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iamdew802 t1_itq3bji wrote

Than ever before?! It has one previous season lol


InappropriateTA t1_itq7gkl wrote

But still technically correct, right?


MiserableSnow t1_itq1yq2 wrote

Did they get the same composer back for season 2?.


ChangeUpstairs3352 t1_itq4yvo wrote

Yes. He's the Ramin Djawadi of The White Lotus.


ironwolf1 t1_itqe3p0 wrote

Ramin Djawadi is one of the best composers around right now, dude’s been killing it for years.


the_blessed_unrest t1_itqjtib wrote

Okay but just to clarify to everyone reading this thread, the guy that’s actually scoring this show is Cristobal Tapia de Veer


ironwolf1 t1_itqjyi7 wrote

Oh, okay. I haven’t watched White Lotus I was just taking the opportunity to heap some praise on Ramin Djawadi


archlector t1_itqw2vr wrote

He has been killing it since Person of Interest days.


occasionalevergreen t1_itq73az wrote

Season one had such a good soundtrack, I really really wish they would release it on vinyl.


SirMontego t1_itryy9c wrote


Season 1 composer was Cristobal Tapia de Veer.

Season 2, episode 1, composer is Kim Neundorf.

IMDB says:

>Series Music by
>Cristobal Tapia de Veer ... (6 episodes, 2021)
>Kim Neundorf ... (1 episode, 2022)

Also, listen to the Season 2 trailer: That's not music by Cristobal Tapia de Veer. Notice the total lack of nature sounds.

Maybe the other season 2 episodes will have Cristobal Tapia de Veer music, but I doubt it.

Edit: don't trust IMDB, Cristobal Tapia de Veer's twitter says he is working on it. See below for the link.


ThePopeofHell t1_itsefy6 wrote

How are they going to get hornier than the drug fueled ass eating?


hof29 t1_itqkzqr wrote

Anything with our good old Christopha in it is going to be wild. Can’t wait.

In all seriousness, I haven’t seen S1 yet (only heard of the show back in August) but Michael Imperioli is definitely a draw for me.


NoInvestment2079 t1_itrvlsn wrote

Can't wait for the discussion threads to be littered with people shouting "JESUS CHRIST CHRISTOFUH" or any other overplayed Sopranos quote whenever Imperoli is on screen. It's why I fucking hate the Sopranos sub. Just a bunch of jerkoffs going on and on with the same quotes and no real discussion.

Anyway, $4 a pound.


frezz t1_itsojx4 wrote

In my thoughts I use the technique of positive visualisation, why do I always feel the sopranos sub is undermined?


Chataboutgames t1_itqm0zu wrote

You should check it out. They're detached miniseries/anthology style so there's no need to go sequentially.

And yeah, Imperioli is absolutely the draw of this cast.


max_d_tho t1_itri93a wrote

Eh, Jennifer Coolidge and Uncle Rico are reprising their roles. Dunno how much that will ultimately matter to s2’s plot but it’s something to keep in mind


HarmonicaDroughtMir t1_itvjk5h wrote

I didn’t think I’d have any interest in White Lotus last year when I saw the trailer, but it became one of my favorite shows in recent memory. I’m hoping season two even partially lives up to that.


TriscuitCracker t1_itqdbt8 wrote

S1 was fine...well acted and definitely gorgeous to look at...but I just didn't care about any of these terrible people.


PaintMyTaint t1_itqn9qd wrote

The point of this show was lost on you


pp21 t1_itqog4p wrote

I will never understand people who can't enjoy shows because the characters are bad people. Like can you only enjoy something if there's people you can root for? Good versus evil type scenario? White Lotus is satire so of course most of the cast will be irredeemable people who you dislike -- that's the point. Like, I couldn't imagine not liking Succession because the Roy family is made up of the worst humans on earth.. that's what makes the show so good


Bernard_Rimmer t1_itqqa82 wrote

You don't understand people having different preferences?


mooslapper t1_itqt02x wrote

I think the point of the guys comment was to point out the shallowness of using that as a reason not to like something


VitaminTea t1_itra26v wrote

Yes and some of those preferences are dumb and wrong.


Camus____ t1_itugxhp wrote

Yeah but then it becomes voyeuristic. Succession is the same. I deal with enough real monsters and cunts on a daily basis that I don’t need to watch them in an imagined show.


difficultmind t1_itqgamt wrote

After hearing this criticism I was surprised by how I was actually quite... okay with most of the characters? They acted pretty much like most of the rich folk I know. Like Shane was quite pathetic and unpleasant, but his >!complaint about not getting the room his mom paid extra for was valid and him killing Armand was in misplaced self-defense!<. Only one I actively disliked was Sydney Sweeney's character - and that was mostly because of that obnoxious voice she put on. In fact, I felt like compared to most of the "eat the rich" films/ TV these days "The White Lotus" was quite lenient to the 1%.


Chataboutgames t1_itqlxcm wrote

They were fairly down to Earth characters. It's not like any of them were depicted as absolute monsters, just varying degrees of normal to asshole. But you combine that with money and some people just can't empathize.

The teenage girls were awful.


NoInvestment2079 t1_itrvao5 wrote

Sweeney's character was def someone who would keep a copy of Infinite Jest on her bookshelf, but never actually read it.

