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ROBtimusPrime1995 t1_je5z4gb wrote

CartoonNetwork is realizing a lot of their shows might not survive if the content is aimed at an older audience.

Between this & Genndy's new show, [adult swim] is becoming the home of shows that don't fit that Teen Titans Go! vibe.


DalekGriff t1_je69pho wrote

IIRC they did the same thing to Beware the Batman after airing the first batch of episodes when that wasn’t renewed.

Wondering if this move has anything to do with the viewer demographics for the newer Young Justice seasons on HBOMax? I haven’t watched those, but it seems like those seasons are skewing to an older audience, and marketing this show as Adult Swim might draw in that crowd.


WorkingRedditUser t1_je6dhhn wrote

You're probably right.

As someone who has watched the newest season of Young Justice... in one episode it is revealed casually that Lagoon Boy is in an inter-species throuple with two Atlanteans, one of which is pregnant.

Like... that's dope and I enjoyed the season, but the show is definitely skewing to a more mature audience.


zakary3888 t1_je6js64 wrote

I’d think Beast Boy dealing with depression and PTSD half the season would’ve been the bigger clue


WorkingRedditUser t1_je6s3lz wrote

Oooof I totally forgot that a ton of the episodes just had entire sequences about Beast Boy's depression and unrelated to the main plot of the episode. Wild stuff.


Coolman_Rosso t1_je6s1w7 wrote

iirc Beware's case was a result of CN just scrapping their DC Nation block entirely, and AS airing them because they were already finished. The Teen Titans GO! shorts, as well the full series created subsequently, were the only real hit they had with that DC effort. Young Justice and GL: TAS were both infamously axed due to low merch demand.

So it might just be a case of shows skewing older like you said. CN has done this before back in 2004 when Toonami moved to Saturday nights, as demos were skewing a little older and concerns about violence were giving some folks at CN cold feet.


MarcsterS t1_je99ysx wrote

> iirc Beware's case was a result of CN just scrapping their DC Nation block entirely

Oh that was a fun morning. Waking up wondering why Green Lantern(in the middle of an important troyline) wasn't on, then CN haphazardly tweeting that DC Nation is cancelled.


Lost_Hunter3601 t1_je7cehd wrote

I’m not that family with Cartoon Network daytime shows, but weren’t their most popular and acclaimed shows always on adult swim/late night shit? I mean kids are at school on weekdays at daytime, how can you expect daytime cartoons to have big viewership?


OCGamerboy t1_je63ynd wrote

Honestly there should be more DC Adult Swim shows.


Kalse1229 t1_je7knr4 wrote

Imagine if Young Justice gets its season 5 on Adult Swim, after it was cancelled by Cartoon Network a decade prior. That honestly would be hilarious, plus it keeps the tradition of post-renewal YJ seasons premiering on different streaming services.


shewy92 t1_je7qznr wrote

Well this isn't going to be an Adult Swim show like you think. It's still aimed at families, only reason it's on Adult Swim is because CN is expanding AS to start at 7pm now

>Originally announced with a two-season order, the all-new kids and family animated series follows the action-packed, comedic, and romantic adventures of Superman and Lois Lane during their early years together. The move comes on the same day that Adult Swim announced that it would begin its programming night at 7 pm beginning May 1st. The animated series was originally intended to air on Cartoon Network and HBO Max


aw-un t1_je810ae wrote

When did AS move to 8?

I remember it not starting until 11! But I also haven’t watched CN since the third season of total drama


lilbigtherapper t1_je9fwmz wrote

I think I last remember it starting at 10 with King of the Hill, but I'd never thought it'd be sarly as 7. I haven't watched cable in forever, but wouldn't parents have an issue with that?


OCGamerboy t1_je8fk3q wrote

Why would they put a family oriented show on Adult Swim? That doesn’t make sense.


MarcsterS t1_je9a3do wrote

Because Cartoon Network has been shitting on any action related shows for the last 13 years. The CN block in general is starting to be phased out anyways. The preschool block has more hours.


MulciberTenebras t1_je6km7u wrote

Can anyone explain why Lois and Jimmy look like Luz and Gus from The Owl House?


samuraislider t1_je6afv5 wrote

I do love the 80's Superman logo on that.


TylerMcFluffBut t1_je6if9e wrote

The only thing i’ve seen about this show for years now is that one image and I am totally into it


MulciberTenebras t1_je67wbh wrote

Well I guess this is better than just selling off all your animation to Amazon and other streaming apps.


OneGoodRib t1_je6jsgv wrote

Unless you're someone who hasn't had more than basic cable since 2004 and only has streaming apps now.


MulciberTenebras t1_je6kgk2 wrote

If they're pushing for Adult Swim and putting more animation on there, then it means it'll be also staying on HBOMax.


dagreenman18 t1_je8c81w wrote

I’m just happy this project managed to survive the culling at WB. I love the premise


SupervillainEyebrows t1_jeaa90j wrote

I'm pleasantly surprised that this wasn't cancelled, with the way animation has been gutted in the past year or two.


Guilty-Doubt-6313 t1_jec2h5y wrote

This is amazing news to hear and I can't wait to see this series out on adult swim later this year and this is my most anticipated television series of this year and of all time.


goliathfasa t1_je6iikf wrote

And the “I have no interest in superheroes but it’s the hot thing right now so I’ll pitch my unrelated idea as a superhero show” trend continues.