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TheOtherUprising t1_je0pc7n wrote

It’s already gone on for far too long and was in decline before Damian Lewis left. But such is the tradition on Showtime.


[deleted] t1_je0rap3 wrote



MulciberTenebras t1_je0ucy2 wrote

And now they're gonna make a ton of spinoffs (Paramount is hellbent on franchises).

"Trillons" and "Millions" are in the works.


Jesus_Faction t1_je1erkc wrote

cant tell if satire...


MulciberTenebras t1_je1fd1o wrote

No, I'm sadly being serious. The spinoffs are called Trillions and Millions (and there's two others set in London and Miami)


thebiggesthater420 t1_je25m8h wrote

Looking forward to Dozens, the Billions-Arrested Development crossover about all the never-nudes in the world


NaRaGaMo t1_je1f7uw wrote

OC forgot there are two more billions spinoff one based out of UK and there's another one whose name I forgot


goldblum_in_a_tux t1_je1skqh wrote

UK version gonna be called PoundTown and instead of being centered around global financiers will focus on the UK version of the dollar store


mannyman34 t1_je1nrso wrote

The time to spin it off was after season 2 and create a political show with sackoff.


MulciberTenebras t1_je1pgpx wrote

Back then the network was broke. Now they're being absorbed into Paramount.


Dogbuysvan t1_je19sfh wrote

Using my lifetime of method acting I nailed the audition for "dozens."


BlockbusterMovies t1_je1i04a wrote

Showtime shows end too late. Netflix shows end too soon. HBO shows, for the most part, end at the right time.


Artistic-Toe-8803 t1_je11utz wrote

I keep hearing this about Showtime, but Ive never watched a Showtime series afaik. What other shows have they done this with?


JustAboutAlright t1_je12haf wrote

Almost all of their hits - Billions, Homeland, Dexter, Californication, Ray Donovan (though I don’t think it’s as egregious).


TheOtherUprising t1_je135sf wrote

Weeds and Shameless as well.


buhlakay t1_je1f8tz wrote

God how could I forget about Weeds. That show was so great...until it wasn't


RealJohnGillman t1_je5q7xf wrote

It was interesting how they would consistently upend the premise of the series with everyone except the protagonist experiencing lasting consequences for their actions.


buhlakay t1_je6fhnp wrote

It truly was incredible how they took this incredibly likable and sympathetic protagonist and turned her into the worst character in the show by the end. And not in an engaging or interesting way. Man.


Mattyzooks t1_je14ba1 wrote

Meanwhile, the one Showtime show I want a continuation of seems extremely unlikely: Twin Peaks The Return.


MissDiem t1_je59xp4 wrote

It's just a groupthink dogma that everyone has to announce as their own revolutionary hot take.

Personally, I've enjoyed most of the shows that edgelords can't wait to pitchfork for demise. And the people who profess to hate them, I notice they crave each new episode... just to shit on something they clearly are addicted to.

They do it to anything good. They did it to The Sopranos in season 1, and everything since.

It goes in tandem with them cheering when a good show ends prematurely. You'll be able to watch that play out in real time this month as Succession ends after just 4 seasons, with no appreciable waning of quality.

It's like someone comes to a buffet, drools over every dish, stuffs themselves deliriously with great food, then later says none of it was any good.

They'll refuse to concede that say, a fifth season of Succession would still be one of the best seasons of viewing imaginable. Their manufactured hate is often debunked. Many of the favorite plots and highlights of series come after the date the edgelord edict tries to claim there was no worth. Great episodes and seasons followed Henry Blake's departure, Michael Scott's departure, Fia Gallagher's departure. Haters of Dexter still salivated and enjoyed every minute while they watched New Blood, then rushed online to complain the pizza they just gorged was supposedly unappealing.

Sometimes it's fear or depression manifesting as hate; they idolize a given actor and can't process their departure from a show. Sometimes it's darker, like a character is introduced that their real world peer group dictates much be hated, ie Taylor on Billions.

It's such an odd, self-hate-based phenomenon. I'll enjoy the upcoming seasons of Succession and Billions, and won't feel a compunction to scream they need to be killed off. And for shows I truly don't enjoy, I simply don't watch them. I don't need to actively try to end them for others who do still like them. If Grey's Anatomy wants to keep on going, I'm happy for those fans that enjoy it, even if I don't. Other shows I've noped out of you won't see me actively trying to end. Why not let those who enjoy it continue to enjoy it?

I almost wish there was some kind of consequence for the bloodlust, like if you rush to declare some show has jumped the shark, that should come with a way to make sure you're not allowed to quietly enjoy the subsequent episodes or seasons.


Jmomo69 t1_je1wju6 wrote

And they fucking cancelled City on a Hill! I absolutely love that show


barriekansai t1_je67n7s wrote

And this is how I fucking find out...from some momo on Reddit (read in Jackie Rohr's voice).


myassholealt t1_je1dsez wrote

I think the tradition is ending with the Paramount+ merger.


