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justarand0mstan t1_je6uncv wrote

This guy is such a joke.

He can take his reality tv and shove it up his a**.

$40m for the year they had (and are about to have?)? lol


reddig33 t1_je8ab6i wrote

Could’ve shaved off a few more millions in debt by laying himself off.


Crafty-Antelope1244 t1_je7249e wrote

I mean this years got some good potential flash is amazing from everything we’ve heard , evil dead looks good, dune will be fantastic and get a bump, the color put on and Wonka have potential , aquaman 2 might based on reports might be bad but first movie did a billion dollars so this won’t bomb , and Barbie has amazing talent behind it this years got a lot of potential for them


low-ki199999 t1_je7y2ti wrote

I don’t disagree with a lot of what you said, except Aquaman 2. That movie is not going to make anything near what the first made. It’ll be a bigger drop off than Shazam 1-2.


Crafty-Antelope1244 t1_je83172 wrote

Why downvote me it’s objectively has the potential to be a good year I’m not saying wether his payment is justified I’m just saying the slate looks good this year movie wise they could all bomb for all I know


Crafty-Antelope1244 t1_je92lo8 wrote

Wow some of you are so on rich guy hate mode you can’t objectively look at a movie slate and say the year has potential 😂 what sad pathetic lives that must be to be blindly ignoring fact because we hate a guy