Steve Zahn was the best though.


machaca_master t1_itscs8f wrote

As someone who failed to read infinite jest, I feel attacked


JGUsaz t1_itvtjs2 wrote

Her friend was the worst she literally ruined a guys life for petty revenge

While the other people were therr for holiday or vacation, they were assholes but not malicious like she was, the newlywed dude wanted the room they paid for and the hotel was messing him around


buzzinthruit89 t1_itswwmm wrote

I genuinely had no problem with Connie’s character and actually found her pretty likable lol


Enjoy_Your_Win t1_itqgwry wrote

> I felt like compared to most of the “eat the rich” films/ TV these days “The White Lotus” was quite lenient to the 1%.

You just answered your own question as to why people on Reddit disliked the show and the characters. Reddit has a massive hate boner for the rich.


sml6174 t1_itqm2x9 wrote

~ guy who doesn't want to be eaten


Enjoy_Your_Win t1_itqpwww wrote

I’m not rich. I just don’t blindly hate the rich like so many of you sycophants on Reddit.


IonHazzikostasIsGod t1_itspa3k wrote

they don't care about you and you're spending your limited time defending them

w i l d


Enjoy_Your_Win t1_itsphg0 wrote

Refugees of war-torn countries don’t care about me either. Does that make it dumb to spend my time defending them?


ViralGameover t1_itqvd65 wrote

My issue with Season 1 was both the acting and the look of it but I thought the character work was fine.


manman6352 t1_itrd6n2 wrote

Do we want it hornier? Tf


theangryfurlong t1_itso0k6 wrote

>But while The White Lotus Season 2 is certainly gorgeous to look at, it falls a bit short once again as any sort of legitimate social commentary.

I don't think Mike White is going for social commentary, at least not directly. I saw it more as a comedic look at the characters and families. Some of the comedy and drama is heightened by the difference in class, etc. but I never felt that it was trying to preach some social message.

Kind of like criticizing Succession for not containing any legitimate social commentary - it's just not what they are primarily going for.


mistahmeatball t1_ittbvze wrote

You don’t think Succession has social commentary? Lmao have you watched a single episode?


theangryfurlong t1_ittcnph wrote

Yes, but it's incidental, not the primary focus.


mistahmeatball t1_ittdb3z wrote

Nothing about that show is incidental. It’s meticulously crafted


theangryfurlong t1_ittdic1 wrote

How about listening to what Jesse Armstrong actually has to say about this. They aren't trying to do social commentary. That doesn't mean it's not meticulously crafted.


theClumsy1 t1_itqwh5n wrote

I hope its not too much...the first season was crazy already. Any further goes into the realm of unbelievability.


ceg045 t1_itr0lxh wrote

The White Lotus casually becoming the Cabot Cove of luxury hotel chains.


roastbeeftacohat t1_itr95kz wrote

bit of a departure for an avatar spin off, but I figure young Iroh was a lady killer.


thesenutzonurchin t1_itseyqs wrote

messier as in worse than the first season? sheesh


electricfurniture t1_ittqiwr wrote

They dont have to sell it this hard to me but okay.


Fantastic_Wallaby_61 t1_itumjwo wrote

Season 1 was awesome minus stiflers mom…not sure why she’s back


asadblackcat t1_iujk8g9 wrote

yay just what we need more of on tv. white heteros with their rich people problems and more graphic female nudity for the male gaze.


JonesyOnReddit t1_itrca3n wrote

I enjoyed this show but after the entire season being a criticism on classism racism etc to have the season end with all white rich people win, everyone else gets fucked was quite the let down.


Chataboutgames t1_itsc6yj wrote

I feel like if you try really hard you can see how rust fits the criticism


AtsignAmpersat t1_itqknmp wrote

But are Sydney Sweeney and Alexandra Daddario going to be in it? No, no they will not.


zdenn21 t1_itq6nt9 wrote

I’ve asked so many people what’s so great about this show and I just don’t see it. Why would I want to watch rich assholes have a good time on vacation??

Edit: pissed off the white lotus writers room here they come in full force.


occasionalevergreen t1_itq6y6s wrote

If you think they’re having a good time I would hate to know what a bad time looks like to you


MiserableSnow t1_itq9uge wrote

It’s a dark comedy. It shows these group of people to provide commentary on their lifestyles.


Chataboutgames t1_itq7mxy wrote

Why do you want to watch anything? You can reduce any shows plot if you want.

Also, they aren’t having fun


blondechinesehair t1_itq98le wrote

Has someone told you that this is a show where rich people just sit around enjoying themselves?


Prax150 t1_itqekln wrote

You know it's cool if something just isn't for you, right?


makovince t1_itqsexf wrote

>Why would I want to watch rich assholes have a good time on vacation??

So you clearly have no grasp on what this show is actually about.


Gasa1_Yuno t1_itqc5de wrote

Got hyped, thought i missed an Avatar spinoff.

Its just another nonsense show we can all skip, move along lads nothing interesting to see.


Chataboutgames t1_itqe0cz wrote

Who the fuck are you talking to lol? "Move along boys, this isn't about the childhood cartoon I'm weirdly obsessed with."


mistahmeatball t1_ittc9mg wrote

What the fuck does this have to do with James Cameron’s masterpiece Avatar?


smindymix t1_iu058qr wrote

“Nonsense show” says the guy watching cartoons lmao.