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MulciberTenebras t1_je0ucy2 wrote

And now they're gonna make a ton of spinoffs (Paramount is hellbent on franchises).

"Trillons" and "Millions" are in the works.


Jesus_Faction t1_je1erkc wrote

cant tell if satire...


MulciberTenebras t1_je1fd1o wrote

No, I'm sadly being serious. The spinoffs are called Trillions and Millions (and there's two others set in London and Miami)


thebiggesthater420 t1_je25m8h wrote

Looking forward to Dozens, the Billions-Arrested Development crossover about all the never-nudes in the world


NaRaGaMo t1_je1f7uw wrote

OC forgot there are two more billions spinoff one based out of UK and there's another one whose name I forgot


goldblum_in_a_tux t1_je1skqh wrote

UK version gonna be called PoundTown and instead of being centered around global financiers will focus on the UK version of the dollar store


mannyman34 t1_je1nrso wrote

The time to spin it off was after season 2 and create a political show with sackoff.


MulciberTenebras t1_je1pgpx wrote

Back then the network was broke. Now they're being absorbed into Paramount.


Dogbuysvan t1_je19sfh wrote

Using my lifetime of method acting I nailed the audition for "dozens."