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MarvelsGrantMan136 OP t1_is5vndb wrote

>Two key executives, marketing chief Tricia Melton and senior vp marketing and partnerships at Cartoon Network and Adult Swim Jill King, are leaving the newly merged company at year’s end as Bronzo appears poised to further consolidate those operations within the newly merged conglomerate.

King was with Warners for 22 years, helping to create The Powerpuff Girls, Adventure Time, Rick and Morty, Steven Universe, and more.

Melton joined in 2020, and was behind the Rick and Morty S6 'Wormageddon' event.


GamingSince1995 t1_is5w791 wrote



theleaphomme t1_is6zf45 wrote

fuck this merger so hard.


TigBiddiesMacDaddy t1_is71421 wrote

David Zaslav is pure Evil


Matt463789 t1_is8ahsi wrote

I'm so sick of these c suite assholes rolling into town and destroying beloved IPs and fucking over the people that create them.


geek_of_nature t1_is9a3kr wrote

Why is he allowed so much control? Surely there are other people higher up who get a say?


DisneyDreams7 t1_is9h5b7 wrote

Because those higher up people messed up when AT&T was in charge and created a toxic environment of nepotism. Now David Zaslav is trying to clean up the mess for better or worse


Triviten t1_is8n4i5 wrote

I was on Zaslav side until this. I can understand nuking ship on DC and other ways to consolidate, but I really can’t wrap my head around this.


Lukester32 t1_is93zd7 wrote

He's a hardcore conservative, they're women, you can do the math.


Triviten t1_is95fer wrote

Wait what? I feel like there’s a layer you’re hinting at


JagmeetSingh2 t1_is9az78 wrote

Worked there for 22 years creating some of the most iconic western cartoons of all time just to get laid off by idiotic discovery execs


interstat t1_is9p6dk wrote

How does this work?

A marketing director helped create tv shows?


petepro t1_isak4m3 wrote

IKR, and that's the most upvoted comment. LOL.


jangma t1_isan2j2 wrote

Not necessarilly "make" the show, but developing the fan base and attracting viewers? Absolutely. There's a reason even moving a show to a different time slot can be a death knell. It doesn't matter how good the content is if nobody watches it.


Hades_adhbik t1_is9w0xx wrote

Cartoon Network had one of the most unique and rich cultures. I love all the series I have been able to watch through it, change is inevitable though. It probably won't be the end of animation, just animation will be max originals, more geared towards adults. Shows for young adults and teens, there's still a kids section on the service, but they probably won't be making more for it, they don't seem to believe children's entertainment is profitable.


petepro t1_isak0x5 wrote

> helping to create

LOL, wtf how are marketers related to creating TV shows? They're are the one making ads for these shows. I can't believe this got upvoted, this sub is truly full of morons. And these types of position is the redundancy need to cut after mergers, you don't need too many marketing people.


Burnstryk t1_is64wfx wrote

Never ever show loyalty to your company. Your eyes and ears should always be on the lookout for your next opportunity. That's capitalism.


GeekdomCentral t1_is79nrt wrote

It’s kind of sad how many people still think that company loyalty means something. I’m loyal to people at my company, but my company as an entity can just fuck right off.


editormatt t1_is9ojah wrote

And NEVER trust the HR department. They are not your friend!


PhillyTaco t1_is7dn8x wrote

>That's capitalism.

Are you saying that socialism rewards loyalty more than value provided? I thought the draw of socialism was near-perfect efficiency?


g1ngerkid t1_is9c1ue wrote

I love that instead of considering the possibility of a few worker protections you just assume that the only other option is full-on USSR.


PhillyTaco t1_isbieg9 wrote

Well, if someone says a bad thing happens because of capitalism isn't it logical to assume that they are implying the same bad thing wouldn't happen under socialism?


g1ngerkid t1_isbn357 wrote

Isn’t it logical to assume that there are more than two extremist options? Or do you just assume that anything not far-right must be extremely socialist and therefore the devil?


PhillyTaco t1_isc5tc3 wrote

I just asked basic questions. If the claim is that capitalism does not reward loyalty, does socialism? Is socialism more about morality or economic efficiency?

I actually agree with you. Extremism on either end gets us nowhere. My point isn't that capitalism rewards loyalty -- it's true, it often doesn't! But neither does socialism, at least as I understand it. So pointing to a undesirable thing and saying it's the fault of one system or another is ignorant and silly.


DaemonThrone t1_is8bsx6 wrote

Socialism doesn't do either. It's a garbage system that is even worse than Capitalism.


Xstitchpixels t1_is7d7gm wrote

End of an era. CN was a powerhouse for a long time, and now it’s being gutted.

At least we got Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Johnny Bravo, PPG, Billy and Mandy and a lot more while it lasted.


Worthyness t1_is8p9ex wrote

Toonami- every 90s kid's entrance into anime.


