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townspark t1_it9h6cc wrote

The article raves about the show scroll after scroll. Never describing what the “Ted lasso treatment” they recommended is. I gather that Apple did some publicity blitz? I’ve heard about the show but not from apple.

The only thing the article says aside from massive praise, is “Acapulco is a show that sells itself. All Apple TV+ needs to do is give people a better chance at checking in.” What does that mean??


LymanHo t1_ita9al9 wrote

Apple TV is just incredibly bad at advertising their shows. Ted Lasso took off because of social media and then once that had happened, they took advantage of the hype. But there are so many good shows on Apple that nobody even knows about, so when they say “give people a better chance at checking in” I would interpret that as, market it AT ALL basically to people who aren’t already on the platform.


-Green_Machine- t1_itapwr3 wrote

Yeah, I basically stumbled into watching Severance, and it's some of the best TV I've seen in years. No one I know has ever mentioned the show to me.


tehherb t1_itayb5s wrote

seems completely unknown to everyone i know in person but on this sub it was consistently in the highest recommended in the pinned thread while airing. pretty odd.


Cyrano_Nose t1_itb96za wrote

In social medias defense, if it hadn't been doing its thing, I wouldn't have watched it. I even tried the first episode and didn't make it to the end. The second time though, wow. Really, really great tv there.


hannahstohelit t1_ited7l8 wrote

On that note, watch Trying! Haven't gotten around to S3 yet but S1-2 are excellent- sweet, very funny, and with leads with phenomenal chemistry.


Craphole-Island t1_it9s4dt wrote

Yeah I think they just mean it needs more of a marketing push from Apple.