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HardDriveAndWingMan t1_iu3lsrn wrote

I was about to say there was a season 2? Looks like season 2 is coming out next year. Really enjoyed the first season.


qp0n t1_iu4nh0u wrote

One of my most unexpected favorite shows of the last few years. Managed to teach me more about farming than school ever did, which is sad because its kind of an important thing in this world.


ArchitectofExperienc t1_iu5xufw wrote

Someone from a farmer's advocacy organization said that the show, Clarkson's Farm, did better at educating the public that almost anything they've tried to do.

His on-screen persona fits the purpose. He might be an idiot, but he is surrounded by experts


nicolasknight t1_iu66kah wrote

I always assumed that was actually the point of this show: Showing people how hard growing food is and how little money it makes.

His bumbling fool persona was just an amazing audience surrogate.


McFeely_Smackup t1_iuc5j7v wrote

I thought that was the one stand out message that Clarkston beat the drum on over and over, how unrealistically burdened farmers are with bureaucracy and regulations. And how shockingly little return there is in the investment.

He even said something like "if I can barely make a go with Grand Tour money, what hope does any farmer have?". The show is basically a love letter to the British farmers


bkr1895 t1_iu6pchc wrote

Watching Jeremy bungle his way through farming is hilarious. I was hooked when he bought the gigantic Lambo tractor and it was too big for the barn.


alldaypotter t1_iu5cw6k wrote

Absolutely beautiful show. Really liked seeing how farming is in different country. And of course the humor was hilarious


hankjmoody t1_iu79855 wrote

If you enjoyed it, do check out Harry's Farm on YouTube. It's run by Harry Metcalf (the guy who started Evo magazine, if you're also a car nut). Very informative.


TOAOFriedPickleBoy t1_iu7aoyd wrote

It reminded me of the anime Silver Spoon where a rich guy goes to an agricultural college and has to do farm work. Both Silver Spoon and Clarksons farm were so much fun to watch


Cananbaum t1_iu5ydn2 wrote

I’ve learned more US history through podcasts than through public education


Deflated_Hive t1_iu5l8sc wrote

Caleb was the most genuine endearing character in all that. He provided a fun interaction for Clarkson we don't typically see. Especially because Caleb gets to cut him down a notch.


bkr1895 t1_iu6q5b3 wrote

I love when Jeremy sends him to London alone (he had never been to a big city his entire life outside of a school trip when he was a kid where he wouldn’t even leave the bus) and tells him to go try to sell his second rate wasabi root to Nobu and then a series of other Japanese restaurants that would decline their offer. It was such a great fish out of water moment.


blackcatsarefun t1_iu6yujs wrote

I love all his different hair styles as the series progresses lol


the6thReplicant t1_iu86upp wrote

I liked it.

It's always a good reminder how backbreaking owner a farm can be especially for small farmers.


Mustaflex t1_iu3mu7u wrote

Looking forward to all the wisdom that Gerald has to share with us.


YorgiTheMagnificent t1_iu3vhp4 wrote

You'll get to seeim on da mazen tell you what donder dem dats forgotten sluberdomben oer there right there, right?


HandLion t1_iu3rsnn wrote

Felt like everything he said should be followed by "and I'm afraid I was very, very drunk"


Vengeance164 t1_iu4rt2h wrote

The editing they do for Gerald to make his speech gibberish is quite good, but if you pay attention you can get snippets of completely coherent sentences, but they splice multiple segments of audio together to make it nonsense.

Personally, I can't wait to see what new hairstyle Caleb wants to try out.


PanOfCakes t1_iu5z2gu wrote

I like how if you pull up subtitles it basically says “unintelligible” Through parts of him speaking.


2th t1_iu5gpm2 wrote

Wait what??????????? No way. His boomhauer speak was not real? Well now I feel dumb.


Vengeance164 t1_iu5howu wrote

I mean, the man has a thick accent. But he is speaking coherent English, they're just playing up the joke by splicing his audio to make it truly incomprehensible.


fullpaydeuces t1_iu4mn59 wrote

I like how Jeremy really resisted making fun, acting like he understood him until they were doing the combine harvest


walgman t1_iu6b6z9 wrote

Someone told me that Gerald is only semi genuine in that in fact he’s an incredibly smart man who can switch like that. Dunno if true.


