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BusinessPurge t1_jdktts3 wrote

not since twin peaks has an accidental 20 year gap worked in a show's favor


OneGuyJeff t1_jdmcbge wrote

The first new IT movie coming out 27 years after the original was also pretty neat


Chaotickane t1_jdmn7ka wrote

I really hope this happens with The Expanse. For those who don't know, the show ends at the end of book 6. Between book 6 and 7 is a 30 year gap but still involves the same characters since human lifespans are about double what they are now.

It'd be awesome to see the show pick up again in like 15 years and do the last 3 books.


BusinessPurge t1_jdmvx5o wrote

I’d love a proper book finale, I’ll wager it eventually happens just maybe as two or three telefilms not full seasons. Like Farscape Peacekeeper Wars


Three_Froggy_Problem t1_jdl1b4f wrote

How so?


BusinessPurge t1_jdl8425 wrote

Twin Peaks had some rather bizarre plot stuff that essentially said the story will pickup in 25 years and then “froze“ some of its cast. By making a sequel 25 years later they were able to pay off what they had setup, as if it were always planned that way for season three. It sounds like the new Clone High original characters have been frozen all twenty years, about enough time to grow a new generation of clone teen characters. It pays off the cliffhanger of them getting frozen, like the plan was always to wait twenty years for season two. Both shows had in-universe explanations already built into their very long delays between seasons


mihran146 t1_jdmsbp7 wrote

How long was the gap for Samurai Jack?


RichardGibson t1_jdnhoth wrote

In the story 50 years pass between seasons 4 & 5 (Jack doesn’t age anymore) but about 13 years passed in real life.


ROBtimusPrime1995 t1_jdkmzyy wrote

I really hope there is either a major Gandhi twist gag reveal...or at least a throwaway joke, never to be heard of again.

For those who don't know, India protested MTV for casting Gandhi in their TV series, prompting MTV to kill the show.


Dear-Attempt-2182 t1_jdkrxus wrote

I've seen the leaked first episode. There is a quick Gandhi reference and I could see them never referencing him again


armchairwarrior69 t1_jdlbei4 wrote

What is the reference?


alangalan97 t1_jdlkcup wrote

They just briefly show that he got left behind and is still frozen.


WinterSon t1_jdmpq51 wrote

Lame. Show won't be the same without him


MyStationIsAbandoned t1_jdn2et2 wrote

I guess even after 20 years, they didn't grow a spine


MengisAdoso t1_jdne5sj wrote

Speaking, of course, from your extensive experience in the practicalities of TV production and dealing with executives.

The version where they grew a spine is the one that never got greenlit.


Stonesword75 t1_jdm9g60 wrote

So they have a final "fuck you" ready to pull on the final episode or just dont care about India's thoights anymore. Good to hear.


D3monFight3 t1_jdmufud wrote

If they leave it at that then clearly the show will be complete garbage, he was the best part of the entire show. Plus if him being Gandhi's clone offended people they could have easily just said "Scudworth fucked up he's not Gandhi he's some random other guy that vaguely resembles Gandhi".


binrowasright t1_jdneo7d wrote

I think that was the plan originally when the India stuff was going down, he was going to turn out to be a clone of Gary Coleman


Separate-Mushroom t1_jdll2sw wrote

theres a couple ghandi references, i think theyre waiting until farther in the season to make him show up


Aar0nSwanson t1_jdm23mf wrote

Damn wait til Muhammad pulls up with Jesus.


originalcondition t1_jdm9cdr wrote

Jesus was in season 1, Joan of Arc goes to him for advice at one point lol


atomicpenguin12 t1_jdn0rot wrote

Yeah, I remember Jesus Cristo. I think they found him in shop class doing some woodworking


JurgenWigg t1_jdptjbn wrote

Yup and Julius Ceaser reminds him, “Be careful with that nail gun, Jesus.” 😂


PetyrDayne t1_jdmu132 wrote

Gandhi was a racist, pedophile though.


Jakesummers1 t1_jdmy0ll wrote

Although this is true, I’m sure it will be downvoted to hell


grub-worm t1_jdo0sao wrote

They tried to get around it by him actually being Gary Coleman all along and that's hilarious


garlicroastedpotato t1_jdkv24r wrote

For people too young for this show. The show was being animated and voiced on a weekly basis with aggressive timelines for getting out each episode. The original show was supposed to be 24 episodes to a season but MTV decided to cancel it at Episode 13. So the final episode involved everyone being frozen with a message basically begging people to help them get the show uncancelled..... which it never did.

