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I think i might dealing with that atm. My favorite show has ended. I watched it over and over again, some parts maybe 10 times. It pretty much consumed most of my time the past 2 weeks. When i wasn't watching it i was constantly thinking about it.

So yeah, right know i'm kinda done with the show. I doesn't feel right anymore to watch it. Because of that i'm feeling kinda depressed right now. This is such a weird feeling. I'm just.. not feeling me.

Some one who can relate? For how long did you felt weird, depressed and miserable?



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unironicaly_like_jaz t1_jdr0avs wrote

It's why I sometimes just skip the series finale of a show I'm watching so I never have to deal with the depression of it ending.


HappyAndProud t1_jdr5yf5 wrote

That's what The Doctor (Doctor Who) does with books. Ironically, one show that is unlikely to have this problem.


redbluegreenyellow t1_jdr86rf wrote

I'm glad I'm not the only one! There are so many series I've never finished lol


AZAR0V t1_jdscwrs wrote

This is the reason I never finished Parenthood. That show made me emotional every episode, I can only imagine what a finale episode would do.


brochelsea t1_jdvmzat wrote

This is one of my favorite shows. It wraps things up almost perfectly for me.


StebeJubs2000 t1_jdrf1bn wrote

Fringe is one of my favorite shows of all time and I still haven't seen the last 4 episodes, for this reason.


bros402 t1_jdrgtgj wrote

Go watch it, the finale is beautiful


Roook36 t1_jdrmuch wrote

Watching that last episode always takes more of an effort for me. I do the same with video games and books. I'll find myself avoiding them when I'm close to the end so that I don't finish it up. I've been making an effort to finish series lately though. There's always a new one I'll get obsessed with around the corner so I try to complete the old one. I still need to watch the last episode of The Orville though. Also trying to push myself to finish up The Last of US 2.


Cyyyyk t1_jds1ctx wrote

I have this issue as well but always force myself through it..... but it is never much fun. Always tough to force watch the final episode.


pm_me_reason_to_livx t1_jdr7g67 wrote

nah. just depression depression.


BadMeetsEvil24 t1_jdt5esi wrote

Does it bug or annoy you when people talk so flippantly about depression like OP? Genuinely curious. Some people are actually suffering due to trauma or a chemical imbalance in their brains and OP has depression from a recent Netflix binge.


Footlongpenetrator t1_jdteizu wrote

I don't tbh.

I have depression but it doesn't "hit" because it's a default state of mind.

The "ah shit something I liked is finished" catches you by surprise and makes it hit harder.

I know what OP is talking about and it's a real thing. OP isn't trying to be insensitive to people with depression, it shouldn't be seen as distasteful imo.


pm_me_reason_to_livx t1_jdtbflu wrote

personally, almost nothing people do really bugs me. it'd have to be something more serious like being a racist or something. but you've made a great point here and im sure it bugs many people.


SoundofGlaciers t1_je0yqko wrote

I doubt it really does bug that many people. Being clinically depressed, it's pretty much a constant in my life and even I joke about how I ate some crappy meal that made me depressed, or whatever offhand 'oh-so-depressed' joke fits.

I find its the people who are not depressed who feel sensitive about the word, while depressed people are 'used' to their condition and usually understand the difference between 'iwanttodie' and "I'm so depressed cuz my favorite thing ended".

Just my experience or anecdote, not fact


revelling_ t1_jdr0yni wrote

I know the feeling. Related feelies: I often have this sense of … I don‘t know, loss? When I realise I can never watch something for the first time again. I can do rewatches but say with an incredible show like DARK (and others, like Severance) the absolute amazement at the twists and turns, i can never relive watching it for the first time and that makes me sad sometimes.


