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venm081199 t1_iu51k6t wrote

Soon or later, someone is going to say it. So, I'm doing it first: (breathes)… Somebody Save Me!


RedDurden_00 t1_iu59tnu wrote

It’s amazing to me but not surprising that Smallville is still the longest running television show based on a comic book superhero. Smallville veered away from freak of the week to focus solely on the characters something other shows couldn’t do just boring soap opera


venm081199 t1_iu5b663 wrote

I think that Seasons 1-3 and 8-10 are very good. Seasons 4-7 are a mixed bag.


RedDurden_00 t1_iu5brfb wrote

4-7 was when the original cast started to leave. Tom would’ve left If the writers strike didn’t happen. Things worked out though


venm081199 t1_iu5c9c6 wrote

I liked that Season 8 was a soft reboot. It brought a breath of fresh air to the show.


RedDurden_00 t1_iu5da7u wrote

I think Al & Miles left after 5 then got new showrunner from 6-7 and then another two for 8-10


ovaltinejenkins88 t1_iu5jj2k wrote

They left at the end of Season 7. It was the same time Rosenbaum and Kreuk announced they'd be leaving too.


RedDurden_00 t1_iu5wmj7 wrote

Rosenbaum was going to leave at the end of six and was convinced to do another season


anasui1 t1_iu6l3rq wrote

season 4 had the second meteor shower with random hicks getting superpowers. It was awesome


im_a_dick_head t1_iu5eflk wrote

I binged it all in 1 month and I didn't notice a drop off in quality, maybe I just watched it too fast.


dnt1694 t1_iug8dmm wrote

It still hold up. I felt losing Lex hurt it a bit. Also the whole plot with Jimmy Olsen was a big confusing.


justduett t1_iu5e7nm wrote

Does this mean Remy Zero is playing the theme song?!


Batman_The_Merciless t1_iu6lqeu wrote

>The star-studded horror comedy may also be the very beginnings of an AFU — Addams Family Universe, that is — as the duo open up about conversations with Netflix about expanding the world to focus on other Addams Family characters.

Please stop.