The show became super popular with the torrent generation and yeah... it really does look like they're targeting millennials badly on HBO Max.


pipboy_warrior t1_jdkxmix wrote

Also of note, the janitor in Clone High was voiced by Neil Flynn, aka the janitor in Scrubs. Bill Lawrence once confirmed(or joked) that they were the same character.


Dylsnick t1_jdo3ll0 wrote

"Do me a favour? Have yourself a great day!"

That does not sound like the janitor from Scrubs.


pipboy_warrior t1_jdo5pbf wrote

Certain events happened in Clone High that made him the bitter character we see in Scrubs.


kianworld t1_jdl7v12 wrote

I don't think that was the case? It was a 13 episode order that MTV US never actually finished airing (until they aired it on MTV Classic in 2016) due to both low ratings and the Gandhi controversy.


keving87 t1_jdl9ckt wrote

Yeah Teletoon in Canada aired all of them, albeit out of order with a holiday episode in April a month after they aired the finale in March... which itself was after a month break. MTV only aired 8 of the 13 episodes originally.


Seraphem666 t1_jdm71go wrote

Teletoon was also going to help fund under grads season 2 mtv said no. Glad clone high and undergrads are getting new stuff


wikitoups t1_jdosdgj wrote

I have the DVD set that they released back in the day!


ElginBrady420 t1_jdljgja wrote

Yeah, I remember having to download the last few episodes on Limewire because it did fully air in Canada.

I’ve heard no Gandhi in the reboot and that makes me not interested in it.


HolidayHowlett t1_jdlqn0n wrote

Say what?!


MulciberTenebras t1_jdkwu4j wrote

Which seems ironic... since they got done cancelling most of the shows niched to millennials (which also had too many LGBTs and POC to the new owners' likings)


peenpeenpeen t1_jdl08ra wrote

From the writer/producer/directors of into the spidervers and cloudy with a chance of meatballs! I am so so excited for this!


conker1264 t1_jdl4bot wrote

How you gonna leave out the jump street and Lego movies…


drummerinthewoods t1_jdlqkbt wrote

… Aren’t they also the original, at least writers of Clone High’s previous seasons?


adsfew t1_jdmb5pb wrote

They came up with the concept originally and are co-creators along with Bill Lawrence


BelowDeck t1_jdmttns wrote

They also voiced major characters. Miller is JFK and Mr Butlertron, and Lord is Principal Scudworth.


dajuice3 t1_jdm78i0 wrote

I'll watch cause it was a pretty funny crude stupid premise. But geeze they gotta know that the ghandi parts were probably the most funny.

G spot rocks the g spot, the solid ghandi dancers, him having ADD.

Probably considered low brow but funny.


FusionFall t1_jdlch1r wrote

Is it just me or does the character designs for the new characters seem off? Like they aren't from the same show.


RichestMangInBabylon t1_jdldnyo wrote

I think it’s just their clothes. Style wise they seem to be the same in terms of proportions and art. Just wearing different outfits because I guess they’re from twenty years later than the original clones.


DisturbedNocturne t1_jdlunc2 wrote

They're certainly much more vibrantly colored, which I have to assume is a deliberate design choice. If the new characters are clones that were created in the past ~15 years, it makes sense that they would have a different fashion style than the clones who were around in the early 2000s. Them having a new batch and old batch of clones together could definitely make for some interesting storylines if that's the route they're going.


adsfew t1_jdmbke5 wrote

The leaked first episode focuses a lot on >!the differences between being a teen in the 2000s vs. the 2020s!<


SundaySermon t1_jdmoon5 wrote

Like how many backpack straps to put around your shoulders.


ianthebalance t1_jdlv3rr wrote

Reminds me a little bit of Total Drama Island designs


Skluff t1_jdmkaqc wrote

Chris Miller said during the panel yesterday that the second season was the perfect opportunity to fix the design flaws he didn't like him the first season. Like Joan's head.