Sillykitty1982 OP t1_jdr18hk wrote

Oew yeah Dark is amazing. The third season became a little too complex for me though :)


revelling_ t1_jdr2tj3 wrote

The very last episode is just so perfect. Everything gets explained in one elegant twist. A-MAZ-ING, you should give it another go, even if you get a bit lost for a while. Also, theres an accompanying website which explains all relationships, that really helps a lot


SheepherderFast6 t1_jdr78fd wrote

The best way to get over your last show, is to get under a new one! I feel this way at the end of certain shows and books, though, so I know how you feel!


Roook36 t1_jdrn8yf wrote

This. I was really sad The Last of Us was over but I finally started watching Yellowjackets and am obsessed lol


mamafrisk t1_jdreu00 wrote

Mr Robot did this to me so bad 😭 there is just something so compelling about the world and characters, I don't want to leave


josh-dmww t1_jdr939c wrote

Three times: Breaking Bad, The Americans and Game of Thrones (but just due to Jon's storyline).


james_carr9876 t1_jdqzwk4 wrote

What show was it?


Sillykitty1982 OP t1_jdqzzdq wrote

Heartstopper on Netflix.


james_carr9876 t1_jdr03w6 wrote

Oh, interesting. I wouldn’t say I was depressed but I definitely felt empty for a while after finishing Lost.


Sillykitty1982 OP t1_jdr0czb wrote

Well, yeah. Maybe i feel a emtiness instead. Don't know, i've never had this feeling before. I'm a very down to earth person, so this kinda surprised me.


jayz93j t1_jdrd5q3 wrote

I’ve seen lost 6-7 times now. I never really got over the emptiness I felt after finishing it. I’ve been watching TV ever since


Opposite-Albatross38 t1_jdr5kfy wrote

I got that when I finished dexter and breaking bad


Username-dumb75 t1_jdr8ksv wrote

I just found Dexter (not my normal genre) and I’m on season 3 and already dreading it ending.


Funmachine t1_jdre5qc wrote

You will beg for it to end long, long before it does.


Username-dumb75 t1_jdrgp8s wrote

Well darn. I’m already hating his getting married to that clingy bitch and her brat kids. Doesn’t seem to match his narcissistic personality at all. If it goes more downhill I’ll just find another series. 🤷‍♀️


Opposite-Albatross38 t1_jdrjhg4 wrote

It goes downhill after s4 thats What most people say but I liked s5 s6 was shit but I still enjoyed it s7 was actually really good IMO had badass villain and s8 just god awful then dexter new blood (s9) was good until the finale episode. Also bro s4 is a must watch man that shit was so intense its 100% worth it s3 drags a bit but ong keep going and watch s4


Opposite-Albatross38 t1_jdrj2fa wrote

Nah bro I might just be a hardcore fan but I liked all of the seasons even the shit ones only one I didnt like was s8


Artistic-Toe-8803 t1_jdrr22o wrote

Is it worth starting Dexter just for the first 4 seasons? Or is the falloff afterwards too hard


Funmachine t1_jds1l31 wrote

The first 2 seasons are great, season three has great moments but doesn't live up to the first 2, season 4 has some of the highest highs, but most of the B-plots are crap, Season 5 is probably around the same quality as 3 but without any super memorable moments. Season 6 sucks ass and sorta feels like a different show in the way it is structured. Season 7 starts kind of strong but severely drops off. Season 8 just makes you wish for some form of finality. Season 9 is pretty strong, and probably on season 3 & 5 level but still disappoints.

The biggest problem with Dexter is its big viewing numbers, a victim of it's own success. Showtime couldn't bare to get rid of it and swapping showrunners and writers constantly meant every season either ended being wrapped up in a nice bow or the loose end were wrapped up immediately in the following season. It just never feels like the story is heading anywhere. That said, it is an entertaining show, i'd say watch it until it gets tedious, like I said it tends to wrap itself up quite well most of the time.


rvonbue t1_je8s8a0 wrote

Yeah totally the first 4 seasons are pretty good. John Lithgow in season 4 is great. I love me some doakes as well


HappyAndProud t1_jdr6gf5 wrote

For me it's usually linked to fear that I won't be able to find a good show to replace it. When I do, I'm usually able to move on. Like, I just watched Superstore over the course of like 2 months and now that I found my next show (Everybody Loves Raymond), I'm over it.


