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JohnnyAK907 t1_it9fnpe wrote

Apple gave Ted Lasso the "Ted Lasso Treatment" after it completely blew up on social after a very lowkey launch. Word of mouth and the show itself is what made that show a breakout hit, not its treatment by Apple.


fallenlogan t1_it9v1a7 wrote

Everyone wrote that show off as a cash grab for an okay commercial campaign.


muad_dibs t1_itaim6w wrote

Yeah, it's one of those crazy cases where a show based on a commercial actually works out great. Unlike that GEICO caveman show.


BernieForWi t1_itamwhv wrote

There’s a GEICO Caveman show??? Also Ted Lasso was based on a commercial?? Man I’m out of the loop and I watch so much television lol


BigPoppaPuff t1_itaqguu wrote

It was an ad campaign for the premier league on NBC a few years prior. You can probably still find the sketches on YouTube.


frostedtips99 t1_itedtj2 wrote

The geico caveman show was around 2007 and from the episode I watched, it relied on racist stereotypes but applied them to cavemen. jit sucked butthole


Rokzz24 t1_itcvkue wrote

yeah, the same exact thing happened with Stranger Things and Squid Game. Barely any promotion and such gems


hannahstohelit t1_ited3cv wrote

The question is how much they juiced it up on social media after it started, but yeah, I was watching it while it was airing (or rather I binged it the week the finale aired) and looked to see what was going on on Twitter afterward and it started off small and really escalated over time before it exploded.


LymanHo t1_it8wlns wrote

Acapulco is fine but if anything on Apple TV deserves the “Ted Lasso treatment” it’s Trying.


rmaloney3 OP t1_it8x6r0 wrote

Yes!! Trying is the hidden gem of the Apple TV+ catalog. This is the show I recommend to people looking for feel-good comedy.

I do really love Acapulco as well, but nothing gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling like Trying.


Gato1980 t1_it92ygz wrote

I absolutely love Trying. The cast is phenomenal and every season just gets better and better. The addition of the kids this season made some really incredible, heartwarming and hilarious moments. I'm glad Apple keeps renewing it, because I don't know anyone who watches it.


TheJoshider10 t1_it9fjz3 wrote

I love how well Ted Lasso and Trying compliment each other. The London focus and similar sort of comedy and wholesome vibes make it seem like they're in the same world. Like I could genuinely imagine AFC Richmond randomly popping up or whatever.

Really hope Apple make more content like those shows. Wholesome TV is very much appreciated among all the drama shows.


LymanHo t1_ita70xy wrote

The actress who plays Roy Kent’s niece Phoebe does play one of Princess’ friends in one of the episodes so that was enough to convince me it’s the same universe haha


url404 t1_it9pcqp wrote

What is this? A crossover episode?


duckbeets t1_it95dz9 wrote

Completely agree, I keep telling people to watch it but I don’t know anyone else that does. It’s a beautiful show that I hope gets a few more seasons.


Shiara_cw t1_it9pdkf wrote

Oh my god yes. It never gets attention. This is the first time I've even seen it mentioned with a decent number of upvotes on Reddit. It usually gets ignored even in 'underrated Apple TV shows' posts.

It's so good! Really funny and heartwarming.


swilts t1_it9uh33 wrote

Sell me on Trying, what’s it about and why do I like it?


wengerslasagna t1_ita3430 wrote

It’s about a couple who is looking to adopt and their lives. Its a beautiful heartwarming and brilliantly funny take. Every character is well fleshed out and there are some fantastic side characters. If you want something warm and completely without any malice watch the show.


Kaiser_Allen t1_ityr6v2 wrote

You left out the important part: They’re looking to adopt after trying to conceive so many times and failing. Hence the show’s title.