1clovett t1_iu3nq92 wrote

Season 1 was just plain brilliant. Hoping Season 2 is equal to the task.



Clarksons stuff since the 80's has never changed, the format, music, editting all move with the times, but the core of good entertainment has never waned, love him or hate him, you just can't help watching him.


1clovett t1_iu40vab wrote

Won't argue your points, but I do believe whomever edited the film has a real knack for capturing amazing landscape and wide shot introductions. The way they are juxtaposed with Clarkson's pithy narration is what sells the whole shot. It's the final years of Top Gear, but with farming.


scferro t1_iu4ftxz wrote

It’s the same production company that does the Grand Tour (which hired lots of Top Gear alumns). Wouldn’t be surprised if some of the same editors who did TG a decade ago are working on this.


Smooth-Accountant t1_iu5ztxv wrote

Yeah, you can definitely feel the top gear soul in it, just like with TGT.


PanOfCakes t1_iu60lmv wrote

I watched an interview where Andy Wilma said it was really heartening to see a lot of the crew from top gear follow them over to the grand tour. And Andy Wilma did an editing den tour on drive tribe on YouTube and at least one of the editors was from the top gear days.


KnotSoSalty t1_iu4mg99 wrote

At this point he has had decades to assemble a great crew of people around him. Credit to Amazon that they let Clarkson, May, and Hammond poach all the old Top Gear talent.

Decent budget, experienced TV crew, and a likable talent in front of the camera. Really simply formula.


Trav3lingman t1_iu5s9x6 wrote

One of the largest budgets in television history is a little more than decent. That being said, I have zero issue with what they spent for the result.


KnotSoSalty t1_iu63ny3 wrote

I meant the Clarkson’s Farm Budget specifically (8m$). But yeah Grand Tour had all the money in the world (~160m$).


turkeygiant t1_iu5kwps wrote

The one thing that I think sets Clarkson's Farm apart is that there are moments where it breaks from the scripted "reality" format and we actually get some genuine feelings from Clarkson.


forman98 t1_iu636b9 wrote

That, for me, was the best part of that show. You could tell he was truly out of his element at certain moments (like when the lambs were being born and not all were making it, which is typical but morbid). It was a nice change of pace from his usual antics where you laugh at an obviously scripted bit. You could also see the reality of the farming business hitting him with every update from his guys, and he just gained more and more respect for them.


Don_Quixote81 t1_iu83o7a wrote

The bit where he took those three injured sheep for slaughter, and wanted to say a last goodbye only to find out they'd already been taken off and killed was such an unguarded moment. He was genuinely upset and unbalanced by it.

Of course, he later bounces back with the joke that he turned them into shepherd's pie, but that's just the Clarkson formula - shrug things off with a laugh and some boorish clowning.


FoliageTeamBad t1_iua1utr wrote

The cut from him being genuinely sad at the abattoir to enjoying his lamb pie was absolutely hilarious


SpecificAstronaut69 t1_iu4iqhh wrote

It's the non-Clarkson stuff that's worrying. I wasn't worried when they left Top Gear, because frankly, since he sold the show to BBC, it went from being a fun motoring show to hackneyed reality TV. GT is unfortunately more of that.


DisastrousDaveBerry t1_iu6592i wrote

Clarkson and Wilman never owned Top Gear.


SpecificAstronaut69 t1_iu6e0r7 wrote

Then what caused it to go to shit?


DisastrousDaveBerry t1_iu6egdy wrote

The BBC trying to create chemistry despite it taking years normally and trying to keep it how it was instead of going back to basics.


yabog8 t1_iu3vxn6 wrote

Too right. Ask Clarkson. Clarkson knows. People like fast cars, they like females with big boobies, and they don't want the Euro.


qtx t1_iu4578c wrote

> and they don't want the Euro.

Clarkson was famously anti-brexit you knob.


tgcp t1_iu5e072 wrote

It's a Peep Show quote said by a Nazi, so while you're right to call the originator of the quote a knob I don't think the commenter can necessarily be held accountable.


yabog8 t1_iu883gy wrote

What? But I thought we were on the same wavelength. You know, the sausage, the Euro, Clarkson.


