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WickedDeviled t1_isnefi9 wrote

Not a terrible show. Not a really good show either. Just one of those shows you can watch, be mildly entertained, and then go about your day.


Sisiwakanamaru OP t1_isnek9o wrote

Yeah, it is perfectly enjoyable show, especially for the one you can watch with all family members.


DifficultMinute t1_isnyjum wrote

My wife and I enjoyed the first season. It's not groundbreaking television, but it's a fun little show about Bob Knight coaching a high school girl's team.

We're only a couple episodes in, but it's safe to say that if you enjoyed the first, you'll enjoy the second. Similar end-goal (win the championship and get promoted!), but they're adding some new wrinkles with different relationships, people, and a prank gone wrong (well, right?).

IMO: They're doing a much better job than Game Changers is with its second season. That show is suffering hard without Coach Bombay, and as of whatever episode I'm on (2 or 3?), it's been largely mediocre to poor.


baseball71 t1_isoxdnk wrote

Mighty Ducks has been terrible this season. Lauren Graham’s character is insufferable.


DifficultMinute t1_isoxu9v wrote

Agreed, I'm having a hard time getting into it. Like, the super strong hockey-mom going to bat for her kids works great when you're talking pee-wee hockey. No problem with her character last season.

They're at a super expensive, invitation only, exclusive club designed to weed out the best of the best of the best in the entire country. Saying "Ooh it's too hard!" or "This isn't fair!" or "What, 5 AM?" isn't cute anymore, it's basically turning her into an obnoxious Karen.

We'll probably watch the rest of the season, simply out of sheer curiosity to see where it goes, and maybe it'll turn around, but I'm definitely not loving it right now.


baseball71 t1_isoy0xi wrote

Agreed. I’m sticking around because I like Josh Duhamel but other than that, the show just doesn’t have much going for it.


Sisiwakanamaru OP t1_isn7i03 wrote

Anyone here watch the series? I finished season 2 couple days ago, I enjoyed it.

Sure there were some cast members missing because they moved to the other project & duration/episode is shorter compared to season 1, but, I like that they tried to give other player spotlights.


intheNIGHTintheDARK t1_isn7r9o wrote

I don’t remember the show too well. What main characters were not on the show anymore?


Sisiwakanamaru OP t1_isn81tw wrote

Most of them are recurring characters like Miss Goodwin (Drama teacher) and Terri Grint (Political Science Teacher), the only main character is missing is Olive (Monique Green), >!The show mentioned that her character is graduated from high school!<


facebook57 t1_isnj0kw wrote

Gotta love Stamos…hasn’t aged a day since 1993


conker1264 t1_iso0lef wrote

I imagine they won’t renew it as it went from a weekly episode release to all at once release. Probably means they have no confidence in it doing well


baseball71 t1_isoxsjs wrote

When Peter Rice was ousted a few months ago, it was assumed one of the reasons was because he gave new seasons to shows like Big Shot and Mighty Ducks which haven’t really done well and are expensive to make. So I don’t see it either.


FluffyMoomin t1_iso6kva wrote

I liked the show, it was a pleasant surprise.

I liked it more than I did the doogie howser remake they did.

On the Doogie remake, besides a couple main characters, everyone on the show is basically a joke without any actual depth.

Big Shot, while being another family friendly show, they at least give all the main characters some depth and character development. All the main team members, the coach, his daughter, the assistant coach, the principal, all feel like real characters.

Only the boyfriends, and the film-making girlfriend seem there just as plot objects or there for comic relief only.

I wouldn't mind at all if this gets a third season.

The cast is fantastic.


baseball71 t1_isox7xh wrote

Pretty solid show, but they just dropped it all at once, which is never really a good sign on a streaming service that mostly drops content weekly. Just hope that Mysterious Benedict Society does well when it drops later this month.