RIPN1995 t1_je4cf67 wrote

I honestly didn't even know this show was still going.


kevin5lynn t1_je1elfl wrote

Billions is a “Tarzan” show. They swing from shock point to shock point, but they have no overall narrative or theme.


iamtheoneneo t1_je1j86o wrote

This show doesn't respect my time. It did in the first few seasons, great writing, decent level of drama between two opposing forces, a genuinely enjoyable show I looked forward to watching.

Then it all went to shit, got far too fantastical, completely wasted the casting talent and treated its audience like a bunch of mugs.


KitchenReno4512 t1_je2j8z1 wrote

The show went to shit when it stopped being about Axe vs. Chuck and spent most of the episodes focusing on Wendy and Taylor.

A similar thing happened with Yellowstone where the show stopped being about John and was more about Beth.


KerafyrmPython t1_je176wh wrote

I thought this show ended years ago


hexsealedfusion t1_je2lydy wrote

You're probably better off, the show has been bad since like season 5 and last season was actually just terrible television.


spaceboys t1_je3nw1k wrote

Yep, same here, let me tell my father there are more season


galavion92 t1_je0mxfu wrote

Hopefully Axe is coming back!!


jabb422 t1_je0u6qv wrote

Damian Lewis will finish a series?!? I think that may be a first.


P1nCush10n t1_je1hqig wrote

Yeah.. i don’t know whats worse a Lead who never finishes a series or a lead who has a horrid track record with series finales. (*cough* Scott Bakula *cough*)


Riverdale87 t1_je3bvud wrote

What did Scott bakula do?


P1nCush10n t1_je3dez0 wrote

Nothing personally. He just happened to be the lead of some shows that unfortunately ended with terrible finales. (If they were even given a finale, that is).


Famous1107 t1_je4pf14 wrote

I remember quantum leap being ok for it's time. Zigggggy can you hear meeeee!


kingofpun t1_je31ote wrote

Glad to see him coming back. I wonder if he stepped away because of family reasons. And now he's been able to regroup.


MeCritic t1_je1z1f7 wrote

When Season 1 aired it was my most favourite show at the time, and I was praising Showtime wherever I go. That time was just... amazing for cable TV. We got Ray Donovan, Billions, Homeland and House of Lies. And those show were just... awesome! I absolutely loved everything about Season 1 and 2 of Billions. But after the plotline with Bobby and his wife, the whole thing just goes into bad direction. And every season after that was just... worse then the previous. I stop watching after first part of Season 5 and will return to complete it, after they will be done with it. But man, it's just a shame that even with all the current events (like we all see what's going on on wall street, covid, Ukraine and crypto, AI etc.) they just cannot stay relevant and make good show about money and stocks, just like Vince Gilligan did a great job of making show about drugs! It's a shame, even more with so stellar cast.

I hope it will get proper, satisfying ending, but right now I think, they've already screwed all the characters way to much to make it good.


Top_Wop t1_je3jq5l wrote

Yeah, but what's the sense of having fuck you money if you can never say Fuck You.


barriekansai t1_je2cm6t wrote

Guess they're running out of random pop culture references to awkwardly shoehorn into the dialogue.


jblanch3 t1_je78l2k wrote

Suits was another show that was notoriously bad at this.


Disastrous-Focus-704 t1_je370x6 wrote

Dan Soder is the best


FeastForCows t1_je42hyr wrote

His Randy Savage impression is the stuff of legends. Impeccable.


TimeTimeTickingAway t1_je6aboo wrote

His recent Chapelle impression may be even better.

For context. A producer at FOX was speaking to a comedian, and asked them for 'Dave's' number to get in contact. The comedian in questions thinks she was talking about his friend/co-host Dave Smith. It becomes clear over text that she was wanting Dave Chappelle's number, and thought she had it. To make the most of this blunder they had Dan Soder take the phone and do a Chapelle impression, convincing the producer she was talking to the real one.


rit56 t1_je2cuii wrote

Damian Lewis was on one of the late night talk shows and he said he was coming back so maybe the spinoff is about him.


lightsongtheold t1_je2ga0p wrote

That leaves Showtime with just Yellowjackets and The Chi. They have cancelled all the shows and axed a lot of the employees. Makes you wonder why they did not just sell at the $3 billion they were offered if they were basically just going to scrap the whole network? I like Yellowjackets but I doubt it was worth $3 billion on its own!


luckylebron t1_je1toej wrote

Good God, I couldn't get passed the 1st episode of Season 6.


iamnotsimon t1_je20cio wrote

Oh shit I thought the show ended already and I was actively watching it….. by the comments it looks like I should enjoy feeling satisfied when I stopped watching


sonic10158 t1_je22rn7 wrote

John Adams really aged well


contaygious t1_je2gy1l wrote

This show ended when everyone joined forces as far as most are concerned.


hexsealedfusion t1_je2k5d2 wrote

This show has been dogshit since Axe left, and was already declining for 2 years before that


EJLEE13 t1_je3kl5u wrote

Curt! Curt! Choo Choo!


Jet_Morgan t1_je3ruf4 wrote

I believe the show ended after season 6.


Marigoldsgym t1_je4e0z0 wrote

I didn't know Damian left, he was like the heart of the show

But good he's coming back inguess


barriekansai t1_je68e4i wrote

His wife passed away, and he needed some time. I'm surprised he came back for A Spy Among Friends, let alone Billions.