Solid_Snark t1_is8xhzc wrote

Really launched an entire generation of anime enthusiasts.


Xstitchpixels t1_is8ysvx wrote

And the cause of me failing 11th grade AP English. It was my first class and I stayed up to watch Yuu Yuu Hakusho like every night


SucksTryAgain t1_is923nl wrote

Unrelated obviously. But my brother just got laid off from geico after working on many successful things for 20 years. He was also last group eligible for a pension. The lack of worker protection laws is ridiculous. I have a recent coworker who was also around 20 years at his last company with a pension that was laid off. Then tried to buy him out. Wtf is going on. These aren’t dying businesses.


MarthePryde t1_is94rcb wrote

So many incredible cartoons over the years. Pour one out


MrStayPuft245 t1_is7efg3 wrote

I love how countries are fighting over Microsoft’s purchase of Activision doing “harm” to their industry while this WB merger has literally lost thousands of jobs for hard working people.

If this doesn’t show how fucked the laws are for us peons nothing will. They don’t care about regulations as long as their pockets get lined along the way.


blighty800 t1_is7s5xu wrote

Your laws a written by the rich


Hershieboy t1_is87qy4 wrote

Sonny Bono actually, he proposed the bill that has hoarding IP so valuable. Discovery now owns one of the largest streaming catalogs that's cheaper to maintain than to enrich.


prosthetic_foreheads t1_is9pey0 wrote

When I went to college for a media arts degree, the main thing I learned in MART 110 was fuck Sonny Bono.


retroblade t1_isb5m23 wrote

This is how all acquisitions go. It’s not like it’s some brand new idea only affecting WB. Shit sucks but that’s life.


ThePopeofHell t1_is7m2d6 wrote

I hope they don’t kill Adult Swim.. there will be a crater of a hole left in its place in pop culture.


jordanManfrey t1_is8xsn4 wrote

adult swim really needs to be spun off into its own entity already


ios_static t1_is7tv7v wrote

Do they still make new shows for it? The last time I watched they just played reruns of popular adult cartoons, family guy, king of the hill etc. I loved it when they showed anime back in the day


the_pedigree t1_is8ax6a wrote

Anime is on Saturday for obvious reasons


Dawanna t1_is8s8sq wrote

Remember when they used to show anime every night on cartoon network. Pepperridge farm remembers


tomfoolist t1_is958y3 wrote

Waking up to Inuyasha blaring on my tv at 3am was a magically surreal time


the_pedigree t1_is8sy83 wrote

I don’t but I remember when it was everyday at like 4


cmnrdt t1_is9461j wrote

Check out Smiling Friends, it's genuinely great.


tregorman t1_isazkrx wrote

Smiling friends and Rick and Morty are their 2 biggest originals and are solid


ChangeUpstairs3352 t1_is64j0z wrote

Why, Just Why?


MegaRAID01 t1_is6iq30 wrote

The overall company had $3.4B in losses in the 2nd quarter (a lot of which was merger related), is deeply in debt, and need to cut costs as quickly as possible.


lordDEMAXUS t1_is9h4s1 wrote

I feel like more than any other decision, merging with WB under the terms that were given was the most stupid decision that Discovery made.


taydraisabot t1_isalv3h wrote

They’re losing more money than actually saving it…


MajorKoopa t1_is6npsz wrote

In a long enough timespan, late stage capitalism will ruin everything.


MarkSpenecer t1_is79ww1 wrote

It does ruin corporations in the long run. But there will be others taking its place. Thats how capitalism works. Its a cycle.


awfullotofocelots t1_is889ox wrote

I find it really ironic at a time when the film side of the entertainment industry is dealing with a reckoning in audience retention and viewship, that television execs feel the need to reinvent the wheel at this specific moment in entertainment history.

They really feel like TV can compete with social media by becoming more like it? It's an insane bet Discovery is making and I doubt it's gonna work out for them.


dumbmobileuser789 t1_is94cli wrote

For discovery, no way hell

For the execs and financers who.made money on the crazy buyout and will make money looting the corpse, yeah, they're gonna be fine


kazh t1_is93f7z wrote

It's more about knee capping than it is succeeding.


hunarthebarbarian t1_is8665l wrote

Petition to change his name to David "Fuck those kids" Zaslav.


CapnDiddlez t1_is69sy7 wrote

There goes the neighborhood


dusto_man t1_is782z6 wrote

Is this ever going to end?


Cheapshot99 t1_is9asqk wrote

Does this mean Adult Swim is dying too?


BuzzBadpants t1_is7hv4y wrote

Why even keep CN around at this point? Seems needlessly cruel to me


jcho430 t1_is8s3vd wrote

Can the ceo be next to go? Clearly they fucking suck


ozas258 t1_is89kz7 wrote

So is there a chance that the chan will be better in the future?