BlastMyLoad t1_jdmvoz8 wrote

Their outfits are too busy. The OG characters have very simple designs.


xchipter t1_jdme3fv wrote

Foa suppa I err uh… want a party platta!


simplebutstrange t1_jdnzve2 wrote

what is yourrrraaaahhhh hurrayyy, throw a few more errrs and ahhhhhh in there


Abeman26 t1_jdl6rt6 wrote

Woah wait Gandhi isn’t in this anymore?? Wtf! I’m out


MulciberTenebras t1_jdm52sq wrote

Back when it aired, India lost its shit and threatened MTV for including the character.

MTV factored that into the decision to cancel it, even after Phil Lord and Christopher Miller offered to drop the character in season 2 (or reveal that he was actually a clone of Gary Coleman, not Gandhi)


pvanb t1_jdmtdf8 wrote

He was gonna be included but… Plastic bag! Plastic bag!


kimbosdurag t1_jdl5m3g wrote

Loved this and undergrads while they were on.


Seraphem666 t1_jdm7rtn wrote

It still pisses me off knowing teletoon was willing to put up half the funding for season 2 of undergrads but mtv wasnt. At least its getting a movie.


WalmartDarthVader t1_jdlc7kb wrote

Why this look like Total Drama Island


DisturbedNocturne t1_jdlsnir wrote

Todd Kauffman, the character designer on Total Drama Island has admitted he was told to "design a show that resembled Clone High.


MrsAllHerShots t1_jdmj81c wrote

i totally thought this was a TDI spinoff until checking out the comments…… guess he did a good job in that regard lol


BroHurst t1_jdlbx07 wrote



X-Factor11105 t1_jdlw1s9 wrote

“Straight up man, numbers don’t lie.”

(animated #4 with squeaky shoes appears)

“I’m the number five!”

I cannot wait for this


eatthebowl t1_jdmofqa wrote

“At least things can’t get any better” “It doesn’t work like that gandhi” Butterfly carrying $ flys by


Clorst_Glornk t1_jdmja4y wrote

Touch the book. Liiick the book., book......


Venevad t1_jdm92gg wrote

i will probably watch this regardless but i really hope that first episode was just a misstep and the rest of the season is good. it just didn’t feel right to me, maybe it was the lack of gandhi or i wasn’t feeling the new characters but it just didn’t land a lot


bizkitmaker13 t1_jdldmul wrote

Man I watched this shit baked out of my mind back in college. Great series, lets hope they don't fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck it up.
Lick the book, lick the book.


13_f_ny t1_jdmyuqg wrote

Is abandoned pools coming back !?!


Dylsnick t1_jdo3yal wrote

Did you see that freaking pool? They FLIPPED the bitch!


land_shrk t1_jdn0x3y wrote

Was it announced that Christa Miller was replaced as Cleo? That was my take away from this article. Wonder if it’s a Jenny Slate/Big Mouth scenario


AngusChavez t1_jdnd0ui wrote

How are you gonna get rid of Ghandi, the best character


ShibbyBearz t1_jdmpda8 wrote

plastic bag, plastic bag, plastic bag


DMPunk t1_jdmzjud wrote

> Michael Bolton as Michael Bolton



palookaboy t1_jdn2dh3 wrote

Figured Gandhi would be out, but can’t wait for China to complain about Confucius.


petuona_ t1_jdocxiz wrote

There was a leak of the first episode some time ago.


Funny-Plantain3647 t1_jdokokv wrote

Joan and JFK!! She deserves someone after pining for Abe for however long!


wikitoups t1_jdoslt2 wrote

What about Stamos?!


sexisdivine t1_jdt7i2u wrote

What are they gonna say they were frozen all this time since the original finale and that the board of directors kept them that way for observation while continuing the cloning progra-OOOOhhhhhhh.


TrumpdUP t1_jdmfb23 wrote

Art style sucks.


Kostrom t1_jdmkpyx wrote

Why is this animation /art style sticking around? It’s so boring


Dpsizzle555 t1_jdmkj0e wrote

Another cartoon that the art looks completely shit. At least every single character doesn’t have the same face like other American animated shows.


[deleted] t1_jdlj2xg wrote



poyahoga t1_jdm9192 wrote

This show was created and designed in the early 2000s, a good decade before whatever you’re whining about. But you seem fun!