the sizes of these people's apartments.


ProtoPWS t1_jefofrv wrote

The Good Place .. maybe? By the end of the show >!it's a very optimistic take on what the after life could be!<


hung__sheldon t1_jegdw0q wrote

If it isn’t correct, I’m not confident that I’d make it whatever the real thing could be! We’re all flawed and the show handles that so well.


SineQuaNon001 t1_jefko59 wrote

Star Trek TNG. Utopia, comfy, beige.


Stratty88 t1_jegzidt wrote

BBC’s Utopia? To each their own I guess?


spinereader81 t1_jeghhh7 wrote

I want to live in Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls! Such a cute little town.


TheFormalShow t1_jefqe5k wrote

I would probably want to live in the timeline before the S1 events in Westworld. Would love to visit the parks and complete the Missions.


JohnCavil01 t1_jefwk4x wrote

Really missing the point a tad aren’t we?


Sawses t1_jegdy8s wrote

Maybe but it would be awesome. If they weren't sentient then just playing around.

I for one want to play the video games of that world. I bet they're incredible.


JohnCavil01 t1_jegg3pz wrote

I’ve played the video games of that world. They’re not so great.

EDIT: oh wait wrong thread haha. Ignore that.

But yeah - I mean the whole conceit of the show is that they are sentient and to a certain extent even if they weren’t it still is very nasty reflection of human nature on display.


Swing-Full t1_jefniu6 wrote

The Simpsons. You never die or age but time continues on. You have whacky events happening in town all the time, but all get wrapped up soon.

You do have to deal with some horror stuff on Halloween every year, but you'd get used too it.


milkyginger t1_jeg145p wrote

That sounds like a nightmare. Imagine being stuck at thirteen and your entire personality is thirteen year old stereotype.


MisterSassyJenkins t1_jefvhvv wrote

The Sopranos in the first few seasons before everybody started dying


facebook57 t1_jefi125 wrote

Santa Clarita Diet but I would want to be in with Sheila and Joel so I wouldn’t get eaten.


anasui1 t1_jegueoh wrote

Morioh Cho from JoJo looks like a pretty damn great place to live in. Sure, you have serial killers and maniacs hiding in alleys but what city doesn't have one


jamesbrownscrackpipe t1_jefrrts wrote

The Wire