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Owl-with-Diabetes t1_jd9cd9j wrote

Season 1 was pretty good but season 2 felt very aimless and the pacing was meandering on plots that felt anti-climatic. Also, the Milo storyline was kind of getting on my nerves. I didn't find him menacing in the slightest. Hope season 3 can pick back up. Curious to see how many more seasons they have planned now after Jeremy Renner's near fatal accident.


mickeysbeer OP t1_jd9defi wrote

Milo just kinda reminds me how much I miss The Wire


PetyrDayne t1_jd9nohm wrote

Halfway through season 2 and literally no plot line progressed an inch. Cancelled paramount till SNW comes back.


Indigocell t1_jd9igde wrote

Seemed really repetitive at times. Mike asks someone to do something or else something bad will happen. They push back but reluctantly agree. They don't do the thing. The thing Mike warned them would happen happens. Mike calls them from his car, "just do the thing, FACK!" as he drives back and forth all day.


Legitimate_Ad8347 t1_jdcdwta wrote

Really its so funny how accurate that is. Mile literally just drives around all day on his phone. How does he even get paid? Looks like he runs a business from a strip plaza or something


CABINFEVER557 t1_jd9eujk wrote

Yeah I love season 1. Season 2 was okay, but it wasn't as great as season 1. I do think season 3 will pick, war arc inc.


jez124 t1_jd9o5b8 wrote

some dumb storylines this season.Nothing felt concluded by end of season. The prison arc storyline was dumb. Didn't like the Bunny Direction. The mother remains annoying. And I gotta wonder at some point what the deal is with their portrayal of cops here. Are we meant to root for them? Is this like a CBS procedural ala Blue Bloods or like The Shield? Should we feel bad the psycho SWAT guy got wrecked?

Despite being only into 2nd season storylines have gotten tiring. Strangely enough this show needs more of Mike the Mayor helping out the common folks or something like that. Instead of putting out fires left and right.Bit of downtime is needed.


1234kook t1_jd9oa1y wrote

Mike drove around in circles all season except for one episode where he walked around drunk in circles. Season 1 was good but Season 2 stunk.


Downbound92 t1_jdbug7o wrote

Did they ever reveal who the King of Mayorstown is?


RunningToStayStill t1_jdb9p8j wrote

The entire premise of the show is pretty absurd and farcical. Not many people can relate to or has vested interest in the character's plight of being a "prison advocate", whatever that's supposed to be.


mickeyflinn t1_jd9fcfo wrote

> I thought S01 was like ok but this season it just got ridiculous and incredibly unbelievable.

I agree completely. S1 was just ok and redundant. How many conversations did the Renner character have with the drug addict on his lawn?

I found all the stuff with Aidan Gillen to be cliche'd and really silly.

Nothing in S1 made me want to check out S2.

> I've also never really been a fan of Hugh Dillion or The Headstones.

Wow, I didn't realize who that actor was or that he was in hard rock band. He is one of those dudes that is in Sheridan's stable of actors.


BusinessPurge t1_jd9gvgt wrote

Pretty nothing season. Did they lose the lease to film at the prison exterior? The episodes slowly becoming 30 minutes as the season continued was funny. Felt very blockshot as an 6-8 hour seasonmovie they scraped across 10 episodes


tomecathon t1_jdf4sgn wrote

Agreed. I thought the first season was great, but the 2nd season was a real disappointment. No clear storyline, pacing was off, didn't care about what was going on.


ansky201 t1_jd9hc20 wrote

Season 2 was so bad I'm done with this show. I don't care if there is another season or not.


RayPingHeaux t1_jda2ask wrote

i dont know how any of yall watch any of that boring ass milquetoast shit: 1883, 1923 whatever

seems like it was made for a very specfic demographic…who like pimento cheese loafs and pickleball and country music