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[deleted] t1_jcgd9te wrote

Can they cast at least one Latino


jez124 t1_jcgdszx wrote

is the show lesser for not having a member of each ethnic group from the world?

One of the main roles is actually latino though.Rhenzy Feliz(apparently a lead character too, will be interesting to see what his role is)


[deleted] t1_jcge6h9 wrote

Well if Gotham is in the United States, then I’d hope there would be more than one Latino.

Latinos are 19 percent of the population.

Does that feel like what movies and tv portray?

It’s important. Our shared culture as Americans is this art, yes including superhero spin off shows, and it feels like Latinos are left out.


Dangerous-Hawk16 t1_jchg205 wrote

Why do y’all do this? What does one Latino add to the show. There’s already one Latino an Afro Latino in the cast. But u wouldn’t know that because you really don’t give a shit about the show not just bs representation


[deleted] t1_jchgxh8 wrote


I care about it cause our movies don’t look like our people.


Codysseus7 t1_jch0esy wrote

You’re finally him. You’re the person. Everybody wonders who cares who plays what I’m shows. I’ve never met a person who ACTUALLY gave one half of a tenth of a single fuck. Like I just want the best actors playing the part. I’m very supportive of diversity but anything being shoehorned in just diminishes the product.


[deleted] t1_jch0oup wrote

As if friends of producers or casting directors aren’t “shoehorned” in

I bet this would be a huge problem if white males were in movies less