NorCalAthlete t1_iu3ofc0 wrote

Season 1 made me wish I lived closer, I’d have stopped by to check it out just for shits and giggles if nothing else. It honestly just seemed…i dunno, wholesome & satisfying to see Clarkson lean into it like that though, even if he bumbled about a fair bit. Like, if I ever made millions, I imagine I’d do much the same - semi retire and start a farm somewhere or do something with my hands again.

There’s a certain pleasure in the immediately tangible effects manual labor produces, whether farming, welding, etc whatever. And before anyone jumps down my throat about it - yes, I’ve done it, and yes, I still do on occasion, though these days it’s more on a volunteer basis for charities and such.


donnerpartytaconight t1_iu3svcs wrote

I teach and one of the sections I have is fabrication where I make the students start off with hand tools. After about a month of straight complaining about doing things by hand they start to really lean into it. They have learned what to expect from the material, how it reacts, they have some confidence in what the can do, they know how to slow down and focus effort, sharpen tools, act safe, plan their moves. By the end of the first three months most are trying to sign up for another section. After years of sitting in rooms, earning points and working for accolades, they are finally crafting something real and tangible.

The dissemination of knowledge is secondary, the life habits and sense of fulfillment for them is the main driver. It makes me honestly love my job.


[deleted] t1_iu4f9dn wrote



SpecificAstronaut69 t1_iu4jdft wrote

Some kid from the US I was tangentially friends with got his hands on a Silicon Valley recruiter's powerpoint, and it was one of the creepiest fucking things I'd come across.

One of the things was to hire kids young, and make sure they have NO OTHER hobbies, or life experience, other than coding, because they knew that they'd lose a lot of headcount if they discovered work with tangible results.


s_dot_ t1_iu4nx06 wrote

It all went downhill for Facebook when Zuck discovered how to make smoked meat…


M1k3yd33tofficial t1_iu4mqr8 wrote

I grew up on a farm and my whole family agrees that Clarkson’s Farm is the most accurate portrayal of farm life in television. The montage scene where he describes his daily life, and how it’s just problems on problems on problems all day long, but at the end of the day you get to eat a dinner made from things you grew and made.

And that makes it all worth it.


radioslave t1_iu3ynx6 wrote

You can visit the Diddly Squat farm shop, have been before. Massive queue though on the weekends.


TroublesomeTurnip t1_iu445f0 wrote

People clamoring to see it have really irked locals, understandably. I would go the virtual means of patronage if it creates less actual congestion for the locals since the traffic is frustrating to deal with.


qtx t1_iu45h9c wrote

Farming in the UK is close to death so by the time you find yourself in the position to farm it's all over.


HMS404 t1_iu3o9z3 wrote

I'd love to see James and Hammond pay a guest visit. I know, I know but I just can't get enough of this trio.


Nexus117 t1_iu4f6x3 wrote

In case you didn't know, a new Grand Tour special dropped recently


HMS404 t1_iu4io6e wrote

Bless you. I know what I'll be watching tonight.


Remy-today t1_iu4p8nh wrote

Its good! They do an ice trip in the Nordic countries! Enjoy it!


BlueFox5 t1_iu5mcyj wrote

They’re only getting more dangerous on the road as they age, and it makes for some fantastic television.


forman98 t1_iu63gmu wrote

That one scene in the newest special.... ouch.


cichlidassassin t1_iu6gakp wrote

i was positive it wasnt real until the interior shot


RavingMalwaay t1_iu82dm3 wrote

I immediately thought it some scripted gag because of how the Grand Tour has been, but no it was actually real lol.

Such a good episode, reminded me of Top Gear


redissupreme t1_iu40tkw wrote

Kinda came out of nowhere but I really enjoyed the first season. Was an easy watch to unwind with after work.


AlanMercer t1_iu4obg0 wrote

Right? I'm sitting there, rooting for him to restore water flow to the Victorian-era sheep troughs, when my wife asks me what I'm watching.

How do I explain that? "I'm watching a man fix a pipe to bring water to a herd of sheep."


