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LovelyRita999 t1_jdd1iea wrote

“Did you see that Jim Carey documentary where he stayed in character as Andy Kaufman? I actually watched that documentary in character. My character hated it. My character found it narcissistic and pretentious. Which is too bad because I think I would’ve liked it.”

-Timothy Olyphant


SpicyAfrican t1_jddc9wz wrote

I loved this bit. The last line takes it up a level.


LovelyRita999 t1_jdefg9l wrote

The audience applauding when he asks if they’ve seen the documentary is the icing on the cake. Because you know he’s about to trash it lol.


Peasyyy t1_jdd6re9 wrote

How many articles can be written about Brian Cox's thoughts on method acting?


SkinnyBottomFeeder t1_jddnlyz wrote

All these articles are just pointing out one thing; how clueless entertainment journalists are to how sarcastic and witty Brian Cox is


njdevils901 t1_jdcywte wrote

"My dear boy, why don't you just try acting?"

-Laurence Olivier


anasui1 t1_jdcyy5k wrote

Cox out-memeing himself


MadeByTango t1_jdeein6 wrote

Hey Grant/Mod Team, give the succession ads a rest


shavin_high t1_jdduavi wrote

Is it possible that Brian Cox is a total dbag in real life too?


sweetpeapickle t1_jddvy4y wrote

By most accounts he is not. I will say it made me laugh when they showed the party they all had at the end, singing & dancing. He was having a ball!


[deleted] t1_jdq0ofy wrote

I actually think Cox is a great actor. But it really does feel he is just playing variations of himself.

In his case it works, but thats not true for a lot of actors out there.