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1clovett t1_iu40vab wrote

Won't argue your points, but I do believe whomever edited the film has a real knack for capturing amazing landscape and wide shot introductions. The way they are juxtaposed with Clarkson's pithy narration is what sells the whole shot. It's the final years of Top Gear, but with farming.


scferro t1_iu4ftxz wrote

It’s the same production company that does the Grand Tour (which hired lots of Top Gear alumns). Wouldn’t be surprised if some of the same editors who did TG a decade ago are working on this.


Smooth-Accountant t1_iu5ztxv wrote

Yeah, you can definitely feel the top gear soul in it, just like with TGT.


PanOfCakes t1_iu60lmv wrote

I watched an interview where Andy Wilma said it was really heartening to see a lot of the crew from top gear follow them over to the grand tour. And Andy Wilma did an editing den tour on drive tribe on YouTube and at least one of the editors was from the top gear days.