LymanHo t1_ita8gfo wrote

Everything wengerslasagna said in their comment. It’ll make you laugh and cry. Just so heartwarming and charming but not sickly sweet. It has the right amount of everything. Really well written, you fall in love with their extended family and side characters in a way I think is rare on most tv shows. If you’ve seen the Australian drama Offspring, I like to tell people that if you put Ted Lasso and Offspring in a blender, Trying is what would come out.


genevriers t1_itayoen wrote

Ooh yes it does have a really similar vibe to Offspring


LymanHo t1_itd0xzj wrote

I think the setting plays a big part in that. I grew up in Melbourne and the areas of Collingwood/Fitzroy/Brunswick used in Offspring are a very similar vibe to Camden. But it’s in the writing too, how you’re gradually introduced to this quirky extended family that are sometimes quite difficult people, but who would ultimately do anything for each other.


KO620181 t1_itaa3nl wrote

I LOVE trying so so so so much. It’s so great.

That said, at this moment, the lasso treatment should be going to Bad Sisters.


Bamabalacha t1_itbwck4 wrote

Bad Sisters was amazing and everyone should watch it. Plus the finale is perfect.


LymanHo t1_itad9ia wrote

Ohhhh I agree Bad Sisters is incredible but I am seeing it get a fair amount of attention (although I am very online haha). I feel like Trying gets none which just makes me sad.


KO620181 t1_itae5j7 wrote

I didn’t know if Bad Sisters was getting attention, or same - I was just seeing it because I was looking for it everywhere haha. But yes, Trying definitely needs more love!!!!!


ky_straight_bourbon t1_itag1q6 wrote

My spouse and I avoided Trying when it came out because we were... well, trying at the time, and we just figured it would be too much emotionally. It took two years and was very hard on us, but we're better now. Maybe it's time to give it a whirl.


Royaltiaras t1_it9dle7 wrote

I love Trying and Acapulco a lot. Both of them are great shows and I highly recommend anyone to watch them.

However I will say that the latest season of Trying (s3) could have been better. Some things were just frustrating to watch and didn’t make sense.


LymanHo t1_it9fftz wrote

Each to their own, it was my favourite season. Although I did miss Imelda Staunton’s character.


hannahstohelit t1_itedit2 wrote

Wait she's not back?!


LymanHo t1_itg46vk wrote

No :( because she was filming The Crown at the same time I believe. They do have a little joke about that in S3 though


1029394756abc t1_ita9n0g wrote

Never heard of Acapulco or Trying. Excited to add to the list!


orochi_crimson t1_it9w3x0 wrote

Loved the first two seasons, but it felt quite repetitive on S3.


hannahstohelit t1_itedc0j wrote

THANK YOU!! Also a great reminder that I need to watch S3 now that it's fully aired, I've been busy...

Man I love that show so much


Babbles-82 t1_itavi60 wrote

Oh god. Another show about idiots desperate for kids.


laddiebones t1_it8s590 wrote

Here’s my hot take, Acapulco is a better show.


Smodphan t1_it8tntc wrote

Why do you like it? I am just curious to see if those reasons would be interesting and encourage me to watch


laddiebones t1_it8uowk wrote

It’s a great, “feel good show,” it’s genuinely sweet and heartfelt, much like Ted Lasso. I just prefer the setting of Acapulco, and I don’t mind reading a few subtitles. In this case I enjoy stories outside of my life experience, plus I don’t really care about sports (I’m not saying sports is all Ted Lasso has to offer).


magkruppe t1_ita4wpm wrote

Ted Lasso's setting really puts me off because its so damn unrealistic. Which would be fine if it didn't set up the premise of the show so seriously. I thought it was gonna be a somewhat wholesome soccer drama, and i can't reset my expectations of the show since I would have preferred a friday night lights vibe


Ozlin t1_it9sps5 wrote

Not OP, but I really like the show because it has wonderful fun characters, a narrative structure that works well for the story, does a lot of good work in exploring expectations and stereotypes, has beautiful sets, includes some awesome Spanish covers of 80s songs, and generally has a positive vibe even when dealing with some deep feels. You do have to be willing to read subtitles, but it's not all in Spanish. There are a few tropes, but usually the show is aware of it and plays against them. It's one of those comedies that just has good vibes and a solid creative team.


theavatare t1_ita3c33 wrote

The covers used to be a real thing for ecample look menudo chiquitita


wpmason t1_it93o85 wrote

I disagree.