Geiri94 t1_jdram7z wrote

Depression is a bit of a strong word. It's definitely a bit disappointing and sad knowing there's no new episodes coming. But it rarely lasts for more than a few days, for me at least

It won't be long before you look back at the show as a fond memory. Rewatching a show with the ending in mind can be fascinating, as you get to see more clearly how it is building toward its ending from the beginning. It might give you an even deeper appreciation for the show


anasui1 t1_jdrfvpd wrote

not depression but damn if I didn’t feel sad when Only Fools and Horses and Star Trek DS9 ended, I couldn't believe no more Del Boy or Quark in my life, loved every character in these shows


SurvivingBigBrother t1_jdrgzxa wrote

When i finished LOST i got a weird severe depression. Like I just lost someone close to me. It's odd. I didn't know what to do with myself and just felt kinda empty lol. I've re-watched the show an embarrassing amount of times.

I got it with Bates Motel a bit as well, but not as bad.


RudePragmatist t1_jdr59w8 wrote

Too many to list. The Expanse, Black Sails, Fringe, Person of Interest, The Last Kingdom, Vikings, to name a few.

Meh shiz happens and new stuff always fills the void :)


midasp t1_jdrhm2s wrote

Its not depression, but more like something's missing, knowing there won't be more of the same to come.


reesesbigcup t1_jdtnqu0 wrote

Yeah, got that same feeling after watching Breaking Bad the first time. But then that went away, and another sad feeling set in: that no show would ever come close to being that great. So far, none has.


dangitmelkor t1_jdr8zk7 wrote

I'm going through it right now with Normal People, which has ruined me.


excusemyme t1_jdrb61p wrote

When Modern Family ended I was crushed. Those characters were definitely a stand-in for my own family (no offense real family). I mean who doesn't wish Ed O'Neill was their dad? I guess maybe people with good dads... Anyway, I keep the depression at bay by rewatching the entire series at least once a year. But ModFam is a highly rewatchable show because while the finale was sad, it wasn't like everyone died. Or maybe they did and I just don't want to spoil the ending for anyone...


PetyrDayne t1_jdrcbyo wrote

I'm avoiding this with Legend of the Galactic Heroes


saiaf t1_jdrh2ih wrote

Finishing Deadwood


Orcus424 t1_jdrhthi wrote

Myself and others felt that for a whole network called G4. A good amount of fans really liked the reboot. It just never took off like Comcast wanted it to for how much they invested.


Cyyyyk t1_jds1xto wrote

For me the most depressed I was after a series was Clone Wars..... not because it was over so much as because of the magnitude of the catastrophe. I was a bit surprised that a fictional animation could have that kind of impact.


taleswetell t1_jdu2xmq wrote

I felt that way after Hannibal ended and it got cancelled. Such a beautiful series Also after queen of the south ended I was sad. Those characters meshed so well!


flipperkip97 t1_jdup3tl wrote

I have had this feeling after playing certain video games. Especially after a first playthrough. Never really had it with a TV show.


UpbeatAnalysis5 t1_jdvi0zg wrote

Nope, kinda felt bad after finishing breaking bad, but I got over it 2 or 3 days after.


oddcreature t1_jdwb3n0 wrote

Believe it or not, Dark Angel on Fox. I had a monster crush on Jessica Alba so that cancelation hit me like a ton of bricks.


BillyThe_Kid97 t1_je2zmy0 wrote

When I found out Daredevil had been cancelled by Netflix it was a real bummer (and don't give me that crap that Disney is bringing it back. They're gonna butcher the show).


CoolIceCreamCone t1_jdurd37 wrote

No because I watch like 20 shows at a time so I don't get too attached to one. Probably don't just binge watch one show and have your eggs in one basket