Lollipopsaurus t1_iu4gh29 wrote

I think Season 1 was some of the best pandemic viewing. It shows Jeremy Clarkson being a complete dunce in nearly every aspect of the farm (and his political opinions) while also showing a great glimpse of real farmers and their day to day lives.


OJimmy t1_iu55qa3 wrote

Kaleb and Charlie are great in this. Love to see their realism make Jeremy's arrogance hilarious.


ziggyscoob t1_iu3xgiv wrote

It would be nice if we could see season two at some point!


NoMoreMrQuick t1_iu3zr1o wrote

Season 1 was the best thing Clarkson has ever been involved with. I'm looking forward to watching season 2!


Brandhor t1_iu49a0c wrote

makes sense considering that filming takes a whole year and they have to start from a specific season so they don't want to waste time and wait another year before they can start


HandfulOfMassiveD t1_iu5yaxs wrote

I was amazed by how much I enjoyed season 1. I was bored as hell one night and clicked on it on a whim. I never cared much for the guy but I learned so much about the industry from this show. It was just damn interesting.


Felatio-DelToro t1_iu4s9tu wrote

Season 1 was really entertaining but I'm curious how they will stretch that concept over 3 seasons?


goddoesntlikemycock t1_iu4tplk wrote

As a farmer in western PA, no 2 harvests are the same. Problems come up everywhere, with everything from critter invasions to mechanical breakdowns to severe weather.


Carrysarealbigstick t1_iu52usl wrote

Jeremy Clarkson may be rough around the edges but I genuinely believe he is a national treasure. There’s no show I’ve watched with him in it that didn’t have me completely engaged.


Trtmfm t1_iu4l8d7 wrote

I really enjoyed the first season, even if he is a steak puncher.


darren1119 t1_iu4sh1o wrote

Looking forward to see Leo, rip Wayne


Vapechef t1_iu4xotq wrote

I just wanna see more Bentley shenanigans


ethan-bubblegum-tate t1_iu6jkvw wrote

Yeeesss. This show was far more entertaining that I thought it’d be.


TheHornet78 t1_iu7ehr6 wrote

I think Clarkson would keep going even if they don’t keep filming he seems to be having a genuinely good time


russiandobby t1_iu7plx5 wrote

I just want to see Hammond show up on his TRAKTOR


jerkstore t1_iuaowxk wrote

He's done a thing!


CoolAbdul t1_iu3zjwg wrote

I will watch, hoping feverishly that Caleb finally loses it and beats Clarkson to death with a shovel.


JakesInSpace t1_iu4ijfo wrote

Maybe spoilers, but I hear season 3 will be called Caleb’s Farm. Maybe he does loose it and whack Clarkson


shadowst17 t1_iu57imr wrote

Interesting, I feel like the show will lose a lot of it's charm with each season. The point was to take this inexperienced old man, plop him on a farm and watch him make a tit of himself. I really liked the first season it was quite wholesome but I feel as he gains more experience the more boring it will get They'll have to start manufacturing contrived scenarios to keep it interesting which I already felt they did a little in the first season.


brwonmagikk t1_iu6pj44 wrote

Haven’t watched it. But is it any good? Clarksons recent stuff often reeks of “old man yells at cloud” vibes.


Xboxgamer147 t1_iu4mxq5 wrote

I don’t get the fascination with this guy


Ontbijtkoek1 t1_iu4upc1 wrote

To each their own! I can tell you it is one of the greatest shows I have ever watched on television. I went in giving a rats ass about farming. I came out googling how I could get into farming. It’s great despite Jeremy just being Jeremy.


Thatguyjmc t1_iu4e84x wrote

I'm really looking forward to hearing endlessly about Jeremy Clarkson's various bullshit until the end of his life.

- Jeremy Clarkson's Colonoscopy (2 seasons)

- Jeremy Clarkson's old-age-related incontinence (1 season, manageable amounts of urine)

- Jeremy Clarkson's difficulty accepting the lifestyle choices of his grandchildren (3 seasons, tune in to find out what lifestyle)

- Jeremy Clarkson's Season of Shingles (1 season, critics disliked it).