It’s close, and still a very good show. The music numbers are always a treat.

But, for whatever reason, the highs are never as high nor are the lows as low as Ted Lasso.

Lasso just has that extra bit of range that puts it over the top.

Sometimes crying makes you feel good, and every great feel-good show knows that and will make you cry from time to time.

There’s nothing that emotional in Acapulco for me.


anasui1 t1_it8sfhy wrote

it may very well be, but Lasso has that ultra broad appeal, especially for Americans


kidicarus89 t1_itb5zpw wrote

I don’t know why people use broad appeal as an insult


makesyoudownvote t1_ita3sut wrote

I love it and it's WAY better than the movie it's based on "How to be a Latin Lover".

But I think if you were comparing just the first seasons, Ted Lasso is better in that it's more complex and nuanced.

That said I do think season 1 Acapulco is better than season 2 of Ted Lasso.

I admittedly haven't quite started watching season 2 of Acapulco yet though. For all I know it might be amazing.


townspark t1_it9h6cc wrote

The article raves about the show scroll after scroll. Never describing what the “Ted lasso treatment” they recommended is. I gather that Apple did some publicity blitz? I’ve heard about the show but not from apple.

The only thing the article says aside from massive praise, is “Acapulco is a show that sells itself. All Apple TV+ needs to do is give people a better chance at checking in.” What does that mean??


LymanHo t1_ita9al9 wrote

Apple TV is just incredibly bad at advertising their shows. Ted Lasso took off because of social media and then once that had happened, they took advantage of the hype. But there are so many good shows on Apple that nobody even knows about, so when they say “give people a better chance at checking in” I would interpret that as, market it AT ALL basically to people who aren’t already on the platform.


-Green_Machine- t1_itapwr3 wrote

Yeah, I basically stumbled into watching Severance, and it's some of the best TV I've seen in years. No one I know has ever mentioned the show to me.


tehherb t1_itayb5s wrote

seems completely unknown to everyone i know in person but on this sub it was consistently in the highest recommended in the pinned thread while airing. pretty odd.


Cyrano_Nose t1_itb96za wrote

In social medias defense, if it hadn't been doing its thing, I wouldn't have watched it. I even tried the first episode and didn't make it to the end. The second time though, wow. Really, really great tv there.


hannahstohelit t1_ited7l8 wrote

On that note, watch Trying! Haven't gotten around to S3 yet but S1-2 are excellent- sweet, very funny, and with leads with phenomenal chemistry.


Craphole-Island t1_it9s4dt wrote

Yeah I think they just mean it needs more of a marketing push from Apple.


ashinaclan123 t1_it8v6a0 wrote

It’s not as good as Ted lasso but it’s still a nice good feel good show.


Reds4dre t1_it9goip wrote

Side topic by why the fuck is Apple TV not a result for Apple TV on an Apple device. It’s just “TV” wth


rmaloney3 OP t1_itc9554 wrote

Not sure I understand what you mean, because when I search “Apple TV” on my iPhone, the TV app is the first result:


Reds4dre t1_itcl1ed wrote

Try just Apple. IMO it should come up without having to add tv but on mine it doesn’t


rmaloney3 OP t1_itd4jhr wrote

It’s weird that you would search “Apple” to look for a single app on a device made by Apple with dozens of pre-installed Apple apps.

Anyways, if you scroll down in the search results, it does show Apple TV and many other Apple apps:


furious_Dee t1_it9xtxn wrote

amazon should be giving 'red oaks' the 'acapulco' treatment.


drkidkill t1_ita0dka wrote

That show was great. Was so surprised to see Paul reiser.


MediocrePetrichor t1_itlcxdv wrote

Fun show! Had a really defined vibe/feel very early on, likable characters, good acting, great soundtrack. Last season was kind of weak but yes, very underrated.


Craphole-Island t1_it9rvh0 wrote

I love this show and it’s so under the radar! I feel like it’s impossible to even find reviews of it online. At least for season 2. And so far season 2 is great. Love getting to see more focus on the supporting cast. The whole cast is great and everybody is very charming.

I feel like there’s minimal marketing for this show (at least in the US) so I agree Apple should give it more of a marketing push.


wengerslasagna t1_ita3ejh wrote

With Ted Lasso-Acapulco-Trying Apple honestly has three world class comedies at hand. Ted Lasso gets all the promotion but both Acapulco and Trying are great as well. Sometimes better. Trying is the show I recommend over all of them


duhThatswhatIsaid t1_itb1ni9 wrote

I’m fairly new to Apple TV+ but I’ve been enjoying it thoroughly. Ted Lasso, Central Park, Mythic Quest, and Schmigadoon have all been really fun watches.


Ryase_Sand t1_it9nqbd wrote

The first season of Acapulco was great. "Ophthalmologist. Cincinatti. Shhhh-shish-kabob."


cerezadietdrpepper t1_it8unka wrote

I really enjoyed season one of both shows but I was watching Acapulco yesterday and it just felt flat, similarly to season two of ted lasso


NaRaGaMo t1_itbnft5 wrote

almost all shows on Apple Tv+ need Ted Lasso treatment, for a company who is great at marketing it's baffling to see how they have fumbled when it comes to TV+


KillHipstersWithFire t1_itaeu09 wrote

Tehran is the best show on apple tv and its not close


Prestigious-Ad-6808 t1_itbvhkn wrote

SEVERANCE is on a completely different level than TEHRAN in my always humble opinion. This coming from someone who usually avoids SciFi


KillHipstersWithFire t1_itbvmqj wrote

Its next on my watch list after i finish invasion lol

Tehran was so fucking good in the first season. Second season not as much but still solid. Really enjoyed it. Ted lasso didnt live up to the hype. Still good tho


higzgridz t1_itadc8v wrote

well.. they not white.. have you seen their line up... so white...


jedi-son t1_it95dcy wrote

Am I the only one who can see how mid Ted Lasso is?


MyNewAccountIGuess11 t1_it98gr3 wrote

What a pretentious way to word your own opinion. "Everyone else is wrong and I'm the only one that sees how it REALLY is!" Get bent


jedi-son t1_it9dtwz wrote

Yes out of the two of us I'm the douche bag


shadowdra126 t1_it9fz8k wrote

I Agree with this statement


jedi-son t1_it9g6ap wrote

Keep throwing a tantrum because someone on the internet doesn't like your favorite TV show


shadowdra126 t1_it9gk6m wrote

Oh no. This isn’t about the show. It’s about you sounding like a douche


jedi-son t1_it9hy40 wrote

For calling a popular show mid? The level of fragility is astonishing.


[deleted] t1_it9ljl2 wrote



jedi-son t1_it9mje6 wrote

I think you're nitpicking my phrasing as a justification to aggressively attack someone who doesn't like your favorite show.


[deleted] t1_it9okpu wrote



jedi-son t1_it9ovny wrote

And the difference is? Something you just can't seem to articulate huh? But definitely a justification for your reaction.

> Ted Lasso is the best show!

Is a statement of objective fact. Should I "get bent" if I say that? You just didn't like my opinion and reacted as children do. It's OK.


Deakul t1_it9mazx wrote

Keep throwing a tantrum because someone on the internet doesn't agree with your take.


HeySporto t1_it969ak wrote

Probably not the only one, but you could all probably fit in one room.

Like any show, it's not for everybody.


BadHombre91 t1_it96h0v wrote

Mid is a compliment. I was so excited for that show when previews came out and I saw the cast. One of worst shows I’ve seen


jedi-son t1_it96upk wrote

I feel like that people who are enamored by it never watched old sitcoms from the 40s and 50s. Shows with a contrived story, very little serious conflict that always end on a happy note with a useful moral. It's not new and it died out for a reason IMO.


Sundinkessel t1_it9d1cc wrote

Fair but I am just as done with every protagonist has to have a drug problem or dark secret era of tv as well